Some of the cryptocurrencies we have today are the hedge against inflation, political instability as well as social disruption. Bitcoin is one of these digital currencies, it functions as a hedge for both macro-economic ills and provides a ballast against the unforeseen challenges that may arise at any time.

It is important to understand what a hedge fund is all about. A hedge fund is a special way of investing in a large group of underlying securities. One thing about hedge funds is that it is different from crypto index funds and ETF. Hedge funds investment is profitable and they (the assets) enable people to diversify as well as to provide a lack of correlation to the stock market.

For investors who are eager and ready to maximize their profits through hedge funds, there is good news for you and that is the FRX TOKEN, a project designed to make hedge funds more attractive and beneficial to investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and the world at large.

FRX TOKEN is a renowned hedge fund token which is launched by a private company known as Ferox Advisors which is a reliable hedge fund that was established in 2013, one of the things about this hedge fund (Ferox Advisors) is that it specializes in exchange-traded derivatives.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies or hedge fund tokens, FRX TOKEN is the best and the world's first decentralized hedge fund token. This token is built to help investors not only to benefit from it as a utility token, but it will also allow them to get a pro-rate profit which the company will share from all of its activities.

FRX TOKEN is innovative, it combines the hedge fund’s diverse alpha generation abilities and sovereignty, or freedom which a dynamic Defi ecosystem offers, to make hedge fund investment worthwhile.

FRX provides lots of opportunities and incentives to the world. As a Defi hedge fund token, FRX TOKEN is designed to have the standard and innovative features that a Defi is known for, which includes yield farming and liquidity mining. And these will allow both investors and crypto enthusiasts to earn more money when they invest in this powerful hedge fund known as Ferox Advisors.

Another interesting thing about this FRX TOKEN is that it will provide the people with the right and reliable token that will enable them to make a bet from the Ferox Advisors website. The truth is that these bets will be unique, and a dynamic version of binary options, that will allow users to predict the up or down direction of prices of major cryptocurrencies daily.

Furthermore, these predictions are not limited to digital currencies only, users can as well predict important commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil, etc. With all these, users will be able to participate in the payout structures which will be guaranteed by smart contract through the FRX TOKEN.

  • To maintain a yearly return on equity net of everything of a minimum of 30% with further upside potential.
  • To enable their external investors to maximize their profits by offering them better return profiles.
  • To allow investors to directly own shares of a decentralized hedge fund without paying any form of bureaucratic fees, which is very good news to investors.
  • Security is always important in any investment. This project aims to provide and maintain the securities of the users and investors to ensure their safety.

FRX is a viable utility token that is built on the TRON blockchain, and that makes it a TRC-20 compatible token. Users can easily stake FRX and TRX pairs and they will be rewarded for that.

Holders of FRX will be earning profits every month, this is because the profits generated from betting activities will be added to them. Thereby making it a rewarding hedge fund token.

The achievement of this private company (Ferox Advisors) both past and present speaks volumes about this project. They are experts when it comes to algorithmic scalping, volatility-arbitrary, event-driven trading as well as options market making. They also provide a complete Intraday Trading optionality which is amazing, and this will surely put investors in cash at the end of every trading day.

Ferox Advisors makes it possible to extract the more aggressive alpha. This is achieved by combining Intraday trading with long term options. They are transparent in their dealings, and so long as hedge fund investment is concerned, Ferox Advisors is the most efficient and reliable place to invest in, and with the FRX TOKEN investors will have an extraordinary experience that will change financial stories for good.






Writer: Mansonndubuisi

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