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The inception of blockchain technology has brought great innovation in global industries especially in the financial industry due to its disruptive ability. Blockchain technology which is a decentralized, distributed ledger stores the record of ownership of digital assets. One of the advantages of this powerful technology is that any data stored on it is unable to be altered or changed. Blockchain increases security, trust, transparency as well as the traceability of data that is shared across a business network. Its innovative prowess and efficiency make it a top-notch cutting-edge technology.

Blockchain technology supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) is a type of digital currency in which a record of transactions is maintained and new units of currency are generated through a computational solution of mathematical problems. It is not controlled by the central bank or any central authority. Bitcoin is designed to provide a reliable and alternative payment system that will enable people to send and receive money over the Internet. As a digital peer-to-peer currency, transactions with bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies are fast and can be carried out at a low cost.

The banked and unbanked population can use digital currencies wherever they are provided they have devices such as smartphones and computers that can connect to the internet. Apart from being decentralized, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies give users the financial freedom to transact globally. They also provide economic stability and newfound freedom to the world at large. Although the rise in popularity of digital currencies has given rise to several crypto marketplaces, there is still no cryptocurrency that can be applied deeply into life because of the high cost of transaction fees in the blockchain. But the good news is that BITCOIN FUTURE has come to make life better for every crypto enthusiast.


BITCOIN FUTURE is a powerful multi-token project or dual token model with BTCF and BITCOINF which are issued on two different blockchains networks, and they are designed for different purposes. It is created to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry and to become the future of Bitcoin which is the most popular digital asset in the crypto space. Unlike other blockchain-based platforms, BITCOIN FUTURE is focused on driving the mass adoption of cryptocurrency because of its potential to be applied to real-life other than just for trading.

BTCF which is issued on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network has a limited supply and this is why it is scarce and valuable. It is also used as a store of value, As one of the leading crypto assets in the crypto world, BTCF is created to be an intermediary currency in the exchange of goods and services between Merchants and consumers as well as community members. BITCOINF on the other hand is also a viable and reliable crypto asset that is issued on the Bitgert network. Binance Smart Chain is known for its scalability, low-cost fees, and interoperability, while Bitgert is considered a new blockchain with the fastest speed of transaction and with a negligible transaction fee (zero gas fee).

One of the primary aims of BITCOIN FUTURE is to become a global cryptocurrency that can be applied to daily life, and this has led to an increase in demand for BTCF and BITCOINF tokens worldwide. BITCOIN FUTURE is backed as a top-notch crypto-based platform backed by a strong and large ecosystem. One of the reasons why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have not been applied in daily life is because of network bottlenecks due to high transaction demand and the high cost of transfer fees. But BITCOIN FUTURE tokens can be applied to daily life because they are powered by speedy blockchain networks with almost zero transaction fees.


Cryptocurrency is envisioned as the future of money and a medium of exchange for goods and services. Despite its promises and rise in popularity, it is difficult to see a cryptocurrency that has been strongly applied to daily life, especially for buying and selling goods and services rather than just being used for trading on exchanges or in blockchain-based projects such as DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse, etc. For this reason, BITCOIN FUTURE has introduced a renowned digital asset (BTCF and BITCOINF) which will not only facilitate the sustainability of DeFi but will also provide a gateway for people to purchase goods and services anywhere they are.

It is no news that merchants have to spend very high when reaching out to consumers because they apply many types of advertising on various social networks as well as media channels and through intermediaries when trying to sell their goods. But With BITCOIN FUTURE these problems have been solved, which now allows merchants to easily sell their goods directly to consumers. And this is achieved by creating many marketing tools that will connect Merchants and consumers free of charge. Through BITCOIN FUTURE, Merchants will be able to sell their goods directly to consumers instead of paying for a lot of advertising, marketing, and intermediary costs, thereby maximizing their profits.

BITCOIN FUTURE has also created a nice community where Merchants can sell directly to consumers without needing to go through intermediaries anymore. BITCOIN FUTURE also brings great benefits to consumers who own the platform’s native tokens. With the help of BITCOIN FUTURE, consumers will be able to buy goods directly from Merchants without paying a dime to intermediaries. This enables them to buy goods that are of high quality and at a very good price too. BTCF and BITCOINF now make it easy for people to buy and sell goods with digital currency directly with others any time any day without relying on FIAT or banks.


Token Name: Bitcoin Future

Token Symbol: BTCF

Blockchain Type: Binance Smart Chain

Token Type: BEP-20

Total Supply: 1,000,000 BTCF

Contract Address: 0x1972633C2BE10c4B977d3260Fee1cFf228bf2a5d


  • 2% is allocated to Advisors
  • 3% is allocated to Team Leadership
  • 3% is allocated to the Technical Team
  • 2% is also allocated to Project Operation
  • 5% is allocated to marketing (Tools, Communication, Event, and Leader)
  • 85% will be allocated to the community members


There are many ways by which users can own BTCF. They include:

  • Buying BITCOIN FUTURE’s products on BITCOINF.NET with BTCF as a promotion.
  • Buying BTCF packages without products on BITCOINF.NET
  • Selling products and accepting BTCF as a method of payment.
  • Buying BTCF from the BTCF holders in the community.
  • Buying BTCF from DEXs or CEXs.
  • Swapping from current cryptos such as USDT, and BITCOINF to BTCF.


BITCOIN FUTURE is the best project to invest in, it provides users, businesses, and organizations with lots of benefits. As the future of Bitcoin, it can be applied to daily life to enable users to buy goods and services whenever they want. BTCF has a very limited circulating supply which makes it scarce and valuable with very high liquidity. While BITCOINF is issued with a high total supply and can be used to circulate, nut, sell and exchange goods and services directly just like using cash in daily transactions.

To speed up the adoption of blockchain, DeFi, and cryptocurrency the world needs crypto assets that can be applied in E-commerce and other areas of life, and this is what BITCOIN FUTURE is presenting the global world today through BTCF and BITCOINF tokens. It is important to understand that all activities involved in exchanging goods between the Merchant community and the consumer community or between the BTCF member's community are completely accepted by 100% consensus by BTCF. BITCOIN FUTURE is what Merchants, customers, and crypto enthusiasts all over the world need at the moment.


PHASE 1 (Jan-Jun/2023)

  • BTCF is developed based on the current community of BITCOINF with millions of members.
  • To be listed on CEX: Azbit, CoinTiger
  • To be listed on DEX:: Pancakeswap, Dodo
  • To be listed on listing systems: DexTools, AveAI & up to 50 popular Crypto listing websites.

PHASE 2 (Jul-Dec/2023)

  • Organize 500 OPP events & Fairs that accept 100% BTCF.
  • KOL Promotion with popular Youtubers & Tiktokers
  • To be listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingeko
  • Reach 10.000 BTCF Holders worldwide

PHASE 3 (Jan-Jun/2024)

  • 500 merchants accept 100% BTCF.
  • Support international merchants in 10 countries to organize events and fairs that accept 100% BTCF
  • Reach 50.000 BTCF Holders worldwide

PHASE 4 (Jul-Dec/2024)

  • 1.000 merchants accept 100% BTCF
  • More international merchants accept 100% BTCF
  • Reach 100.000 BTCF Holders worldwide

PHASE 5 (Jan-Jun/2025)

  • 5000 merchants accept 100% BTCF.
  • Reach 300.000 BTCF Holders worldwide

PHASE 6 (July-Dec/2025)

  • 10.000 merchants accept 100% BTCF.
  • Reach 500.000 BTCF Holders worldwide









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