NFT and Metaverse are two cutting-edge technologies that are currently making waves in the cryptocurrency world due to their innovative approach and use cases. They play important roles in the evolution of human survival as well as in the revolution of the global financial industry. Cryptocurrency is fungible which makes it easy to be replaced by an identical item, but NFT which is known as a Non-Fungible Token is unique and can not be copied or replaced because it is one-of-a-kind digital assets.

The metaverse may be described as the digital representation of the world with which people can inhabit and interact with. It is a D and fully immersive digital internet world that can change how we socialize with others, how we learn, and how we work or earn a living. Metaverse is a virtual reality designed to be accessible to everyone in the world. The metaverse is powered by powerful technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), which are bringing the global world to the brink of a new era.

Although NFT and metaverse are still developing technologies that have the potential to expand in all possible directions and times, people and users alike will always need incredible companions before they can delve deeper into these innovative technologies. Today, CYLUM FINANCE which is an exceptional blockchain-based and decentralized finance platform has assisted a variety of people with their reliability, bringing a positive change in the cryptocurrency industry and the world at large through the NFT Metaverse launchpad.


CYLUM FINANCE is a revolutionary protocol that is built as a reliable launchpad for metaverse projects. The CYLUM launchpad, which is built on the scalable Binance Smart Chain Network, is a perfect option for metaverse-based projects willing to enter and excel in the market. It is a special and indispensable platform that connects and brings people with relevant requirements into a single potential instance of the market. For a project to debut an instance in the bitcoin market, there are a series of steps that the project must follow, and CYLUM FINANCE through its exceptional launchpad has established an effective and efficient technology configuration as well as partnerships and findings that will facilitate this series of steps.

In recent years, we have seen how blockchain technology has transformed so many global industries and businesses due to its ability to handle a variety of processes simultaneously. Blockchain technology is one of the tremendous innovations of this era, it remains an important component of the NFT and the entire crypto world. As a blockchain-based project, the CYLUM FINANCE technology is mainly focused on the technologies that will outshine the current Web3.0 technology. The CYLUM FINANCE as an innovative platform will incorporate nested NFTs, and will also contribute value to the metaverse, which is achieved by modifying and extending the functionality of virtual items.

The CYLUM metaverse is a decentralized, innovative, and user-friendly environment. It provides metaverse enthusiasts with a unique space for their blockchain-based games, it is a metaverse world where users can easily claim and purchase several NFTs such as virtual plots of land. Purchasing virtual land, which is a piece of digital real estate in the Sandbox, is one of the ways people can make use of NFTs in the metaverse. One thing to understand about LAND (virtual land) is that they use Non-Fungible Tokens to indicate the ownership of particular regions inside the Sandbox which is a virtual environment.


CYLUM FINANCE is an extraordinary Defi project created not just to enhance decentralized finance but also to make it more viable, and profitable. It also leans towards Defi sustainability as well as the mass adoption of blockchain technology. CYLUM FINANCE stands out among other Defi 3.0 projects that are currently in the market in so many ways, and one of its goals is to ensure the ultimate success of Defi investors and other crypto users who invest their resources in the innovative financial services provided by decentralized finance.

CYLUM FINANCE is a reliable and highly secure platform to invest in. It is a project built with no minting code in its contract, CYLUM is rug-proof which makes it practically impossible for its dev to rug. Unlike other Defi 3.0 projects such as Libero and Titano that provide their users with a high profit only when the market seems healthy and when the market becomes unhealthy users end up getting low profit or loss. This is not so with CYLUM FINANCE which offers auto stakes and auto compounds that are entirely stable coins on different blockchains to constantly expand the collective funds to support higher price floors progressively.

These projects (Titano, Libero, etc) with their high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) need huge liquidity to maintain their rewards to ensure that there will not be any price impact when a user with a big reward cashes out. This is because the higher the ratio between Liquidity/Circulating supply the better the price protection when users dump their crypto holdings. CYLUM FINANCE solves this problem by providing users with a Liquidity/Circulating supply ratio that is 2.5 times higher than that of Titano and Libero, thereby making sure that users get protection that is 2.5x better whenever a whale dumps and reduces the price.


The features that make CYLUM FINANCE the best Defi 3.0 project include:

  • AUTO-STAKING AND COMPOUNDING: This amazing feature is straightforward, and also a technological achievement for the CYLUM FINANCE. The platform employs a Buy-Hold-Earn function in its auto-staking, and the function provides the ultimate ease of use for CYLUM FINANCE token holders, allowing users to earn active rewards as an interest directly to their wallets when they buy and store CYM tokens in their wallets. CYLUM makes use of a compound interest formula to facilitate the payment of token distributions of the total amount of CYM tokens in the holder’s wallets every minute. Apart from the rewards being distributed to every CYM holder on each Block, it is also important to know that CYLUM holders will earn a yearly compound interest rate of 395,677% in the first year so long as they do not withdraw tokens from their wallets.
  • AUTO-LIQUIDITY: In CYLUM FINANCE, market liquidity is very important, it plays a vital role in enabling the buying and selling of the CUM tokens on the PancakeSwap. Liquidity here is considered as a large pool of money that is divided 50/50 between the CYM tokens and BNB. Although liquidity allows crypto users to buy or sell their CYM/BNB at any given time, the lesser the money/liquidity in the pool the lower the price users will receive. The CYLUM auto-liquidity engine solves this problem by adding more liquidity to the pool automatically. Additionally, the auto-liquidity engine automatically injects liquidity into the market every 24 hours, and everyone who buys or sells an order has a 10% tax fee which is also stored in the Auto-LP wallet automatically, and CYLUM protocol’s smart contract employs a mechanism that converts intelligently the 50% of the CYM tokens that are stored in the wallet to BNB based on the current market price.
  • AUTOMATIC BURN: The CYLUM FINANCE automatic burn creates a deflationary effect that ends up taking more and more CYM tokens out of circulation with every single transaction. CYLUM utilizes a revolutionized auto-burning algorithm which will ultimately burn 2% of the entire supply at launch, therefore kickstarting the whole automatic burn process. One of the things that make CYLUM FINANCE Auto-Burn more interesting is that it ensures that the token’s total supply continues to deflate in comparison to users' balance, making sure that their balance keeps on expanding in comparison to the CYLUM total supply. This powerful built-in mechanism makes CYM a stand-out token among other Defi 3.0 tokens, by giving it a true supply/demand gauge as it gets increasingly rare against users' balance over time.


CYLUM token which is known as CYM is a deflationary token with many use cases and utilities. It is a BEP-20 token that is built on the ever-efficient and scalable Binance Smart Chain. The CYM token with a total supply of 5,000,000,000, is the first auto-staking, auto-compounding, and auto-burn token that is backed by Defi 3.0 multi-chain protocol.


This is how the CYLUM FINANCE token’s total supply of 5,000,000,000 CYM will be distributed and locked:

Burn Allocation: 32% will be burned and locked for 1 month.

Initial Model Offering (IMO): 20% is allocated to IMO.

Staking/Farming Rewards: 15% is allocated to the farming rewards which will be locked for 6 months.

Liquidity: 18% is allocated to liquidity and will be locked for 1 year.

Dao Reserve (Cylinder): 10% is allocated to the Dao Reserve and will be locked for 6 months.

Project Team: 2% is allocated to the project’s team and will be locked for 6 months.

Token Development: 2% is allocated to the development of the token and will be locked for 6 months.

Airdrop: 1% is allocated to airdrop


As an innovative Defi 3.0 platform, CYLUM FINANCE offers crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to farm and harvest CYM tokens every 5 minutes through the use of the CYLUM speed-farming which is a new protocol on the platform's DApp section. The protocol enables investors to receive higher benefits when they stake/farm their tokens which they obtained from the IMO. The farming happens in the user's wallet, and all the need to do is to harvest the rewards manually.

The CYLUM Cylinder and Cypher are other important parts of the CYLUM Finance. The CYLUM Cylinder, which is a cold storage wallet, stores a substantial amount of BNB. The cylinder helps in controlling the significant decrease in price that is caused by holders selling to maintain the token's price. It also prevents flash crashes through pricing stability, as well as assuring the protocol's long-term viability and expansion in the future, thereby protecting investors.

The CYLUM Cypher on the other hand is a unique wallet within the CYLUM FINANCE ecosystem. It is very crucial to the platform's multi-chain protocol because it ensures the growth and sustainability of CYLUM's entire ecosystem. Cypher is designed to support the Cylinder as well as to find new Cylum goods and services including projects that will enhance and bolster the CYLUM's economy and use cases. CYLUM FINANCE is truly a perfect project for crypto investors and users that want to achieve their financial goals.










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