Identity verification protocol is a platform used to obtain entity authentication of one entity to another entity. This kind of authentication can be either unilateral i.e., authenticates just one of the entities to the other entity, or mutual i.e., authenticates both entities. However, the essence of this is to ensure that data are free of logical errors before implementing it. Also, to guarantee that the protocol does exactly what the designer planned accordingly.

This cannot take place in the absence of the Blockchain Network System which is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.

As a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain, blockchain technology now makes it possible for everyone to own assets that are safe, reliable, and transparent, and have the tendency of gaining access to it on grounds of direct ownership of the required keys which will facilitate easy trading that does not bear high latency or cost.

That is exactly what FUSOTAO has come to actualize with its highest distinguishing characteristic that centers on Zero-knowledge proof which is a method in cryptography by which one party known as the proper, can prove to another party called the verifier that a given statement is true while the prover avoids conveying any additional information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true.

FUSOTAO is a completely decentralized and permissionless protocol suitable for voting staking and transfer of Token, virtual machine, and core modules with zero-knowledge proof validators. It is a highly developed decentralized financial product with increased throughput and ultra-low transfer fees capable of keeping one’s assets safe only if one has one’s keys and a sequential matching system that allows one to trade genuinely and conveniently.

This Reliable Verification Protocol is a verification protocol for order book-based matching system using the paradigm of executing off-chain, verify on-chain with the presence of Zero-knowledge proof.

This particular application chain holds users’ assets and verifies the matching transactions from off-chain exchange services. It is highly scalable.

This protocol contains Galois, which is an off-chain client to execute orders and prove them.

When compared with CEX and swap, FUSOTAO has tremendous advantages in user experience and performance.

One can participate in FUSOTAO Network through the following Avenues:

FUSOTAO is a community-driven decentralized network. Most of the protocol tokens will be distributed through community rewards and allocated to members who participate in the protocol.

FUSOTAO is a completely permissionless network, any TAO holder can claim as an exchange and start matching and proving. Such a person can earn rewards according to the proven transaction volume.

Cooperating with Octopus Network guarantees the highest security of FUSOTAO Protocol. Validators earn rewards by staking OCT tokens which represent collateral against their malicious behavior.

  • STAKING: Here, Community users can directly share transaction fees through staking TAO Tokens for the DEXs backed by FUSOTAO Protocol.
  • : Some token supply will be distributed to community users who trade on the decentralized finance built on FUSOTAO according to the combination of transaction volume and TAO holdings.
  • FUSOTAO is fully open source, anyone can build trustless order book-based DEX easily.

Just like every other cryptocurrency project, FUSOTAO Protocol has its native token which is known as TAO. It is a viable and valuable digital asset that serves as the most important factor that motivates the proper function of FUSOTAO. It gives proof of community participation in governance, development, transaction verification, and repurchase.

FUSOTAO Protocol is a long-term development that is secure, fast, decentralized, and scalable. As trusted and reliable as it is, it ensures that the principle of Zero-Knowledge proof is acknowledged. Little wonder, it can attract genuine investors that appreciate voting, staking e.t.c paving the way for a lucrative reward in the future.











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