Decentralized finance which is popularly known as DeFi is a system of finance that is powered by blockchain technology to revolutionize financial transactions and replace the involvement of intermediaries with smart contracts. Defi eradicates the excessive fees charged by banks and other financial institutions for using their financial services. Apart from allowing users to be in control of their funds, DeFi can easily be accessed by anyone with internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, computers, etc. That is to say that it is built for both the banked and unbanked populations.

DeFi also enables financial services to operate in a borderless, completely open, and transparent digital form. It replaces many outdated protocols by offering improved clarity and more robust security. DeFi's ability to provide solutions to the problems that are affecting the existing financial system, make financial services accessible to all, as well as help worldwide users gain financial freedom makes it exceptional, and a better fit than the traditional financial system. With decentralized finance, many innovative, rewarding financial services and transactions are possible.

Creating an entirely new financial system that is fully independent of the centralized (traditional) financial system, which will allow people to send and receive money seamlessly from any part of the world at a very low cost is one of the aims of DeFi. The rise in decentralized finance has led to several DeFi projects and products, but when it comes to making this financial system more sustainable, and helping it fulfill its goals, only a few projects have that potential and one of them is LINKDAO.


LINKDAO is a powerful and unique DeFi Yield Optimizer that is created to allow crypto users to make or earn more cryptocurrency with their crypto assets. It enables its users to easily get a yield on their cryptocurrency capital in a highly secured and decentralized way. LINKDAO uses various investment strategies and a set of smart contracts to automatically maximize its user's rewards from several liquidity pools, automated market-making platforms, and many other yield farming opportunities available in the DeFi.

With the help of DeFi applications which are trustless and permissionless, anyone with a supported wallet and internet connection can access different kinds of financial services without the need for intermediaries. Decentralized finance is open-source, and LINKDAO is very much committed to this idea of radical transparency so that anyone can easily verify and see how everything works. LINKDAO being one of the greatest DeFi projects in the crypto space offers complex strategies that are reasonable and intuitive for investors through its amazing vault offerings which will help the investors to maximize their profits.

The LINKDAO's revenue which is usually generated from a small percentage of all the vault profits is distributed back to the platform's token (LKD) stakers. That means that staking the LINKDAO's native tokens will allow users to share the platform's revenue. As a solid Defi platform, LINKDAO is built on a deeply rooted crypto-mindset with a robust governance system that leaves the power of decision-making in the hands of the investors, through its governance mechanisms that are built around the LKD token.


LINKDAO is also a decentralized finance cross-chain liquidity enabler network, where crypto enthusiasts can earn compound interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. LINKDAO employs an evolved reward model which is aimed at rewarding the users with more crypto-assets as its economy increases in utility, growth, and adoption. With this model the communities will always be incentivized without huge inflation rates, LINKDAO also facilitates social rewards.

The Vaults are one of the major products of the LINKDAO network which will allow users to stake their crypto-assets. Every specific vault is tied with an investment strategy, the vault will increase users' deposited tokens amount automatically by compounding arbitrary yield farm reward tokens back into the user's initially deposited crypto-assets. Unlike other platforms, users can withdraw their funds whenever they want, which means that their tokens are not locked in any of the vaults on the LINKDAO network or platform.

As a platform that is built on the Binance Smart Chain, LINKDAO allows users to benefit from the inherent advantages offered by BSC networks such as high speed and low fees. The LINKDAO team of experts is also interested in adding more methods of optimizing automation to secure the largest yields available. Furthermore, LINKDAO provides a robust decentralization which makes it very difficult for single users to damage the economy even when the market is fragile, thereby enhancing decentralization and growth.


Here are some of the advantages that LINKDAO offers to the users that make it far better than other DeFi Yield Optimizers.

  • LINKDAO is flexible and it is designed in such a way that it can operate on more than one blockchain.
  • It offers unique and innovative strategies that existing yield optimizers do not have such as liquidity pool pairs which can only be found on the LINKDAO’s platform.
  • The platform’s generated revenue is largely distributed back to those who stake the LINKDAO’s native tokens (LKD), which means that with LKD tokens users will hold a dividend-eligible company share.
  • Apart from having professional smart contracts developers as well as financial advisors that carefully test, and review the platform’s vaults, investment strategies, smart contracts, and new platforms before they are released to the general public, LINKDAO also encourages developers to actively participate and engage to make the platform’s products better.
  • As a fully decentralized platform, LINKDAO believes that the more widely available the source code is for public testing, experimentation, and scrutiny the more quickly all kinds of bugs to be discovered and fixed


The LINKDAO native governance token is known as LKD. It is a BEP-20 token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain and has a total supply of 10,000,000. The LKD token is the reward token and divided-eligible revenue shares in the LINKDAO network. This governance token (LKD) enables the token holders to earn attractive profits generated by the platform, it also gives holders the right to vote on important decision-making of the platform.


Although LINKDAO is a simplified yield optimizer, it has an amazing high sustainable annual percentage rate (APR) rewarded to the LKD tokens and other digital assets' holders on the LINKDAO rewarding staking platform. Staking and farming with LINKDAO is easy, safe, and rewarding. All that is required is to connect your wallet through different extensions that are available, then choose the Vault you desire to stake with. It is important to note that every Vault has a different Return on investment (ROI) and a different duration of time.

LINKDAO is a great DeFi platform that will help investors and crypto users maximize their yields and earn more rewards. Its revenue-sharing mechanics are interesting, and users can earn more LKD tokens in the LKD Vault, they can also earn ETH BNB, MATIC, CELO, FTM, AVAX, etc by simply staking the LKD tokens. LINKDAO has the potential to speed up the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and to make investing in DeFi more profitable.









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