Blockchain's disruptive ability has made it a top-notch technology that is needed to bring positive changes in different sectors and industries where it is being utilized. Through this technology as well as digital assets are popularly known as cryptocurrency a lot of transformation and innovative services, and ideas have been made possible. The health, education, and financial sectors are among the numerous sectors that are currently enjoying the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The features of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as decentralization, high level of security, scalability, high transaction throughput, permissionless, low cost of transactions, and many more have been the driving force behind their global mass adoption. Life has become easier and more enjoyable with these powerful technologies. Transaction records and every other activity or record that are stored on blockchain technology are usually transparent, and can not be changed.

G4G is a reliable and unique project created by COINNTECH, to transfer practical knowledge and the implementation of the creation of the human mind through the use of blockchain technology. One of the G4G missions is to build a solid public awareness of health via the use of cryptocurrency or digital assets. As an outstanding project, G4G executes all-inclusive solutions for health issues in the context of economic, political, and technological development. That is to say that G4G offers health education in the accelerated technological civilization.

One of the stand out aspects of G4G is that it leans towards health education, and through this education lives and the global world at large will be changed for good. COINNTECH is committed to using the money realized from G4G token sales to provide users with a wonderful opportunity that will allow them to have unlimited access to educational materials in the following series: The Right to Self-Determination, or Health Intelligence (awareness) in the 21st Century. Investing in the G4G tokens will not only help you to maximize your profits, but it will also help the project to continue creating its health education awareness by spreading its knowledge and great years of experience to the world.

Additionally, buyers of the G4G tokens will be eligible to acquire functional knowledge which is of paramount importance to every stage of human life. The G4G team understands the important role good health plays in the life of every man, this is why they have created this ample opportunity to enable everyone to gain unrestricted access to premiere, and unique training materials that will help them to take good care of their precious health as well as long life in a more informed manner like never before.

This is the first Initial Technological Token Offering, and it is designed to support the development of new projects also known as start-ups that have high economic, social and technological potential. G4G is focused on providing compressive assistance for these start-ups from the stage of their innovative ideas to the stage of them achieving full economic independence, thereby helping them to become successful.

It is important to understand that the ITTO (Initial Technological Token Offering) panel is COINNTECH's online platform that enables token buyers to create their accounts through email and social media such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. After the creation of the account, they will go through the KYC/AML process to purchase tokens.

Additionally, COINNTECH is committed to assuming the possibility of investing in technologies whose development as well as implementation may seem unsuitable especially from the point of view of big businesses, and renowned organizations including International corporations like alternative medicine, and alternative energy sources, etc. But with G4G which is powered by COINNTECH, these challenges faced by these startups and technologies are being solved.

G4G is a reliable blockchain-based project which is backed by COINNTECH, a company whose mission is to develop startups that have high economic and technological potential as well as a high degree of social utility, through the establishment of investment funds along with assuming investment. The COINNTECH platform was created to provide a gateway where creators of new projects can present their ideas, and once the idea is approved it will be developed by the COOINNTECH investment fund and their creators which will enable them to further develop and also finance.

In the event of the establishment of an investment fund, three optional projects can be effectively implemented by COINNTECH, these projects are considered G4G potential projects, they are:

  • Biotechnologia is a highly developed technological project whose goal is to invent new active substances that are capable of treating lifestyle disease which includes cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. Biotechnologia products are TGS Pharmaceutical products that are used for the treatment of civilization diseases.
  • This project is focused on the technology of plant cultivation as well as the production of healthy food. The AIM FOOD project is aimed at creating a new quality of food by combining the old or traditional methods of cultivation with biochemical technology and efficient modern chemicals, which are safe for the environment as well as humans and animals.
  • It brings a comprehensive response to health problems that are currently affecting people in the 21st century. Its objective is to assist people affected by chronic and lifestyle diseases and to share knowledge about health prevention as well as raise awareness about proper nutrition, supplement, and exercise. This will enable those who put trust in G4G to enjoy good health for many years.

The G4G Coin or token is the first technological utility token in the world. It is a coin that is designed to support and improve innovative technologies which are implemented by COINNTECH. G4G Coin is built on a polygon blockchain and has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 G4G in circulation. This coin provides users with the opportunity to access training materials that will improve their health and lifestyle. Its sale will enable the development, and provision of innovative projects, alongside technologies to humanity.

G4G is a top-notch project that is aimed at helping in the commercialization of inventions including ideas that are good for humanity by utilizing digital assets and solidary cooperation of the worldwide community. This project is carried out by COINNTECH which is a powerful platform that is built on a solid foundation. The purpose of creating G4G is to utilize blockchain technology known as a disruptive technology for the practical implementation of works of the human mind.

Furthermore, the G4G goal is to acquire innovative projects from all social life, which has no opportunity to emerge in this world which is well dominated by large corporations. The G4G utility tokens will help to obtain funds from COINNTECH which will be used in the further development and commercialization of these innovative projects and new technologies with high utility and economic importance.

The G4G project is highly secure and innovative. It has a great potential to make the world a better place to live by enhancing the global health sector. Health is wealth, therefore everyone needs to embrace this opportunity to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.








Writer: Manson Ndubuisi

Bitcointalk Username: Mandez4real

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