Cryptocurrency has become a focal point for investors in recent years because of its potential and ability to provide them with lots of profits which is the aim of every investor. The fact that it is not issued by any central bank or government makes it easy for people to have full access and control of their funds which will not only give them the financial freedom they seek but it will also allow them to seamlessly send and cost-effectively receive money anytime they deem fit.

The cryptocurrency which is a digital currency is supported by blockchain technology, it uses cryptography in securing its transactions. What makes crypto more interesting is that it is built for all (banked, and unbanked population), and as the future of money, it provides the people or users with various innovative financial services where they can earn passive income and maximize their yields or profits. And this is the world is gearing up for the mass adoption of digital currency.

Whenever a new cryptocurrency is introduced into the crypto space, the first thing that comes to the minds of traders, investors, and users is where can we buy this asset or which exchange is it listed? A cryptocurrency exchange is defined as a marketplace where people can exchange (buy or sell) digital currencies either with fiat or cryptocurrency. When looking for a reliable exchange platform for CFDs, the right place to visit is BITOP Exchange, because that is what it is known for.


BITOP Exchange is a classic marketplace designed for the trading of digital assets. It is focused mainly on CFDs and aims at providing a trading experience that can not be matched by any other trading platform. On this powerful trading platform, users have the opportunity to trade safely and transparently. BITOP offers its users a trading environment that is free and open, where they can execute any amount of transactions be it deposit or withdrawal securely and with little effort.

Trading on the BITOP Exchange comes with lots of financial benefits and little or no risk because it is highly secured. As a reliable platform, BITOP is concerned with providing its users or customers with a trading experience that is well streamlined and cost-effective. BITOP offers much more to crypto traders than its competitors, and the more interesting aspect of this Exchange is that it utilizes twofold methods of decentralization and centralization with LP (liquid providers) as well as project parties in creating a one million hedge fund which is being used to compensate users in case of any stake loss.

It is of paramount importance to know that BITOP provides its users with different products like Futures trading, Spot trading as well as various derivatives, etc more than what any centralized or decentralized Exchange can offer. BITOP is not only devoted to giving its worldwide users sound and safe cryptocurrency trading services but is also determined to be a credible platform that will enable the users to maximize their profits, which is why it has become the best option for traders and investors.


A CFDs which is known as a contract for differences is referred to as a contract between traders (buyer and seller) that specifies that a buyer will have to pay the seller the difference between the present value of an asset and the price it was during the time of the contract. With CFDs, traders, as well as investors, benefit so much from the price movement without the need to own the underlying assets. Furthermore, in this contract for difference, the value or price of the underlying assets are not considered, rather what matters is the change in price between the trade entry and exit.

CFDs trading is beneficial to traders, it allows them to leverage many trading opportunities by enabling them to trade with more capital than a trader has. And apart from offering a high throughput of transactions, it gives traders the much-needed flexibility that will allow them to react to the market's movement quickly and instantly. It makes use of advanced technical tools or instruments that can help shield traders from being affected by the high volatility of the crypto markets, thereby protecting them from any disastrous losses.

BITOP is that one-stop trading platform that will help CFDs traders to excel and enjoy a perfect trading experience like never before. Its usability, scalability and satisfactory commissions, etc make it unique and special. In addition to that, the BITOP Exchange gives its users amazing incentives, by providing them about 100x leverage of two-way ordering trade which is very fast ordering trade and professional ordering trade. All these and many more make BITOP the number one exchange for cryptocurrency CFDs trading.


There are so many reasons that make trading on the BITOP Exchange ideal, they include:

  • HIGHLY SECURED: BITOP is a highly secured platform. It uses trusted computing, the ring signatures, as well as many other important technologies such as zero-knowledge proof, etc to protect and secure the user’s privacy and data.
  • SCALABLE: As a scalable platform, BITOP aims at becoming a top-ranked exchange with a high-speed public chain, and with this, it will be possible to upload, register, trade, and even distribute large quantities of data and information on the public chain, which will enable the scalability of the platform thereby making transactions more efficient, faster and transparent.

EASE TO USE: BITOP is easy to use, and apart from providing what is known as a Bitop copy system to enable traders to copy trades from proficient or professional traders which will help to avoid the cost as a result of trial and error, BITOP also provides users with a demo trading account where they can practice trading and its trading strategies, to make them better traders.


Although BITOP focuses on CFD which is a derivative product designed to allow traders to either go long or short on a wide range of financial markets, it also provides users with several other amazing products, to give room to CFD traders, spot trades, and other traders to smoothly and effectively trade their assets and make good profits at the same time.

More importantly, BITOP is built with a user-friendly interface to enable easy navigation and trade for new and experienced traders. A lot has been said, now is the time to act by registering and trading on this great platform to enjoy all the benefits it offers.










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