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The cryptocurrency which is described as a digital currency that is built on blockchain technology is believed to be the future of money. This digital form of money makes use of encryption in authenticating and protecting transactions. Cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange does not depend on any central entity or authority to maintain and control it, thereby allowing users to have complete access and control that will enable them to send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

Unlike the conventional currency, transactions with cryptocurrency are highly secured. This is true because the individual coin ownership records are always stored on a blockchain (digital ledger) which is immutable through the use of powerful cryptography that is used in securing the transaction records, controlling the creation of extra coins, and also verifying the transfer of coin ownership. In terms of the value of cryptocurrencies, it is important to note that primarily, cryptocurrency is driven by the currency supply and its market demand just like other currencies.

The value of cryptocurrency is not affected by monetary policy as well as inflation and other economic growth since it is not backed by any government or central bank. Although there are thousands of cryptocurrencies or digital currency in the market today that can be used to make payments for goods and services none of these digital assets can be compared to the IK COIN, which is a unique, reliable, and innovative digital asset.


IK COIN is one of the leading crypto-assets in the world, and it is powered by the Binance Smart Chain network. It is a digital asset that is designed to provide users with a payment method that is safe, fast, and cheap by utilizing exclusive blockchain features. The IK COIN mission is to promote and guarantee the safety of every payment that will be made inside the group’s various systems as well as financial transactions.

Transactions with IK COIN are safe and super fast because of the BSC's high level of security and high throughput. Every transaction is registered on the blockchain which can not be altered and does not involve any personal information about the users to ensure that IK COIN users (business owners, customers, investors, etc) are protected from any form of fraud, identity theft, or data tampering. Since transactions are registered on the blockchain, it will allow the users to verify the offer information of their IK currency, the information is updated with every new transaction.

Through the help of an encryption algorithm, it is practically impossible for the IKC protocol to be controlled or manipulated. This is why the IK COIN platform remains the most transparent and highly secured platform for crypto users. In a nutshell, the IK COIN is simply an innovative system that works for everyone. One more thing, investing in IK COIN provides investors with the constant growth of any capital they invest. It also provides them with a trustworthy system that will enable them to work independently as well as to work with people and at the same time with people to improve their quality of life.


Another thing that must be noted is that IK COIN is a part of its Finance which is owned by the IK Tech Solutions group. IK Tech is a renowned fintech company that specializes in providing smart solutions for cryptocurrency payment. Its objective is to enhance the cryptocurrency market by providing more security along with freedom. The IK COIN is an accessible system that is built for every crypto enthusiast. It is aimed at facilitating trading products and services via the use of cryptocurrencies.

IK Tech is already optimizing people's lives through its transformative and innovative technology which has the potential to change not only lives but also businesses and perspectives. IK Tech solutions include three areas: Logistics, Finance, and Trading. IK Logistics is referred to as an autonomous platform that is built with algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence). It can connect, manage, manage, create and operate all transport including other logistics needed in real-time in all parts of the world. IK Logistics provides IK COIN users with a platform that is known for its integrity and security.

IK Finance on the other hand works on several platforms that will not only facilitate the lives of the people but will also improve the use of this powerful asset (IK COIN) in everyday life. Such platforms include the IK COIN digital wallet, IK COIN Point Of Sale (POS) Mobile, and the IK API (Application Programming Interface). The mission of lK Finance is to invest in cryptocurrency tourism, in the Algarve region in particular to enable IK Coin users to have an excellent vacation experience with all the users that the IK COIN can offer.

IK COIN is focused on allowing users to buy goods and services with their digital assets, companies, businesses, and organizations can provide this digital asset as their form of payment. Although IK COIN has various integrated products, they have simple language and offer true transparency in transactions. As a versatile digital asset, IK COIN can be used for making daily payments as well as for paying bills and shopping with no fees and stress.


As a world-class digital asset IK COIN is beneficial to its users and the global world at large in the following ways:

  • With IK COIN, users can make seamless payments and transfers instantly, anywhere, anytime.
  • Users can pay for their daily purchases like hair cut, restaurants, etc with their IK COIN.
  • Buying Real Estate and making part of crypto tourism are all possible with IK COIN.
  • Business owners through this viable digital asset can easily reach their customers, also they will be to modernize their business with IK COIN.
  • Apart from allowing users to have full control of their money, IK COIN also helps users to increase their billing.


IK COIN just like every other cryptocurrency project has its token known as IKC. It is a BEP20 token that is built on the efficient and scalable Binance Smart Chain Network. The token has a limited supply of 1,509,000,000 IKC in circulation.


  • 40% will go to decentralized exchange (IK Swap).
  • 30% will go for development
  • 5% will be for operations.
  • 3% will go to the legal department
  • 2% will be used for marketing.


IK COIN possesses all the features that make cryptocurrency outstanding such as decentralization, security, transparency, anonymity, the potential for quick gain, etc. Companies, individuals can easily innovate their strategies by receiving their customers' payments with IK COIN. As a digital asset created to simplify business transactions users can easily go shopping and pay with IK COIN. With this cryptocurrency commercial transactions (physically and online) are more secured and safe.

Another interesting part of the IK COIN is the iK POS Mobile, which allows business owners to accept payments in digital assets like the IK COIN through their phones with the help of NFC technology. This will allow shop and business owners to offer cryptocurrency as a payment option to their customers or clients. And this will help to encourage a cashless society.

Investing in IK COIN which is created in a system that is built to be easy is the wisest decision anyone can make. Not only will IK COIN improve people's lives, but it will also give them the financial freedom they have been anticipating.








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