The potentials of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are indescribable. They play important roles in transforming several industries, bringing decentralization, security, and transparency into their systems. We are aware that presently, the streaming, as well as the entertainment and media service providers, are censored which does not allow the global users to enjoy a barrier-free source of entertainment and information which is amazing.

Integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into the entertainment industry will bring the much-needed censorship resistance which is currently lacking, and will also enable users not only to vote on what licenses and rights get purchased but also to decide on the grant to give. And this is what FUTUROV has come to do, bringing decentralization into the film and movie industry which will not only improve this industry but will also enable users to maximize their profits.


FUTUROV is a renowned community-owned multimedia entertainment collector or aggregator as well as an end-to-end non-fungible token center in V/AR. This community aims at bringing the global cryptocurrency and legacy world’s offerings to a single platform and still maintains its production of original motion pictures which is achieved through its European Union partner known as visual-vr.com. FUTUROV will cover so many areas which will include TV shows, financial education, as well as movies and animations, etc, and at the same time provide the world with a reliable entertainment ecosystem that is completely decentralized, non-profit, and independent.

Unlike other streamable TV or entertainment service providers, FUTUROV is unique, innovative, and rewarding. This is true because it provides a pioneering solution to piracy and serves as a unique way by which free markets can be monetized without the users spending a dime, thereby making it a cost-effective platform, all these are achieved through FUTOROV inflationary rewards token which is designed to pay creators together with distributors and license holders in a trustless and automatic way. Furthermore, FUTUROV values the safety, security, and privacy of its users and will allow them to remain free as well as anonymous as they want.

The FUTUROV App which is designed for promotional purposes will bring everything in one place including the world’s free and legally streamable TV, and also enable users to generate revenue for their streaming providers which will make life easier and better. It is the best platform for producers, filmmakers, etc because it allows providers to earn more revenue for every connection without having to spend much. As a blockchain-based platform in the entertainment industry, FUTUROV’s credibility and potential have made it the future of streaming.


One of the benefits of FUTUROV is that it empowers people from the grassroots to the ivory towers to create great and magical experiences, which makes it the center of creative talent in the global video and film industry. With FUTUROV script writers can achieve their dreams both financially and otherwise. As a long-term project, it is also focused on being its blockchain network and this will enable it even without owning any studio or film sets to become the global largest producer.

Apart from FUTUROV focusing on bringing cryptocurrency as well as legacy world's entertainment offerings into a single place through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), it is also determined to produce its original content which will serve as a non-profit and censorship-resistant source of entertainment, media, and news, etc which are immutable and this will be done through the first-ever community voted to stream over-the-top (OTT) protocol. Through Defi and the use of smart contracts, everything which FUTUROV set out for becomes achievable.

FUTUROV is revolutionary and for this reason will be utilizing new ideas and methods that have never been used by any platform to monetize the free market to encourage and motivate users, creators, contributors, etc by rewarding them in a trustless way even without their consent, thereby putting an end to the obsolete way of paying for a subscription every month for their attention, time and engagement. FUTUROV is promising and futuristic and has become a haven in terms of barrier-free information for everyone irrespective of their locations.


  • OVER-THE-TOP (OTT) APPLICATION: This app is designed to include feeds from the entire globe and both localized and decentralized news channels. It is expected that some live sports and PPV events will be brought exclusively to FUTUROV, and in no distant time, there will be a live integration with YouTube.
  • NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN LAUNCHPAD, MARKETPLACE, AND VR/AR ETC: FUTUROV aims at building a reliable place where the upcoming artist will easily launch their NFTs films, and where iconic brands can as well launch their VR/AR collectibles easily and cost-effectively. With FUTUROV, users will be able to enjoy great and interesting services, events, etc from the comfort of their bedrooms, from shows designed for the children to steamy adult flicks just with their internet-connected smartphones.
  • A GAMIFIED DEFI/LEARN AND EARN STATION: As one of the best rewarding platforms, FUTUROV is providing its users with an innovative way of earning cryptocurrency. In this place, users will be able to learn a lot about crypto-based projects, finance as well as politics just by playing some games like coinfarmer, etc and at the same time they will be rewarded with cryptocurrency. Additionally, users will have unlimited access to real-life education and training videos which will help boost their professions.
  • A SOCIAL MEDIA AND PEER-TO-PEER REVIEW NETWORK: This will provide movie enthusiasts and digital memento collectors with an opportunity to share, engage and also connect to the app directly under the video that is being played.
  • AVATAR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT COLLECTIBLES IN AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY: This will function as a unique channel for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-powered life-like non-fungible tokens of users favorite stars. And will be dedicated entirely to endless memes including meme news, trending memes, and also an expose platform so that the over-entitled will become humble immediately.


FUTUROV token which is known as FTV is a deflationary token, which is currently on the Binance Smart Chain. Its initial and final supply are 8000,000,000 FTV and 1000,000,000 FTV respectively and utilizes a deflationary fee of 4.20% on every one of its transactions.

As a governance token, FTV holders will be able to vote, make suggestions, implement cancellation, etc. Holders can earn more crypto when they stake their tokens and will also earn the rarest of non-fungible token airdrops. One more thing, the FTV token will ensure free and instant transactions within the FUTUROV app.


It is inarguable that the entire world is already feeling the weight of cryptocurrency's ecosystem, but the truth remains that FUTUROV is already the elite of this new generation. FUTUROV will be able to host TV channels, TV Show, Movies, as well as Documentaries on blockchain technology once it attains its market cap and achieves optimum purchasing power. It is a platform that is built for all, not just famous stars alone but also to help homegrown and local talents by giving them a chance to be noticed on the world stage.

It is good to know that FUTUROV as the first completely decentralized and censorship-resistant TV, media, and streaming service provider, is the first and only service provider that will be governed by the community. Everything on this platform is simple and easy, no registration, no KYC verification of any kind, all users need to do is to download the app and start loading live TV Shows, movies, etc from all parts of the world. But be rest assured that your private data will not be tampered with, FUTUROV is truly the future of the entertainment industry and streaming.











Writer: Mansonndubuisi

Bitcointalk Username: Mandez4real

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