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Blockchain technology can be described as a powerful and reliable decentralized distributed technology or ledger that records data or information in such a way that makes it difficult or impossible to be altered or changed by anyone. As the magic behind digital assets, blockchain is aimed at allowing digital data to be recorded and distributed but not to be edited. Since the introduction of blockchain technology, many industries as well as sectors have been revolutionized, making them more innovative and efficient.

The importance of blockchain technology can not be overemphasized. It provides cutting-edge solutions to the problems that are affecting business processes in many sectors and industries in the world today. With blockchain technology and cryptocurrency public and financial services have been improved greatly, they bring the much-needed security, transparency, and efficiency required to make any business better, protecting them against frauds thereby making them more profitable.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has brought a tremendous change in the financial, gaming, and sports industries, etc. Integrating these technologies into aviation and traveling industries will create new markets as well as assets classes for these industries. For carriers (aviation and traveling companies) to enjoy the endless benefits that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency offer, they have to embrace EASTCOIN which is one of the leading blockchain-based platforms.


The EASTCOIN is a reliable digital asset that is specifically built for the aviation and travel industries. It is designed to provide a secure and fast payment solution to these industries, it employs a mandatory circulation fee’s principle to ensure a continuous increase of its value, thereby making sure that all the services it offers will not attract any form of inflation nor depreciation. EASTCOIN’s potential makes it the perfect and most credible digital asset that can be used to innovate payments in the travel and aviation industries, making it easier, quicker, and more effective.

As a renowned currency with amazing functionalities, EASTCOIN provides outstanding services that are sustainable and durable, due to its ability to increase in value. As a unique cryptocurrency ecosystem, EASTCOIN has come to ensure the ceaseless growth of the economic wealth for all the role players in the aviation and travel industries which is a closed economy, and to make sure they are maintained and protected. It is undeniable that there are lots of cryptocurrencies that are currently making waves in the market, but EASTCOIN remains an unbeatable asset any time, any day.

It is imperative to understand that the simplicity as well as the transparent and secured nature of the EASTCOIN, makes it a sought out and reliable cryptocurrency for aviation and travel businesses globally. Apart from providing purchasing power to the worldwide and multipolar economy, EASTCOIN also serves as a distinctive digital asset of exchange that is created to take the travel and aviation companies to the next level. Furthermore, it will be utilized by all and sundry as the number one currency for peer-to-peer payment all over the world.


A stable coin refers to a crypto asset whose price is designed to be pegged to a digital currency, fiat currency, and can be used to exchange-traded commodities like precious metals (gold), etc. The EASTCOIN is a reputable stable coin and the first of its kind to be backed with an algorithmic stabilization mechanism that is used in the supply management of this currency. As a game-changer in the aviation space and other related economies, EASTCOIN price is well controlled.

Unlike other stable coins that are backed with nothing, EASTCOIN is backed with 100% tangible assets, goods, and services. One thing about EASTCOIN is that it is a stable coin with a difference, and it employs a unique transaction share mechanism on which its value is pegged. As an exclusive and functional asset, EASTCOIN is designed with users' convenience as one of its priorities. It will also be used as a complementary digital asset that is closely connected with the ultimate value offering in the aviation industry or closed community.

Although EASTCOIN functions as a contact measurement, it is also very innovative and whenever it is used, there is always an increase in its value which ends up releasing numerous efficiencies to anyone holding the coin in their E-wallets. Of a truth, EASTCOIN has proved beyond every reasonable doubt to be the best new form of payment as well as the ideal method for holding and creating value. All these and many more make this currency be used as an investment tool in traveling and aviation markets.


There are so many features that make EASTCOIN stand out among other digital assets. They include:

  • It employs a private permission ledger designed for access restriction to enable the right security.
  • Enhances the integration of existing systems with blockchain solutions.
  • It uses smart contracts in automating business processes and functions.
  • It eradicates the issues of data duplication and other reconciliation issues.
  • It utilizes cryptographic encryption of data to ensure data integrity, thereby making it immutable.


It is no longer news that the present world is now in a state of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and the centralized nature of the global financial system has even made life more difficult for the people. The implosion of the traditional system of banking globally has become a major challenge to everyone, as a result of this people no longer have confidence and trust in the fiat currency (their national currency) because of its devalued state. To put an end to all these issues, the world must embrace EASTCOIN as a medium of exchange, as well as an investment tool, and as a transactional ecosystem.

The EASTCOIN, which is a currency for a closed economy, supports its value continually by using the volume of transactions generated from the aviation industry. In contrast to Bitcoin, EASTCOIN utilizes the minting mechanism built-in ELDS (Ethereum Ledger Development Software) in replicating what miners get through the end-users and the service providers. With EASTCOIN's platform, the travel and aviation industry will be massively improved, and the mass adoption of cryptocurrency will not be far-fetched.

With EASTCOIN’s blockchain platform, there will not be any need for middlemen or third parties from information exchanges, and it will also go a long way in making sure that valuable data is shared in a more secure and tamper-proof way. Additionally, EASTCOIN will leverage the present failed global financial system, to provide the world with a currency that has a gigantic value offering that has been made available through blockchain technology. The EASTCOIN provides a gateway to financial sustainability, along with investing, traveling, and transacting, little wonder it is known as paramountcy for the aviation industry.


The EASTCOIN Token is known as EAST, it is a viable utility token that is built on the robust Ethereum blockchain network. It has a limited supply of 750,000,000 EAST in circulation. It will be used as a payment option, to provide payment solutions in the aviation industry. One more thing, it rewards holders and those that transact with it, thereby making it the most coveted token that can be used as an investment tool and a traveling utility token.


  • To be used for peer-to-peer transfers.
  • For cross-border payments.
  • To provide transaction solutions for both the banked, unbanked, and underbanked population.
  • Provides instant payment with cost-effective fees.
  • Make business transactions of companies faster, more efficient, and effective.
  • As a worldwide blockchain payment infrastructure.


EASTCOIN platform is built to be a wide-reaching exchange platform that is specially structured around the market segment of diversified traveling. With this excellent platform, traveling becomes easier, less expensive, and more accessible. It also gives users absolute control in terms of bookings and other extraordinary services which it offers. EASTCOIN platform is accessible via the online web and it offers multi-currency payments as well as share purchases. It is important to note that EASTCOIN was created by Eurufly to be the ideal traveling currency.

The EASTCOIN is driven by innovation, its high level of security, transparency as well as democratic governance make it an incredible cryptocurrency ecosystem. The ecosystem flourishes in the aviation, travel, hospitality, and technologies industries by leveraging industry-leading research automatic fleets, emerging markets as well as distributed ledger technology. Investing in EASTCOIN will not only make these industries better, but it also will go a long way to innovate the global financial system.










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