Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the current financial system and many other industries, making them better, fascinating, transparent, and secure. Cryptocurrency which is also known as the digital currency has become a reliable means for anyone to get financial freedom, and this has led to the increasing number of investors in the crypto industry and markets.

As one of the fastest-growing industries with a very large market, cryptocurrency has become the right choice for investors. One of the advantages of this digital currency is that it is designed for all. That is to say that anyone can be a part of it (as a trader, investor, user, etc) irrespective of your educational qualifications or background.

Although cryptocurrency is promising and lucrative, the lack of a single platform where crypto enthusiasts can get the latest information about cryptocurrency developments as well as cryptocurrency overviews, data analysis, great trading signals, etc has hindered crypto enthusiasts from enjoying the unlimited financial wealth which cryptocurrency offers. But the good news is that BITNORM has come to put an end to these challenges.


BITNORM is a first-class platform that is built to provide crypto traders, investors, and users with a clear, brief, and comprehensive summary of cryptocurrencies that will enable them to excel and be ahead of others in the world of cryptocurrency. It is a blockchain-based platform that provides cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the appropriate information and accurate analysis that will help them make great decisions while trading and investing in any crypto asset.

Unlike other platforms, BITNORM ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing ideal cryptocurrency insights and signals that will help traders and investors to maximize profits, little wonder the platform is referred to as the ultimate intelligent suite for cryptocurrency. Without mincing words, BITNORM is built to make trading and investment simple, easy, and above all more profitable.

Before the creation of the BITNORM platform, finding the latest news updates, trusted information, and overview about cryptocurrencies was very strenuous, expensive, and time-consuming for traders, investors, etc. Because they have to strive to maintain their numerous accounts on different platforms just to ensure they get correct and adequate information that will enable them to make informed decisions. But today, all these and many more can easily be obtained from this one-stop platform known as BITNORM.


BITNORM is not only designed for crypto traders and investors. It is uniquely built for anyone interested in cryptocurrency (every crypto enthusiast) such as the traders, investors, bloggers, developers, researchers, etc, and provides them with a direct gateway to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Apart from being a cost-effective platform, BITNORM is secure, scalable and offers lots of support and benefits to its users, which include:

  • A great fraction of crypto shareholders is made up of traders, which is why the large cryptocurrency market is driven by them. BITNORM goal is to make these traders more relevant by supporting them with crypto tools that will improve both their trading skills and experience.
  • BITNORM platform is reliable and accurate in terms of providing analysis on existing and upcoming crypto-assets and with these, investors are assured of making good profits from their investments when they employ the powerful tools that are available on the BITNORM platform.
  • On the BITNORM platform, crypto bloggers will be able to take their blogging to the next level because the platform will allow them to create and at the same time maintain personal blogs on crypto and other related innovative technologies.
  • For cryptocurrency maintainers and developers, BITNORM gives them maximum support, by making it easy for them to keep an eye on existing and upcoming cryptocurrencies which will enable them to always be ahead of others.
  • BITNORM platform makes crypto research easier and less stressful. Lone Cryptocurrency Researchers can now get quick access to any information regarding cryptocurrency without needing to go through many sources.


Although many things make resting an attractive platform, its wonderful and amazing features make it stand out among other platforms. These features include the following:

SOURCE CODE ENGINE: This Engine analyses cryptocurrency to new BITNORM new users, providing them with a wealth of information that will help them understand better any crypto-asset they want to invest In and the best technology they should utilize. Not only that this Source Code Analysis Engine will help the new users to choose pieces of code instantly but it will also enable them to create a new thread that will interpret what each of these codes can do.

NETWORK DATA ENGINE: The Network Data Engine determines the valuable information about every cryptocurrency which will enable BITNORM's users to know the runtime period of any crypto blockchain network which will be useful in identifying coins that have pumped and those that have dumped, thereby enabling users to make more profit. This Engine achieves that by using a deployed cryptocurrency blockchain's nodes and their powerful explorers.

MARKET DATA ENGINE: Just like the rest of the BITNORM features, Market Data Engine is innovative. This feature allows users to detect the price trend of every emerging cryptocurrency on time, which will enable them to cash in on every favorable making movement. In addition, BITNORM users through this Engine will have access to the tracking price, market cap, and volumes of the cryptocurrency they are interested in.

INDEXATION ENGINE: With the help of this Engine, users will be able to get the up-to-date index of new cryptocurrencies, both those that were announced and those that were added manually. It will also provide users with all the essential information that will help them know if a particular cryptocurrency or crypto asset is worth investing in, thereby reducing the loss of money on every crypto investment.

COMMUNITY ENGINE: It is a well-known fact that BITNORM is a promising platform, and one of the features that play a vital role in ensuring that these promises are fulfilled to users is the Community Engine. With this feature, non-premium users can easily gain premium-like access by simply taking part in the BITNORM platform onsite games.

MARKET NEWS/SENTIMENTS: This feature describes what the BITNORM platform is known for. It is focused on bringing all crypto enthusiasts into a single platform where they can get every detail, information, and analysis they have been yearning for. And to crown it all, BITNORM gathers news, comments, etc from various sources to make sure its users get the best cryptocurrency information.


BITNORM token is known as BN. It is a token built on the robust Ethereum blockchain, which makes it an ERC-20 token. BN token Is a very useful token to the BITNORM platform’s users. It has a limited supply of 200,000,000 BN (200 million BN) in circulation, and it is tradable on several external exchanges.


BITNORM is a top-notch platform that allows its users to get the best trading indicators and analysis just in a few clicks. Its user-friendly interface makes trading easier and more inviting. On the platform, there is a cryptocurrency forum where users can interact with others.

BITNORM combines the much-needed functionality and data to make its ecosystem unbeatable. The platform is so interested in its users' success, giving them real-time data as well as an innovative social collaboration platform to be the first in getting the best trading and investment deals.

Finally, it is very essential to understand that the information obtained from nodes and source codes that the BITNORM platform makes use of, enables users to easily define the amount of hash rate that runs on the global blockchain networks. BITNORM is the right platform to take every crypto enthusiast to a greater height.







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