The world is gearing up for a financial system that is decentralized and permissionless. This financial system which is known as decentralized finance (DeFi) is built on blockchain technology. DeFi has been making waves lately due to its innovative approach and the various financial services which it offers. Apart from being the opposite of centralized finance, it also provides cutting-edge solutions to the problems facing traditional finance. With decentralized finance, users will be able to have control over their funds and private data.

DeFi is designed to eliminate the involvement of intermediaries during transactions, this is achieved by utilizing a transaction protocol (Smart contracts) to control and execute transactions between two parties. This system of finance has proven to be a better option in terms of providing reliable and profitable financial services than the traditional financial system. It offers inclusive global access to financial services, thereby allowing anyone both the banked and the unbanked to access different kinds of financial service just with their internet-enabled smartphones or computer.

One more thing, DeFi now makes cross-border payment easier and affordable by removing completely the enormous and costly network of intermediaries affecting cross-border transactions. This enables remittance services not only to be affordable to the worldwide population but also to be efficient and secured, allowing people to send and receive money instantly from any part of the world. Although there are many DeFi projects presently in the market, DEFIFARMS is the only project that has all the potential to improve and move decentralized finance forward.

DEFIFARMS in a nutshell is the first Non-Fungible Tokens Protocol that is designed to bring an automated liquidity acquisition yield farming and a powerful Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchange to the global world. It is powered by the Binance Smart Chain and offers several amazing, distinctive, and inventive features to users, which will enable them to win and earn cryptocurrency for free. DEFIFARMS' automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM are but with no single point of failure and its programming are flawless. It is completely decentralized which makes it impossible to be controlled by the government and there is no counterparty risk for the users.

DEFIFARMS intends to provide users and the entire world with an extensive platform that will leverage the BSC potential in bridging other top ecosystems to connect them to the DeFi world. Unlike the traditional exchange that makes use of the order book, AMM decentralized exchange allows users to trade based on a deterministic price algorithm. Despite all these, most of the AMM exchanges that are built on the Ethereum blockchain are still faced with some challenges such as low capital efficiency, impermanent loss, etc. DEFIFARMS AMM overcomes these issues by utilizing the scalable BSC network with a high transaction throughput and low transaction fees, to give users the best trading experience.

For cryptocurrency to be widely accepted or adopted it must be used as a medium of exchange and as a store of value which are the characteristics of money. But the high volatility nature of this currency has hindered its widespread adoption, DEFIFARMS as the world’s leading decentralized finance platform is built to bring a transactional solution that is independent of any single point of failure. It is imperative to understand that, apart from being easy to access, DEFIFARMS promotes the worldwide usage of cryptocurrency by drastically reducing the rate of cryptocurrency volatility.

DEFIFARM brings all the benefits of a powerful DeFi protocol to the doorsteps of users by bridging all the DeFi-capable blockchain. As an innovative platform, it allows the members of its ecosystem or users to earn more cryptocurrency by allowing them to take part in Defi staking and farming which are rewarding. DEFIFARM ecosystem consists of several important parts, they include:

This is a trusted trading platform that enables users to swap their digital assets. It makes use of the AMM exchange model and allows the trading of digital assets against cross-chain LPs (liquidity pools). Although It does not require the order book, it guarantees an instant settlement of orders. The pools on the DEFIFARMS AMM are being backed by users' funds which are made available when they provide liquidity, this enables them to enjoy a certain percentage of the trading fee same as that of other AMM systems.

Yield farming has become the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency. It allows users to stake and lend their assets and in return, they get rewarded with cryptocurrency. But DEFIFARMS yield farming is special because it incentivizes liquidity providers by encouraging them to lock up their digital assets which will allow them to benefit from the distribution of the profits generated from the liquidity pool which is efficiently managed by the smart contract.

Another important aspect of DEFIFARMS finance is the traditional DeFi staking method it offers. Through this method, users will be able to add value to the security of networks which will enable them to confirm transactions that occur within the blockchain or the protocol involved.

This is designed to facilitate and make the use of AMM protocol easier for users. It is an engaging cross-chain wallet that helps users to access their tokens across blockchains which will allow easy transactions.

NFTs have become a center of attention to investors and traders alike, for this reason, DEFIFARMS is committed to offering users an extensive marketplace where NFT lovers can easily trade their NFTs assets as well as create their DEFIFARMS' NFTs.

DEFIFARMS is an outstanding platform that has the potential to take Defi and the entire financial world to the next level. They features are:

  • Every transfer carried out with the platform’s token (DEFIY) is charged with a transfer tax of 8%, and 6% out of the tax will be added to the DEFY-BNB liquidity pool through via the smart contract, which will ensure will raise the price floor continuously and automatically. This liquidity will be locked making it inaccessible. It may be of interest to know that liquidity will be added on the PancakeSwap exchange before it will be added to DEFIFARMS AMM DEX.
  • DEFIFARMS employs a burning process that is automated to ensure that the remaining 2% of the tax fee above will be burned instantly, and effectively.
  • DEFIFARMS uses a distinct reward lockup mechanism called Harvest Lockup to restrict the frequency of harvest. The reason for this mechanism is to avoid constant harvesting and dumping by any farming arbitrage bots.
  • DEFIFARMS makes use of the anti whale strategy to make sure that its token price will not be affected by Whales. This is achieved by making sure that any transfer greater than 0.15% will not be successfully executed based on the current ratio, and as the total supply increases this ratio will be reduced. But withdrawal, as well as a deposit, are not included in this restriction.
  • This is a farming pool where DEFIY token holders will stake their tokens to earn other tokens. Two Defi factories which are Busd and BNB are expected to be created after the launch. A deposit fee of 5% will be added to the pools which will be used to reward the stakes.

DEFIFARMS token known as DEFIY (DefiFarms Non-Fungible Yearn) is a BEP-20 compatible token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. It has a limited supply of 100,000,000 in circulation.

DEFIY and DFTC tokens which are the official tokens of this great platform will be used to improve both farming and staking as well as earnings, and for settlement of trade, etc.

DEFIFARMS is a perfect platform that offers lots of benefits not just for users alone, but also for traders and merchants. For traders, DEFIFARM will provide them with a truly decentralized AMM that is automated, affordable, and non-custodial. And for the merchants, DEFIFARMS does not only enable them to enjoy currency stability at a very low price, but it also allows them to maximize their profits. Once DEFIY is fully adopted by merchants, the permissionless nature of the DEFIFARMS ecosystem will be greatly enhanced.

Above all, DEFIFARMS is aimed at becoming the investment, farming, and staking engine that will bring a turnaround in decentralized finance by connecting the DeFi world as well as the blockchain future. DEFIMARMS has all the potential of decentralized finance, and it is secured and transparent making it the best platform to invest in.







Writer: Mansonndubuisi

Bitcointalk Username: Mandez4teal

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