Since the introduction of DeFi which was made possible as a result of the blockchain technology innovation, many people have seen decentralized finance (DeFi) in different ways. Some see it as a system of finance that is not controlled by any central authority, while others believe that it is the financial system that allows people to send and receive money instantly without the interference of any intermediary.

All these are true, but there is more to it. Decentralized finance gives everyone irrespective of their financial status equal access to financial services. To investors, it provides them with an incredible yield farming trading which enables them to borrow and at the same time lend their digital currencies or crypto-assets to others at a better rate than what is offered by traditional investment and banking.

DeFi which is built on the robust Ethereum blockchain presents the world with a platform where anyone can build a small conventional financial app in a completely decentralized way. Although its applications (dApps) offer several attractive financial services such as exchange, lending, and borrowing services as well as monetary banking services, etc. But there is a need to make these services more accessible to all, and that is what KRAGX has come to accomplish.


KRAGX is a unique DeFi project that is built to allow cryptocurrency users, traders, and investors to invest, exchange, lend and earn interest in an easy way. It is backed by the innovative Ethereum 2.0 smart contract to ensure a high level of security, hence eliminating the need for middlemen in its financial services.

Inclusiveness which is one of the outstanding features of DeFi makes it possible for anyone with an internet-enabled device from any part of the world to benefit from the powerful financial services which DeFi offers. KRAGX is determined to ensure that Defi continues to create a true borderless economy by increasing this inclusiveness and democratizing access to both digital and conventional investment assets.

The manual procedures used by many DeFi projects for investing in digital currency especially in collateralized loans as well as aggregates user demand across are cumbersome and time-consuming. But as a revolutionary DeFi project, KRAGX employs a powerful technology to automate these tiring procedures or processes with a hybrid wallet platform that is capable and approachable.

Although KRAGX is towards the sustainability of DeFi, and to bring it into the mainstream. One must not forget that KRAGX is an extraordinary platform that has the interest of investors at heart, rewarding them with its token to enable them to fulfill their financial goals. KRAGX is blockchain-based, which makes it transparent, secure, and completely decentralized.


It has become obvious that the current financial system is controlled by a central body because of its centralized nature. This makes investment less profitable, risky and uninteresting because investors end up losing control of their assets to the centralized bodies. Also, corruption is very easy in this system of finance, investment is expensive, and getting a loan is getting. All these hinder ordinary investors to enjoy the financial benefits of this system.

But with KRAGX DeFi, all these challenges have been addressed. Some of the KRAGX solutions include:

  • The use of smart contracts in conducting all transactions, will not only bring about transparency in investment but it will also allow investors to have control of their assets as well as their investments.
  • Tokenization of assets which is referred to as the process by which physical and non-physical assets are converted Into digital tokens makes investment processes easier and faster. It also eradicates any form of manipulation that may arise from the market.
  • Middlemen in finance make costs of transactions, and investment high. KRAGX by utilizing blockchain technology eliminates the involvement of these middlemen which in turn makes investments, transactions, verification, and loans to become cost-effective.
  • Another innovative solution of KRAGX is the open lending protocol which allows investors or users to earn great interest when people or other investors borrow from the digital assets which they have deposited. This kind of protocol is usually done on a public blockchain such as the Ethereum blockchain.


The role of blockchain technology in the global financial system has been impressive. Some of the problems of the current financial system are corruption, centralization, insecurity, etc. Blockchain has provided the world with solutions to these issues through its amazing features such as immutability, decentralized, enhanced security, and transparency, etc.

Blockchain through these features ensures that corruption and government control of funds are eliminated, and brings the much-needed security and transparency which have been lacking in traditional finance, thereby making investing in cryptocurrency more reliable, viable, lucrative, and profitable. KRAGX is integrating blockchain technology to make cryptocurrency investment worthwhile.

KRAGX offers a better investment opportunity than other existing platforms. It makes it pretty much possible for investors to lend, or borrow funds at a good rate than what others can offer. KRAGX uses a smart contract to guarantee the payment of interest from the borrower to the lender. Additionally, KRAGX through its staking allows investors to earn more money when they stake.


Cryptocurrency is highly known for its divisibility, transparency, and ability to resist inflation. As one of the fastest-growing industries, cryptocurrency has become the best digital asset to invest in. Since it allows anyone to send funds to others with ease and in a trustless way without depending on an intermediary it makes it perfect for investing.

Investing in KRAGX is one of the easiest and surest ways to earn more money (cryptocurrency). To invest in KRAGX simply means to own its tokens, and some of the ways to acquire or own these tokens are by buying them with other digital currencies and through staking which is described as a process of locking up funds or crypto assets to earn more cryptocurrencies as a reward or interest.

More importantly, investing in KRAGX comes with very attractive benefits and incentives. And as a blockchain-based Defi platform, investors' funds are not controlled by any central authority, that is to say, that KRAGX is completely decentralized which allows users and investors to have full control of their funds.

People must understand that investing in a secured, transparent and long-term project like KRAGX is the key to a successful investment. Not only that it guarantees users' safety and privacy but it also ensures that investors are handsomely rewarded. To be candid, KRAGX is built for all and offers several effective means for everyone to earn or acquire more cryptocurrencies.


KRAGX token known as KRX is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. With these tokens, the ders will have access to KRAGX staking, lending/borrowing, as well as the liquidity pool. As a powerful and viable token, KRX can be exchanged for BTC, ETH, USD, Pounds, etc.


  • It Is used within the decentralized finance ecosystem.
  • It makes transactions faster.
  • Used in making payment settlement quicker during liquidity, lending, and borrowing.
  • Utilizes the inflationary model to improve the staking incentive.


KRAGX aims at returning the power of finance to end-users to promote democratization together with financial inclusion. Unlike other DeFi platforms, KRAGX has proven to be the right choice for investors and crypto enthusiasts by empowering its users by giving them access to DeFi products, which are focused on successful investment and financial health.

Above all, the financial services provided by KRAGX are innovative. They are opened to all, and anyone from any part of the world can benefit from them so long as they have access to an internet-enabled device or phone. KRAGX is amazing with compelling offers for investors and users.











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