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Decentralized finance, popularly known as DeFi is an emerging and innovative model for organizing and enabling crypto-based transactions and other financial services. DeFi which is powered by blockchain technology is decentralized and is not controlled by any central authority which is in contrast to the traditional system of finance (CeFi). Apart from being cost-effective, sustainable, transparent, and highly secure, DeFi also gives users seamless access to innovative financial services which will allow users to maximize profits and achieve their financial goals.

The increasing rise in popularity of decentralized finance is because it allows everyone (the banked and unbanked population) from all parts of the world to be part of it, provided they have internet-enabled devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. DeFi through blockchain technology is reshaping the global financial industry, by providing long-lasting solutions to the challenges facing centralized finance. The most captivating part of it is that with DeFi, users have total control of their funds, and financial transactions are enabled with smart contracts, thereby putting an end to the involvement of intermediaries.

Decentralized finance is permissionless, and open-source which allows anyone to view it on the blockchain. One of the core premises behind this exceptional financial system is peer-to-peer (P2P) financial transactions. In P2P DeFi transactions, there is usually an agreement between two parties to exchange cryptocurrencies for goods or services without the need for a middleman. It is of paramount importance to understand that DeFi platforms are not subject to adversity or bankruptcy because they do not rely on any centralized institutions. Currently, CLOUDCOIN FINANCE is the DeFi platform that investors and crypto users should pay more attention to.


CLOUDCOIN FINANCE is a top-notch and world’s leading DeFi platform that is designed to revolutionize the world of payments. It is a community-driven project that is born out of cloud technology. CLOUDCOIN FINANCE is not only aimed at being at the forefront of the DeFi space as long as possible but also to be a leader in the cryptocurrency industry. As a project that is self-funded by the community, the way to support the project is by buying its utility token known as the CCFI tokens.

The CCFI token is a secure and valuable digital asset that was created as a DeFi token to adopt the technical properties of cloud technology to decentralized blockchain technology. The potential, and use cases of the CCFI token have made it the future of cryptocurrency. As a unique digital asset that is designed to transform and enhance the global payment system by making payments seamless and easy for all, CCFI has all it takes to make DeFi sustainable and accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

The CCFI which is powered by the scalable Binance Smart Chain Network is the right counterpart to cloud technology in the world of decentralized finance. CLOUDCOIN FINANCE is owned by the highly reputable cloud technology provider RAIDAPAY LTD, which is located in Great Britain. Presently, Binance Smart Chain and RAIDA technologies are both taking DeFi to a whole new multichain level, and this has placed CLOUDCOIN FINANCE as the pioneer and leader of decentralized finance.


CLOUDCOIN FINANCE provides its users with outstanding and attractive features that will allow them to have an extraordinary DeFi experience, such as:

  • STAKING: Staking is one of the innovative ways to earn cryptocurrency in a DeFi platform. It is a process by which users hold their cryptocurrencies in their wallets to support the network’s security and validate transactions. In the CLOUDCOIN FINANCE platform, users will be able to stake their CCFI tokens for some time, and in return, they will be rewarded.
  • FARMING: This is another easy way for users to earn rewards on the CLOUDCOIN FINANCE platform. Unlike staking, users earn rewards by lending, borrowing, or by providing liquidity in a DeFi platform. CLOUDCOIN FINANCE users will be rewarded along with others when they deposit their CCFI tokens into a farming pool.
  • DAO (DECENTRALIZED AUTONOMOUS ORGANIZATION) GOVERNANCE: As a fully decentralized project, CLOUDCOIN FINANCE uses a DAO type of governance to allow everyone to vote freely through smart contracts.


CLOUDCOIN FINANCE token is known as the CCFI token. It is a viable alternative decentralized utility token that is built on the BSC network which automatically makes it a BEP-20 token. CCFI token has a total supply of 1,428,160,512 and is used in powering the entire CLOUD FINANCE ecosystem.


  • 20%- For Development Fund
  • 18.5%- For Strategic/Private/Public Sales, that is 264,209,694 CCFI tokens and this will be the starting circulating supply of CCFI tokens.
  • 18%- For Staking and Farming Rewards
  • 13%- For Exchange Liquidity
  • 11.25%- For Exchange Listings, Cross-Chain, Fees & Expenses and
  • 7.5%- For the team, it will be vested over 60 months (from 1st August 2021).
  • 6.5%- For Marketing
  • 4.5%- For Advisors, and will be vested over 60 months (from 1st August 2021).


CLOUDCOIN FINANCE platform is interoperable and highly secured. The CCFI token employs the interoperability of many blockchain technologies, which means that users can easily bridge CCFI tokens from the Binance chain to other chains. As a project owned by RAIDAPAY, the CCFI token has been integrated into the Raidapay app as a payment system and will utilize all the functions available on the app. As CLOUDCOIN FINANCE continues to expand its cutting-edge technologies as part of the decentralized application revolution, it is believed that the CCFI token is already a milestone in the future of digital assets.

Through the CCFI token which is a tradable digital asset that uses multi-chain and cross-chain, the global financial system has been revolutionized and it will continue to change the way people use and manage cryptocurrencies. Investing in the CCFI tokens will not only give investors the freedom to support CLOUDCOIN FINANCE but will also provide them with a plethora of opportunities to achieve their financial goals easily.










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