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In recent years, Ethereum has proven to be a game-changer in the fintech and financial industry. Ethereum can be described as a platform that is powered by blockchain technology which is popularly known for its valuable and viable native token known as ETH (Ether). One of the things that make the Ethererum platform very secure is the distributed nature of blockchain technology. And it is the high level of security of the platform that makes ETH accrue value.

It is important to understand that these powerful ethereum platforms support a network of dApps (decentralized applications), and additionally, smart contracts originated from the platform and they function as the central component of how the ethereum platform operates or functions, and today several types of DeFi apps, as well as other applications now employ smart contracts in conjunction with the blockchain technology.

One of the objectives of the Ethereum platform is to establish an alternative protocol where dApps will be built. This will provide various sets of tradeoffs that will be helpful to large classes of dApps, and will make it easier for different applications to interact efficiently.

Ethereum as an outstanding platform provides the world with a blockchain that is designed with a built-in Turing-complete programming language which will allow anyone to write both smart contracts as well as decentralized applications (dApps), this will not only enable them to create their own arbitrary rules, but it will also allow them to create their transaction formats and state transition functions.


Ethereum provides an insight into how powerful and unique the ETHEREUM CASH is. One of the long-term goals of the ETHEREUM CASH is to help Defi fulfill its promises of making money accessible to all, as well as allowing people to send and receive money from anywhere in the world at ease. Just like the powerful ethereum (ETH), ETHEREUM CASH is a valuable and secure digital asset.

The ETHEREUM CASH (ETHC) is a viable decentralized finance token that is powered by the ethereum blockchain network. Unlike other existing Defi tokens, ETHEREUM CASH stands out among them because it is backed by ETH itself and functions as an extension or addition to what the ethereum platform represents. The ETHEREUM CASH provides users with a seamless and amazing experience of ethereum, as well as other digital currencies.

As an innovative platform, the ETHEREUM CASH is focused on issuing its prepaid card, credit, and debit cards to its users to enable them to carry out their daily transaction activities easily at any point in time. These cards will allow users to convert digital currencies into Fiat money, also they will be able to recharge their account in real-time with these cards. Users will also be able to use an ATM to withdraw from ETC/ETH/Cryptocurrency wallet or Fiat account simultaneously with instant exchange via a unique designed chip system.

ETHEREUM CASH is very revolutionary, through the credit card anyone can seamlessly carry out transactions across any shopping or payment platform including ATMs and Point Of Sale (POS), to ensure that users get the best financial services, the ETHEREUM CASH will give credit cards to wallet addresses that are holding from 1000 ETHC and above.


There are so many features of the ETHEREUM CASH that make it outstanding and attractive. They include:

  • HIGH LEVEL OF SECURITY: ETHEREUM CASH is highly secured. Unlike what is seen in banks where users' account numbers and their business histories are attached to their identity. ETHEREUM CASH is an inverse of the bank, with the ETHEREUM CASH no one will know your identity and payments can be sent secretly.
  • PRIVACY: User’s privacy is one of the topmost priorities of the ETHEREUM CASH. Lack of trust in the banking system has become a big challenge to users, this is a result of some fraudsters trying to fool bank users into sending them money through fake bank messages and strategies. But ETHEREUM CASH addresses this trust issue by eradicating outsiders.
  • SEND AND RECEIVE MONEY GLOBALLY: One of the benefits of the ETHEREUM CASH is that it allows users to send and receive cash wherever they are. Users can send money or cash to their loved ones directly to their wallets, payment is super fast and cost-effective, compared to the delay with banks and their high-cost charges.
  • ONLINE PAYMENT: ETHEREUM CASH allows users to make online payments without the need to have a bank account. Users can either use ETHEREUM CASH to make online payments or get paid online instantly.
  • HIGH RETURNS: ETHEREUM CASH offers high returns to its users. It allows them to send cash or make quick payments to another country at a negligible or zero charge fee and at the same time store reserve funds safely. All these can be carried out without an intermediary.


The ETHEREUM CASH app is one of the most trusted and reliable apps in the crypto space. It is a combo application that is made up of the ETHEREUM CASH wallet and exchange which are designed to enable users to seamlessly buy digital assets with their credit cards and to exchange them with other digital assets.

The wallet will be accessible on smartphones and tablets, and it will allow users to stake their ETHC tokens and as a reward, they will get 6% of whatever they staked every month. The wallet comes with many exciting features which include: DEX support, ERC20 tokens support, Mukti-currency capability, Crypto portfolio, Day and night mode, Email notification for deposit and withdrawal, Real-time rates, etc.

The ETHEREUM CASH exchange on the other hand will provide users with the opportunity to buy crypto with a credit card and will allow them to carry out instant bank withdrawal. It also offers a crypto swapping system just like DEXs and supports copy trading. Users can deposit and withdraw ETHC and ETH at a zero fee cost. It makes use of an AI (Artificial Intelligent) auto trading system, it also offers the lowest cryptocurrency deposit & withdrawal fees, and many more.


The ETHEREUM CASH token known as ETHC is an ERC20 token that is built on the powerful Ethereum blockchain network. It has a total supply of 18,163, 150 ETHC in circulation. 1 ETH is approximately 43400 ETHC, and here is the token contract address (0x626f15006cbB983B87D6A2f1563F7A3758f67f9F).


The ETHEREUM CASH vision is to improve decentralized finance and make DeFi investment worthwhile. It is a promising and futuristic project that leans towards the sustainability of DeFi. Its great potential and features make it the number one DeFi token in the world. ETHEREUM CASH wallet/exchange app is innovative, transparent, and highly secured. The app will be available in Android, iOS, and Windows versions to enable everyone to have access to this amazing app.

The ETHEREUM CASH app is built with a wonderful user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use by all. Investing in this project is not only rewarding but also very profitable both now and in the future.




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