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The online casino gambling industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and with the help of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, casino games have been revolutionized. Blockchain technology provides novel solutions to some of the issues affecting online casino gambling, as well as providing optimal security measures that will protect casino platforms and players throughout the industry. Blockchain's potential also makes casino games more accessible for everyone who loves to play, and players will no longer need to reveal their credit card information or any other thing that might put their data at risk.

Blockchain also serves as a record for casino games and bets, which will ensure that the odds are not rigged in any way and also make sure that payouts are made on time and correctly. It also gives players a level of trust when making online transactions, blockchain through cryptocurrencies brings about ease of transactions, and users will be able to make deposits and withdrawals faster than before. And since cryptocurrency is not controlled by any central authority, it means that the excess transaction charges from banks will be eliminated, because blockchain technology will remove the involvement of middlemen in the casino transaction.

One of the benefits of blockchain in the online casino gaming industry is that it uses smart contracts to ensure fairness and security for developers and players. Transparency is another key point of casino games that are backed by blockchain. Blockchain-based online casino gambling is made to operate on a free and open-source platform which will allow the players to see how the games function, and the games that are played. Apart from having a competitive advantage over traditional casino gaming platforms, blockchain online casino platforms offer their users a unique gaming experience, and can easily take players into the digital world of their games. Although there are several blockchain-based casino platforms, the one that is at the forefront of them all is the 88TOKEN.


88TOKEN is an innovative blockchain-based online casino platform that is designed to help developers, operators as well as players interact freely and transparently through blockchain technology. By leveraging smart contracts which blockchain is known for, 88TOKEN has been able to provide its users with a complete and highly secured casino experience. The 88TOKEN platform is specially built for casino operators, players, gaming solution providers, etc. Its exceptional features have made it a one-stop shop for all services relating to online gambling such as blockchain-based games, cryptocurrency payment gateway integration, data intelligence, smart contract-based bankroll management, etc.

88TOKEN is focused on establishing a strong and reliable foundation for a new casino cryptocurrency globally. Unlike other online casino platforms, 88TOKEN is aimed at providing a cryptocurrency that can be used to make payments in as many casino platforms as possible, including its unique crypto-casino platform, which means that 88TOKEN will not be limited to a single platform. As a crypto payment gateway for online casino games, 88TOKEN is efficient, safe, and universal. It also has a growing network of real use cases that will enable the conversion of casino gamers into users, this makes it a stand-out digital asset for online casino gaming.

As a blockchain-based platform, 88TOKEN will eliminate the cumbersome processes and limitations of financial institutions such as banks as well as their delayed processing and excessive charges when making cross-border payments. 88TOKEN's great potential and use cases have made it the optimal choice for players and users to carry out their day-to-day transactions globally. One of the things that have given 88TOKEN an edge over its competitors worldwide in terms of mass adoption is its brand recognition as well as its heavy presence in the gaming world. Also when compared to other tokens, it boasts a vast selection of games that now serve as its use cases.


88TOKEN is built to innovate the entire casino gaming industry by offering casino lovers and bookmakers a solution that perfectly responds to the needs of swift, modern and secure payment. 88TOKEN through the innovative solutions that blockchain technology provides will make the payment process faster and will also put an end to the issues of complex payment methods that casino games players are currently facing. The token will be accessible everywhere in the world, making it easier for gamers irrespective of their location to make payments at any given time with just a few clicks because they will have their digital wallets connected to the server throughout the entire gaming process.

While 88TOKEN through its outstanding performance has become the ideal choice for players and casino operators as well as the number one in-game currency for the online casino gaming industry, it is also important to understand that the competitors of 88TOKEN do not promote mass adoption of cryptocurrency and cross-chain use because the blockchain-building tools which they offer only work within their ecosystem, also they power their networks with native tokens. With 88TOKENS, players or gamers will no longer spend much time waiting for their transaction approval, because all their transactions as well as purchases will be completed instantly.

Another interesting feature about the 88TOKEN is that it is easy to use and highly secured. It is powered by the BSC network which makes it available for any BEP-20 digital wallet such as Imtoken, Trust wallet, Metamask wallet, etc. Transactions and purchases made with 88TOKEN are transparent and public. They are carried out through smart contracts and saved on the blockchain to ensure safety, transparency, and fairness. Furthermore, through the use of blockchain technology 88TOKEN enables automatic transactions which can be done at any time, also the user's funds including their private data are secured and100% and guaranteed.


88TOKEN is a reliable and trusted platform where players, bookmakers, and investors can achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. There are lots of amazing attributes and benefits that make it the best platform for all.

  • FOR GAMBLERS OR PLAYERS: 88TOKEN enables gamblers to make quick and fast transactions (deposit & deposit) without relying on banks. Transactions are completely safe and anonymous. Apart from making the fun of the game more attractive, 88TOKEN is also fair and does not rely on the dealer’s release decision when players win their bets, therefore allowing players to cash out at any time.
  • FOR BOOKMAKERS: 88TOKEN through its innovative approach provides a suitable solution that will attract players for bookmakers just like a market agency. It also can turn crypto enthusiasts into customers by integrating its token into the casino games payment system. 88TOKEN represents a new payment method that is fast, cost-effective, efficient, and highly secure for all bookmakers in the world.
  • FOR INVESTORS OR TOKEN HOLDERS: With 88TOKEN holders will be able to enjoy a whopping 60% sharing for holding the token, this profit sharing is obtained from the cooperation with bookmakers using 88TOKEN as a payment solution. Also when players lose especially high loss rates, the token holders will be able to enjoy up to 40% burning of the tokens. The price of the 88TOKEN as a reliable digital asset is expected to always be on the increase due to its burning mechanism as well as the purchase amount of players and bookmakers on the free market.


Just like other popular blockchain-based projects, 88TOKEN has its native token known as 88T. It is a BEP-20 token that is built on the scalable, interoperable, and cost-effective Binance Smart Chain Network. 88T is a universal token and has a total supply of 10,000,000,000 in circulation. Holding 88TOKEN gives users (holders) seamless access to enormous rewards as well as the opportunity to enjoy fun games, have once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and many more.


With the 88TOKEN platform, users will be able to earn instant rewards by predicting match scores correctly, and the teams that will win in every match. 88TOKEN is designed to be completely serverless and fully decentralized to give users the best. 88TOKEN's mission is to revolutionize the casino gaming industry by utilizing the power of blockchain to ensure that online casino games become fun, fair, and innovative. Furthermore, as the future of online casino gaming, 88TOKEN provides solutions to the current problems facing many gambling platforms all over the world.

88TOKEN also strikes a balance of benefits to all the 3 parties of its ecosystem which are casino owners, casino players, and 88T token holders to ensure that no one will be left behind from maximizing their profits and achieving their goals. The 88TOKEN brings added value to casino space and the massive amount of usage that it generates makes it very valuable. As a platform that is built on the ever-efficient BSC network, transactions are superfast, safe, and at a very negligible cost. 88TOKEN is the home for every crypto user and player who enjoy innovative blockchain-based online casino games.









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