Cryptocurrency, as the name implies, is a digital currency or asset that is based on a powerful network that is distributed over a wide number of systems (computers). Cryptocurrency is difficult to be counterfeited not only because it is secured by cryptography but also uses cutting-edge technology like blockchain as its component and as such it is not controlled by any central authority.

One of the reasons for introducing a cryptocurrency to the global world is to enable the easy transfer of funds between two people or parties at any given time no matter their locations. That is to say that digital currencies make cross-border payment easier and more reliable. Its transaction fees are much lesser than the exorbitant fee charges from banks, and its transaction does not require any intermediary because it utilizes a decentralized system.

Without mincing words, cryptocurrency has become the future of money due to its functionality and usability. But despite all these, many existing digital assets have been heavily criticized due to their high volatility in nature, thereby leading to the question of whether cryptocurrencies can be used or serve as a store of value in which money and other valuable commodities like gold are known for. There is no need to panic, for there is good news to all crypto enthusiasts and that is the LUNALAND.


LUNALAND is a distinctive and viable cryptocurrency that is based on a peer-to-peer network, and most importantly, it is a store of value because of its great potential and high resistance against inflation and hyperinflation. Just like digital gold and any other assets that can be used as a store of value, LUNALAND is focused on offering a shield and immunity against any form of inflation as well as the endless printing of money. The fact that LUNALAND supply potential is not limited makes it the opposite of fiat currencies.

It is essential to know that a store of value is an asset as well as a commodity that can retain its value without it being diminished over some time. Such assets must as well be able to be used for the transferring of purchasing power in time to come. LUNALAND possesses all that is needed as a store of value. And with its finite supply together with it being a hyper-deflationary supply coin that will continue to burn till a limited supply of 400,000,000 LLN is attained, it has proved to be not just a better store of value but also a reliable digital currency than the current cryptocurrencies.

It is inarguable that many tokens owned by centralized platforms or projects have failed to fulfill their promises to their users because of their high level of risks which include market risk, execution risk, as well as team risk, etc all these have hindered these platforms from producing real value which has led to the depreciation of the prices of these tokens. LUNALAND as a unique platform has conquered these challenges by ensuring that it is not tied to any centralized platform to avoid such platforms impacting the price of the coin, thereby making a digital asset with a difference.


LUNALAND is reliable, secure, and trusted, as a peer-to-peer valuable asset its price can not be directly influenced by any platform, rather its success is built around user’s adoption and also on its amazing community. Another interesting aspect of the LUNALAND is that the team of professionals behind it is committed to building a real-world application that will strongly support the value of the coin. Furthermore, its capacity and revolutionary approach have made it a leading digital currency in today’s market.

It is no longer news that infinite money printing and its lack of rewards have caused the world more harm than good and this is what LUNALAND has come to address by creating a peer-to-peer digital asset that is renowned for its store of value. LUNALAND is determined to be on top and remains among the top 10 leading cryptocurrencies in the world and this is very much achievable because it has all it takes to be the best not just as a cryptocurrency or a store of value but as a medium of exchange.

Investing in LUNALAND is very much recommendable because it offers much more than an ordinary cryptocurrency, and with LUNALAND users will be having a great and futuristic asset at their disposal. As a medium of exchange, the asset allows users to send and receive money online instantly and with ease. Its supply is limited because of its lack of mint function, LUNALAND transaction fee is very minimal when compared to other cryptocurrencies, and it makes use of blockchain technology to ensure the security and transparency of its transactions as well as the safety of the users.


Various features make LUNALAND a stand out project, they include:

  • SUPPLY GOAL: LUNALAND is targeted at reaching a limited supply of 400,000,000 coins. it is good to recall that it takes 400,000,000 meters to reach the moon from the earth, that is to say, that LUNALAND is designed to fly to the moon.
  • MANUAL TOKENS BURN: LUNALAND is expected to be burnt regularly until the initial supply of 1,000,000,000,000 is drastically reduced by 99.9% to enable a supply of 400,000,000 coins to be reached.
  • HYPER-DEFLATION: As a hyper-deflationary coin, the rise in the price of the LUNALAND is guaranteed.
  • HIGHLY REWARDING: Unlike other coins or cryptocurrencies, LUNALAND rewards holders massively. Apart from encouraging both trading and liquidity, its controlled burns do not put users at any unfair disadvantage through tax.
  • LOW ENTRY PRICE: LUNALAND supply of 1,000,000,000,000 coins is aimed at providing a very low entry price and at the same time reward coin holders with limitless upside potential.


LUNALAND Token (LLN) is a BEP-20 compatible token that is built on the scalable Binance Smart Chain Network. LLN is a hyper-deflationary coin with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000,000 LLN which is expected to be reduced to 400,000,000 LLN through a burn function.


BURNING CYCLE: LUNALAND ensures that at least a weekly burn cycle will be executed to allow a large number of the coins to be burnt till the target supply is actualized.

BURN RANGE: The more the LLN holders the more the coins will be burned. The amount of the coins to be burned is selected at random, and this will be chosen from an increasing extent or range which will grow by 10x as the number of holders increases.

BURN AND EARN: The burn and earn strategy will allow 90% of the coins to be burned while the remaining 10% will be distributed to the token holders.

COMMUNICATION: To ensure that users and holders stay updated with the token burn processes, the community will be notified of every burn before invoking the burn function. And there will be a burn countdown timer on the LUNALAND website to enable the entire community to know when the burn will happen.


LUNALAND is the cryptocurrency of the moment, apart from providing the world with a peer-to-peer digital currency it also serves as a store of value which makes it unique and superior over the existing digital currencies. There is no tax on trading with LUNALAND, this is to promote trading and liquidity.

LUNALAND has a lot of offers to users, traders and investors not only is it a leading digital asset in the crypto space as a result of its adoption, usability and value, it is also destined to reward to be the best rewarding asset for holders and early adopters. Having a finite and deflationary supply makes it easy to put a price floor on this great coin. What's more, it is high time we joined hands with LUNALAND to innovate the cryptocurrency industry and bring the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.



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