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The global financial economy is now moving towards a more digital ecosystem and cryptocurrency which is regarded as the future of money has become the most promising addition to the digitalizing payment system. Apart from being a decentralized digital currency, cryptocurrency utilizes a method known as cryptography to ensure its security, thereby making it practically impossible to counterfeit. Cryptocurrency can be used as a medium of exchange just like fiat currencies and also for exchanging digital information

With Cryptocurrency anyone can send and receive money from any part of the world without delay and transaction fees are cheaper when compared to bank charges. The most interesting part of the Cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by the central bank or any government, which means that anyone can have access to it without any restriction from any central authority.

Though cryptocurrency is supported by blockchain technology which makes its transactions faster, transparent, and secure. But the rapid rise and growth of the Cryptocurrency market have led to an increased number of scams and in recent months it has been observed that this Cryptocurrency scam has taken a quantum leap which has become a setback to the growth of this industry and its mass adoption. But the good news is that HODLERS NETWORK has come to put an end to this challenge.


HODLERS NETWORK is a renowned blockchain-based platform that is built to provide solutions to Cryptocurrency scam issues. As a secure platform that can not be hacked, HODLERS NETWORK in its mission to eradicate Cryptocurrency scams will verify its users with the sole aim of helping them to avoid any form of deception from scammers. HODLERS NETWORK is the first platform/project that will be reviewed and audited by the trust review platform community.

The rate of Cryptocurrency scams is becoming so alarming and scammers keep developing new strategies to extort money from people every day. If the mass adoption of Cryptocurrency which every crypto enthusiast is craving for must be achieved then this issue of scam needs to be eliminated, and HODLERS NETWORK is the first platform that provides solutions to these scam problems. By creating an excellent trust review website, HODLERS NETWORK now makes it possible for Cryptocurrency holders to review both their old and new assets or coins.

This trust review website will be very vital in promoting confidence and trustworthiness to regular crypto holders as well as new crypto users. Furthermore, it will be used to filter scams and to help HODLERS NETWORK users to avoid being defrauded or deceived by any scammer. Apart from being one step ahead of the well-known general audits, the trust review will also enable the Cryptocurrency community to share and communicate their market experiences and at the same time give feedback to sectors of cryptocurrency business (support, business model website, coin supply, etc).

The Cryptocurrency community of experts or professionals will look into these shared experiences and feedback, and judge them to enhance the quality of the Cryptocurrency business by making it better, which will go a long way to make Cryptocurrency business a mainstay and to bring this powerful digital currency into the mainstream.


The role of social media in promoting Cryptocurrency and its mass adoption is inarguable. Social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, etc have been key in helping cryptocurrency gain popularity since it was introduced. To maintain this trend, HODLERS NETWORK is determined to bring a world-class social network to the global world. This efficient and reliable social network offers lots of options specifically for the crypto community.

HODLERS Social Network will bring crypto enthusiasts globally into a single platform where they will get in touch with crypto influencers, traders, groups, etc with a wealth of experience on the crypto market. Additionally, on this powerful social network, users will be able to share their ideas, portfolios, news updates, and every other useful thing about Cryptocurrencies. HOLDLERS Social Network will provide users with a great opportunity to create, join coin groups, and follow their favorite crypto influencers, investors as well as their favorite coins.

Sincerely speaking, HODLERS NETWORK deserves to be applauded for being the first platform to create a blockchain-based Social Network that will be based on wallet IDs, which will be used in verifying and identifying real and fake (scammers) crypto users. This will not only help avoid Cryptocurrency scams but will also ensure that decentralized finance remains a secure and trustworthy ecosystem to invest in.


  • WALLET VERIFIED: As a secured platform HODLER NETWORK is interested in the safety of its Network services, and to achieve this, the users' wallets are verified to make the network safer for everyone.
  • PROTECTION AGAINST HACKING: Been powered by blockchain technology makes HODLERS NETWORK resistant to hacking or any other external attack. HODLER NETWORK is a clean and safe place to be, users need not be afraid of sharing their information because, with HODLERS, user’s data and privacy are well protected.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Unlike other platforms, HODLERS NETWORK utilizes a public Know Your Customer (KYC) system for the verification of its users. This system is cost-effective and will reduce verification costs thereby enabling many users to be constantly verified during the year.
  • REWARDING: As an innovative platform, HODLERS NETWORK is one of the best rewarding platforms. Users are rewarded daily with the platform’s token for sharing or voting, verified users are also rewarded when they help in verifying new users.
  • REAL-TIME DATABASE: To ensure there is no bad or fake crypto user, the user’s profile will contain important details such as name, wallet ID, email address, and social media, etc. And by indexing each profile to a search engine, one can get the information of others when they search their wallet IDs.


HODLERS NETWORK Token is known as HDLN, it is a BEP-20 compatible token that is built on the BSC blockchain network. As a reliable token, HDLN is compatible with third-party services like listings, exchanges, wallets, etc, and will also provide convenient integration which is amazing and will be utilized for trading and payment on the HODLERS NETWORK.


This is how the HDLN Token with a limited supply of 100,000,000 HDLN will be distributed.

  • 18% will be blocked for 2 years and will not be used within this period.
  • 30% will be used for private sales
  • 5% will be committed to the network’s improvement and security.
  • While 15% will be reserved and will be utilized for burning, etc.


The services provided by this incredible platform are amazing and unique. For NFT lovers, you are not left alone in this great innovation because HODLERS NETWORK will provide a marketplace for NFTs which is popularly known as Non-Fungible Tokens. It is imperative to understand that NFTs that are attached to files can easily be traced on the underlying blockchain for the HODLERS NETWORK.

For blockchain-based startups, companies, etc, the HODLERS NETWORK will enable them to create coin pages and at the same time share important news, announcements, adverts, etc to their target audience. Above all, apart from enabling these companies to have a verified and professional profiles of their team members which will bring more trust in the company, it will also allow them to showcase their products to the HODLERS NETWORKcommunty.

There is no better time to make the Cryptocurrency industry better than now, and this can only be achieved if crypto enthusiasts, investors, and the world at large will join hands with HODLERS NETWORK to say no to Cryptocurrency scam.








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