The advancement in technology and the increasing use of the internet have led to an increase in the demand for data globally. Data is defined as the quantities, symbols as well as characters on which the operations of a system are carried out by a computer. Data can easily be collected and disseminated in the form of electrical signals, it can also be recorded on both mechanical and magnetic recording media, etc. Through the worldwide adoption of digital currency and blockchain technology several alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be more effective and profitable investment tools than central financial returns.

Digital currency is also known as cryptocurrency is a payment system that enables people to be able to make transactions fastly, without third parties, transparently, securely, and anonymously. The innovation of the digital currency market into our financial system has not only come to help control most of the problems that are affecting the financial system but also be backed up by extremely and trusted technological innovation, just like any other investment, crypto-assets comes with plenty of potential rewards, however, cryptocurrency is a great investment, especially if you wish to acquire straight display to the stipulation for digital currency.

Although innovative projects are consistently emerging in the crypto industry with high return investments and continuous, the introduction of a decentralized blockchain-based data processing system called GENIUS TOKEN, a powerful and reliable digital currency has come to provide cutting-edge solutions to all the challenges encountered when meeting up with the global data demands.


The GENIUS token is a new platform with innovative and fully advanced user experience features to streamline the blockchain system workflow for both existing crypto enthusiasts and newbies.

Thanks to the blockchain technology on which the GENIUS TOKEN is built on, as it is a blockchain system that analyzes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the machine learning data on end device users, where unused computation circle is employed on mobile devices, pcs, and Internet of Things devices. The concept of this amazing project is to provide an all-in-one platform that is functionable to the cryptocurrency space and the global world at large. The ecosystem will run like the mobile devices, pcs, and loT devices as the GENIUS TOKEN is powered by the GENIUS VENTURES Inc.

The GENIUS VENTURES Inc was created as a corporation that deals and invests in ideas through geniuses whose first venture is in the crypto space that launches an AI processing crypto token. The GENIUS VENTURE is focused on creating a manageable infrastructure side-chain that is secure, scalable and with high performance, the purpose for this is to motivate a new type of distributed management, that includes dominant players from computing big data, and cloud industries that take part.

The amazing thing about GENIUS VENTURE, it’s objective is to contribute to a future where blockchain, cryptocurrency is not just easier for crypto enthusiasts and newbie but to ensure the platform is more secure, decentralized as well as immutable for every user, as its aims to develop a system and techniques for the distribution of general-purpose computing that embraces digital currency payment mechanism.


  • WORK EVERYWHERE: This leverages modules and as well as other kinds of mechanisms that enable the code and SDK to work absolutely on every device as well as windows, osx, iOS, Linux, Android, windows mobile, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and loT devices.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The machine learning algorithms can be chosen by the customers, direct from a customer portal, and data can be uploaded to or customer secure server.
  • FAST: The GENIUS TOKEN utilizes or employs a fast and quick internal Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based blockchain that performs fast and confirmative transactions in microseconds.
  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE: The GENIUS token is always available as there is a stand-alone application inserted system with the SDK integrated, it can run the processing.
  • ORGANIC: The GENIUS TOKEN through this feature states that user acquisition or purchase costs are nearly zero, and users are being paid to process data, attracting them to utilize your game or app often.
  • MOBILE FIRST: Through the GENIUS TOKEN the SDK development is selected first for mobile devices and also utilizes the computing devices on any system


TRANSACTION: Every customer requests the processing of data for Artificial Intelligence and pays into an account that transforms the currency into GENIUS TOKENS which is made attainable through a distributed web interface and payment, after which the customer can upload data to be processed.

DATA TRANSFER: The data that needs to be processed has been uploaded to an encrypted area in the distributed file system, as the deal for the transaction is made, the storage costs are charged against the deposit.

A.I PROCESSING: When making use of a distributed networking system, just like what peer-to-peer games use, every transaction made by a user is transmitted to partakers who have games or apps installed, are the ones who can process the AI data.

VALIDATE AND ADD: After the process, all transactions report results back to a fast blockchain that aggregates the outcome data and also verifies that nodes are not cheating the system.

COMPLETE: At this point, after the data has been accomplished, a transaction will be sent to the major blockchain that has been completed, where the blockchain takes the payment in GENIUS TOKEN out of escrow, where it will be ready to be given out to the user nodes that processed the data.

PAYMENT: After the process has been accomplished, the blockchain contract the GENIUS TOKENS, 70% will be given out to every user nodes wallets, also the app or game publishers will receive 20% while 10% will be received by GENIUS VENTURES, where every user can change the token to regular currency.


Token Name: Genius Token

Token Symbol: GNUS

Blockchain Type: Ethereum

Contract Address:



The GENIUS TOKEN is also known as GNUS, which is a hybrid token system that is backed on the robust Ethereum blockchain network. It is a great digital currency that is supported in the software system with a transparent, easy, and very simple to access, as it is using a proprietary internal blockchain for quick processing.


The team is made up of blockchain specialists and these professionals have a well-built understanding of the field of professionalism, and the core team integrates a passion for esports, industry expertise, and has also shown records in finance, marketing, developing, and licensing.


GENIUS TOKEN is a unique and secure platform that has come to provide suitable solutions by making online instruments and services available for every user in any part of the globe. With the sole aim of making things easier, as it is user-friendly and cost-effective, this present century has been filled with creativity, innovations, ideas, and digital wisdom.

GENIUS TOKEN aimed to actively take part in the development of an innovative blockchain project that ensures every user with a maximum value for a decentralized system. The introduction of GENIUS TOKEN is of great satisfaction as it not only improves the software system but also includes a cryptocurrency payment mechanism which is using the most advanced technologies in the field of blockchain.










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