Blockchain technology has become the next big thing in the gaming industry, it has opened new and innovative opportunities for businesses all over the world especially those that want to create decentralized gaming applications. Blockchain-based games are video games that include elements that utilize blockchain cutting-edge technologies as well as cryptocurrencies and NFTs which are commonly known as Non-Fungible Tokens.

This kind of gaming (blockchain gaming), enables users and players to trade in-game items. That means, in blockchain games players can easily purchase and sell these in-game items with other players. Unlike traditional gaming, blockchain gaming employs unique and rewarding systems (play-to-earn games) that allow players to earn crypto or digital assets through gameplay.

These play-to-earn or P2E games make it easy for players to earn while they play. Not only is it life-changing, but it also provides a source of passive income to users, and in many developing countries today, blockchain games are fast becoming an alternative career for many people. For blockchain gamers and investors who are looking for a reliable blockchain-based gaming platform to use and invest in, there is good news for you, and that is the BLOCKOMBAT.


BLOCKOMBAT is a renowned and highly secured play-to-earn 3D multichain and GameFi ecosystem that rewards users with non-fungible tokens. It is powered by blockchain technology and its goal is to innovate the GameFi industry by making it more transparent and rewarding. BLOCKOMBAT is designed to drive the mass adoption of digital assets (cryptocurrencies), as well as P2E in the gaming industry.

BLOCKOMBAT is at the forefront of blockchain-based gaming platforms that are currently making waves in the gaming industry. Its enormous potential makes it an evolving play-to-earn ecosystem that brings players as well as game enthusiasts and game developers together. BLOCKOMBAT is revolutionizing the traditional gaming system by offering users the opportunity to have fun and a gaming experience like never before and at the same time earn cryptocurrencies as rewards while playing games.

One of the challenges facing many gaining platforms today is the lack of blockchain interoperability, which is an important feature of the Web3 world. Blockchain interoperability is the ability of blockchains to communicate with other blockchains. Blockchain interoperability enables the exchange of data and digital assets, it also facilitates greater communication as well as improved collaboration.

Unlike other blockchain gaming platforms, BLOCKOMBAT provides blockchain interoperability with numerous well-known blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), and OKExChain (OKC), etc. Furthermore, The BLOCKOMBAT game is built for all, both for experienced gamers and beginners, also it is developed for PC and for mobile devices which makes it easy for users from all over the world to play.


The following are the amazing features of the BLOCKOMBAT game that makes it exceptional.

  • FREE PLAY: This allows users to play the BLOCKOMBAT game without the need to be a BKB token holder, and as a result of that they will not earn any tokens. All that the user needs to do is just to download the game and start to enjoy the exciting games.
  • SOLO MODE: In this mode, users are allowed to play against the computer. The mode requires users to hold some BKB tokens to be eligible to play the game and access the play-to-earn feature. One thing about this game is that players or Blockombatants do not lose their tokens whenever they lose a battle or match, but they earn 10BKB tokens whenever they win.
  • DUEL MODE: This mode allows two players (blockombatants) to wager a certain amount of BKB tokens which they will need to battle for, and the winner will receive 90% of the agreed token used for the wager, while the remaining 10% will be remitted to the BLOCKOMBAT ecosystem, as withdrawal fee. To start this game, a player needs to set a wager for a certain amount of BKB tokens, and then invite a friend or another player to battle with, the friend has to accept the Duel as well as the amount of wager.
  • TOURNAMENT MODE NBSP: The tournament mode allows all the users to stand a chance to participate and win in the prize pool of between $5000 - $10,000 and above. To be eligible for this global tournament which will involve over 1000 blockombantants, players will have to stake $100 worth of the BKB tokens.
  • SKILLS, WEAPONS, CHARACTER, AND ARENA: With the BKB tokens, players will be able to unlock more skills. The BKB token also enables players to add more skills to their players or characters to make the fighting experience more interesting, and also to buy more weapons and armor to ensure a better fighting chance, users can also buy arenas to change the feel and the experience of the battle to make it more fascinating.


BLOCKOMBAT employs a business model that is attractive and fair to the users. It includes:

TAX: To prevent inflation and at the same time regulate the BLOCKOMBAT token supply, a 5% transaction fee is charged for any transaction activity. The aim of this is to ensure a seamless run of the project without looking for any form of external funding, the Token Generation Event known as TGE, and listings.

PLAY-TO-EARN (P2E): The $50 - $100 worth of BKB tokens which the users are required to pay to participate in the prize pool of the BLOCKCOMBAT global tournament, will be added to the ecosystem rewards or ecosystem wallet and will be used for the P2E promotional and marketing activities which are usually in the form of community competitions and bounties at peak. The 10% fee generated from the winning withdrawal during the Duel mode matches will also be added to the rewards wallet.

NFTS/LP-SINGLE STAKING: BLOCKOMBAT business model also allows NFTs to be minted using the BKB tokens. Unstacking penalties will also be sent to the rewards wallets. It is important to note that the LP, including the Single and NFTs staking, is also funded by the reward’s wallet.

MERCHANDIZE: Funds realized from the sales of merchandise such as weapons, characters, skills, and arenas are also remitted into rewards/ecosystem wallet.


The BLOCKOMBAT native token known as BKB token is a unique digital asset that is built on the interoperable BSC Network. BLOCKOMBAT has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 BKB, its tokenomics is sustainable and it relies on the BKB token. Apart from the BKB token having many utility and use cases, it serves as the main ecosystem incentive, and it gives holders the right to participate in the project’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).


As an all-in-one blockchain gaming platform, BLOCKOMBAT allows users to experience, play, and also to earn which makes it stand out from other gaming platforms. It brings players, developers, and cryptocurrency and NFTs lovers from all over the world into one single platform. Users will be able to mint their own BLOCKOMBAT NFT from the platform's collection of unique characters. They can easily earn BKB tokens and rare NFTs as rewards for tournaments. And holding the NFTs gives players more access to merchandise in the BLOCKOMBAT ecosystem.

BLOCKOMBAT is a top-notch gaming platform, it is creative, fun-filled, and rewarding. In addition to being transparent, its token is fully Audited by Contract Wolf, making the project highly secured. BLOCKOMBOT is simply the best home for intriguing and innovative blockchain games, thanks to the dedicated team of professionals behind the project. The more you play and win, the more you earn digital assets as rewards.


Q2 - 2021

  • Ideation
  • Project team compiling
  • Project infrastructure Q3 - 2021
  • MVP development Q1 - 2022
  • Andriod development build
  • IOS build Q2 - 2022
  • Partners & Venture Capital on boarding Q3 - 2022
  • Private and seed round initialization.
  • Development team expansion.
  • Marketing and mainstream media engagement.
  • Social media Influencer partnerships.
  • Multichain launchpad IDO.
  • Smart Contract deployment and audit.
  • Dex listing and token distribution.
  • Lp and Single Staking.
  • NFTs minting for Tournaments. Q4 - 2022
  • Android and iOS store uploads.
  • CEX listing.
  • First global tournament
  • Mainstream media partnership. Q1 - 2023
  • WebGL development.
  • Development of Staking platform.
  • Development of a Dex (Multi-chain Swap).
  • Development of IDO platform.
  • Development of INO platform.
  • Development of BKB blockchain.
  • More Innovations










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