Fusotao is glad to announce to the general public that the Second Batch of its Testnet (Testnet 2.0) has just begun, and it is a kind of opportunity that no one can afford to miss. Its Testnet 1.0 recorded one of the most participated testnet in the history of cryptocurrency with over 19,000 participants, which shows how unique and popular the Fusotao Protocol has become. It is good to know that Fusotao has no competitor in this space because anything they are doing, they give it their best to ensure that it becomes the best.

Fusotao has proven beyond all reasonable doubt to be that blockchain project the world has been waiting for. The concept of this project is amazing, the mission and visions are very clear for the world to see. Fusotao is not just a blockchain project that is only based on the whitepaper, it is a project capable of achieving its short-term and long-term goals and that is why its community’s growth has been on fire since the beginning of this year. Fusotao has also recorded an interesting number of solid partnerships that will make it better and stronger within this period and is still looking forward to more partnerships that will add value to this project.

As a community-driven project, Fusotao pays more attention to its community members, because its members' financial well-being and happiness is their concern. A king without a subject will never function, the same thing applies to cryptocurrency projects and no project can function well without solid community members. This is why Fusotao is trying as much as possible to incentivize its community members by always looking out for the best way to reward them for their great support, and contribution.

Just like the Testnet 1.0, the current Testnet 2.0 provides the users with the best opportunity to earn Fusotao's powerful, viable, and valuable native token known as TAO free of charge before it goes to the market. There are many ways by which the users can earn TAO tokens through this Testnet event. There is a total of 100,000 TAO tokens to give out during this event, and users can easily earn or share from these tokens by participating in the trading contest, and through bug bounty campaign (where they will report any bug found in the testnet, as well as making possible suggestions on how it can be fixed).

Fusotao Protocol is a renowned and secured project designed to provide effective support for order book DEXs. The purpose of this is to help and enable project and DEX owners to build or develop their order book DEXs based on the Fusotao superb matching and verification protocol. So by participating in the Testnet 2.0, users will be able to familiarize themselves with the FXDX DEX (the first order book-based DEX to be backed by Fusotao Protocol) which will be launched soon. During this event, users will get to know more about how the protocol works, what makes it stand out among already existing protocols in the market, and the advantages of using any DEX that will be backed by the protocol in the future.

For those who have been asking why Fusotao is running another Testnet after the first batch with over 19,000 participants, well there are reasons for that. We all know that in the commercial world that before any product will be launched in the market it has to be tested endlessly to certify that it works correctly. This is not different from the crypto space, before new changes are implemented in the public blockchain of any cryptocurrency project, tests are carried out to ensure that everything works well.

Fusotao has upgraded its protocol based on the bug reports and suggestions they received from their users during the first batch of its testnet. Since they are always committed to providing users with great products and experience, they are still open to accepting suggestions from the users based on their experience with Testnet 2.0 to enable them to improve and give users the best.

Furthermore, we need to understand that a project as big as Fusotao must ensure efficiency, user-friendliness as well as a smooth run of its products. Therefore, Fusotao wants to make sure that everything is running smoothly and effectively before the launch of its Mainnet which is already around the corner.

The Testnet 2.0 is open to everyone, so hurry now and be part of this amazing event. For more details about this extraordinary project, please kindly visit the following links below...










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