Tourism and travel have become one of the largest service industries in the world. It serves a large number of people and remains a significant contributor to global economic growth. Tourism is referred to as the act of traveling to different locations either for business or for leisure and not more than 1 year. The application and integration of blockchain technology in various sectors and industries today are rapidly, and immensely transforming the entire global world. In addition, blockchain's potential is substantially revolutionizing the tourism industry, which is great news for tourists and travelers.

Blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger, it is decentralized and has no central authority. Another thing that must be noted with blockchain is that all records are validated as both discrete and encrypted digital data events. Also, transactions are executed and shared among participants in a network. And as cutting-edge technology, it provides trustworthiness, transparency, security, as well as interoperable solutions whether as a standalone technology or when it is integrated with other technologies. The tourism industry has a lot to benefit from blockchain applications such as digitalization.

It is no longer news that cryptocurrencies and digital payments contribute heavily to the digitalization drive of the tourism industry by converting the physical ecosystem into a digital ecosystem which is more rewarding and innovative. Blockchain technology through Metaverse is now taking the tourism industry to the next level by bringing the much-needed innovation that will make the industry reliable, efficient, and credible. And with ARIVA WONDERLAND which is a metaverse platform, people can enjoy tourism and travel in 3D space just like in the real world.


ARIVA WONDERLAND is a top-notch and global blockchain-based next-generation tourism world where users, as well as metaverse enthusiasts, can travel freely, built their tourism centers, participate in interesting social events as individuals or as a group, own property, and above all, they will be able to earn from all these activities which makes it more attractive and innovative than another metaverse platform. As a distinctive metaverse platform, ARIVA WONDERLAND is built for tourism and travel as well as to connect people from all parts of the world.

ARIVA WONDERLAND as the world’s leading metaverse platform is currently changing the future of tourism. It is aimed at bringing the dynamics of life and the highest level of entertainment around a unique and superb travel experience. ARIVA WONDERLAND makes use of the travel-to-earn system, which allows its users to earn incentives and tokens as they travel and spend their time on the ARIVA WONDERLAND. Users are allowed to experience many different cultures in the ARIVA WONDERLAND, and at the same time, they will be able to socialize, travel to numerous regions, earn income, and also get married in a fully decentralized way.

Unlike other Metaverse platforms, ARIVA WONDERLAND was created with Virtual Reality (VR) infrastructure to enable users to be included in its new-generation tourism universe down to the smallest detail and to feel the interaction at the pinnacle. With the VR integration, ARIVA WONDERLAND will be able to offer users a unique realistic experience. Furthermore, virtual reality will ensure that users are kept in the position of living instead of in the position of spectators, which simply means that hands and body can be used in this powerful metaverse platform to allow users to interact with objects and people inside.


ARIVA WONDERLAND is very impressive and it is very beneficial to users in several ways. Users can buy and own land to build buildings and earn money, land owners have every right to rent their lands to others who want to build on the land, and by doing so they (land owners) will also earn money in the ARIVA WONDERLAND metaverse. The amazing thing about this platform is that it provides a simplified experience that allows users to customize their lands, that is to say, that lands are not customized on behalf of these users rather the power is given to the landowners to customize the land.

It is also important to understand that there is room for Custom Creators in the ARIVA WONDERLAND. With this, creators will have the opportunity to create unique items. With the help of Ariva Creator, users will be allowed to differentiate in many subjects. They can design buildings, vehicles, and every other thing that they want to be included in the land through the Ariva Creator’s editor, and the users can use these designs in the ARIVA WONDERLAND. Apart from designing new and unique products, users will also have the privilege of personalizing unique characters which they can utilize in the metaverse and can sell the objects in the market.

The platform’s market makes it easy for users to upload the products and the characters which they have produced with the Ariva Creator. Through this means they will be able to earn income by selling these items which they have uploaded to the market.


There are several magnificent features in the ARIVA WONDERLAND which make it stand tall among other platforms. And here are some of them:

  • VIRTUAL REALITY (VR): Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment with scenes as well as objects that appear to be real, which makes users feel as if they are immersed in their surroundings. With the use of VR in ARIVA WONDERLAND, users will be included in all senses in its new generation universe.
  • SECOND LIFE: Users are provided with a second life opportunity in the ARIVA WONDERLAND, and they can attend or organize cinemas, concerts, and other social activities. The users can also have fun at nightclubs, have a job of their choice, and get married as well in the metaverse.
  • LAND SALE: There are 160,000 parcels of different sizes in the ARIVA WONDERLAND and users are free to purchase the land they want. The prices of the lands differ from each other due to the distance and size difference of the land to the ARIVA WONDERLAND tourism centers. Lands and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) sales on this platform can be made over Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Ariva network, but purchases made with ARV tokens come with special discounts.
  • COMPLETE DOMINATION: In ARIVA WONDERLAND, users have complete dominance and freedom as well as decentralized ownership of their lands. They are free to display the objects they create with the Ariva Creator, sell them if they want to, and also create their own country by creating the flag for the hospital, etc. Also, users are allowed to charge their visitors and can decide who visits them or who will not.
  • BILLBOARDS: The ARIVA WONDERLAND platform enables businesses to advertise their products on the metaverse to a user base of Gen C and Gen Z users. The platform has many billboards designed for companies that want to advertise and promote their products to the user base in the metaverse. The billboards are placed in the main crater indoors, and outdoors, as well as in public transportation and high-traffic areas, which will allow advertisers or businesses to contribute to the ATIVA WONDERLAND revenue cycle.
  • TRANSPORTATION: ARIVA WONDERLAND as a metaverse platform that involves tourism and travel, owns many transportation models in the real world for users to travel and explore. They can travel by plane from airports which are located in each crater or travel by sea and train, they can even fly with their aircraft as well as beam themselves in the metaverse to reach where they want to go faster.


The ARIVA WONDERLAND Universe has the main crater and seven (7) galaxies that are connected to the main crater. Despite belonging to all the users, the main crater comprises different social areas that users can visit such as theaters, concerts, nightclubs, cinemas, etc. The 7 galaxies also contain 7 different craters which are divided into 160,000 parcels of different sizes. And each of these craters contains on average, four (4) unique tourist destinations globally.


Users in the ARIVA WONDERLAND can earn income in various ways, such as:

  • FREQUENT TRAVEL ON THE METAVERSE: Users earn tokens and incentives when they travel frequently in the ARIVA WONDERLAND.
  • BUY LAND: Users have to opportunity to buy land on the platform which they can rent to others who want to build building and will earn money in return.
  • BEAUTIFICATION OF LAND: With the help of the Ariva Creator, users can innovate and beautify the land which they purchase on the metaverse with. And by making their lands popular, they will be rewarded with some tokens.
  • DESIGN WITH ARIVA CREATOR: Users can also upload the structures which they designed and built with the Ariva Creator in the market where they can sell them to earn income.


Tourism centers as we know are copies of symbols found in different parts of the world. Ranging from the Statue of Liberty in America to the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. And in ARIVA WONDERLAND, there are many tourism centers that users can visit. The Travel2Earn concept used by this platform makes it more attractive and rewarding. Users who travel in the ARIVA WONDERLAND no matter the mode of transportation they choose can pay with ARV tokens which make ARV usable in the entire platform's ecosystem.

In the ARIVA WONDERLAND, users can generate NFTs with the Ariva Creator and they can use these non-fungible tokens in the in-game activities. They can also create their unique tourism ecosystem along with an income model by opening the cities which they built to others. The main purpose of this is to make ARIVA WONDERLAND more attractive for all the users, and at the same time to provide a correct revenue cycle between users who only want to travel and those who want to produce. Now is the time to join this great revolution in the tourism and travel industry which ARIVA WONDERLAND is presenting to the global world.








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