As the Cryptocurrency industry keeps growing the creation of new cryptocurrency in the market keeps increasing. Some of these digital currencies or cryptocurrencies are listed on several exchanges while some are not. But the question is, which of these cryptocurrencies will help or speed up the mass adoption of cryptocurrency? Which is what the crypto industry is aspiring for.

MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC) is that cryptocurrency that will bring about the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in no distant time. This is because it is designed to be good money in this Information Age. Which makes it a standout cryptocurrency among others.

About MimbleWimbleCoin

MWC known as MimbleWimbleCoin can be described as a scarce proof work of the MimbleWimble-based coin, with greater network scalability and privacy which is far better than other cryptocurrencies built on legacy blockchain protocols. Through MWC some smart contracts and applications have been made possible such as the multi-signature transactions, time locks, atomic swap as well as hashed time-locked contracts. All these are the building blocks of payment channels and lighting networks.

MimbleWimbleCoin provides an excellent example of what good money should be. As a powerful digital currency or cryptocurrency, it is already tradable (listed) and paired with BTC on the WhiteBIT exchange. MWC’s platform is secure, trusted, and very much reliable. It’s user-friendly makes it the best for users.

With the blockchain experience and innovative ideas of the MWC team, they will ensure that the MWC network continues to work and operate without flaws according to the consensus rules, this will help the market to generate more trust and confidence in MWC’s ability to help them solve the problems they face.


There are some features that make MimbleWimbleCoin a standout and powerful digital currency. They include:

PRIVACY: MWC ensures that users have privacy in their transactions. This is because each of its transactions on the base layer utilizes Greg Maxwell’s Coin Join together with his Confidential Transactions and signature aggregation, which uses every transaction data about the sender, the receiver, and the amount transacted privately.

SCALABILITY: MimbleWimbleCoin is built in such a way that it will be scalable to the current market issue and the future financial market development, making it the best cryptocurrency that will speed up the mass adoption of blockchain and crypto industry.

FUNGIBILITY: Unlike other digital currency makes use of legacy blockchain technology to register their transaction history MWC is fungible and does not have any unique transaction history recorded on the public ledger.

SCARCITY: MWC is uncommon and scarce in order to maintain its stability. This is why it has become a very reliable currency for investors.

Other features include censorship-resistant, durable, indestructible, portable, extensible, and divisible. All these which represent the characteristics of any good money in this information age have shown why MimbleWimbleCoin is the people’s digital currency.


MWC is designed to match and even exceed other goods that are currently in the market, which it has been doing perfectly well. It is through that bitcoin set the standard on what digital currency could, but unfortunately, it lacks these characteristics of good money but MimbleWimbleCoin possesses all of these characteristics thereby bringing joy to the financial market.









I am a crypto writer and a blockchain technology enthusiast. Here is my homepage link, https://mansonndubuisi.medium.com/

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