The introduction of cryptocurrency which is powered by blockchain technology has brought various innovations in the global financial industry and other industries. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which transactions are always verified and records maintained by a reliable decentralized system that uses cryptography. Cryptocurrency is not controlled by any central bank or authority, and since it is secured by cryptography, it makes it nearly and practically impossible to counterfeit or double-spend, which is why it is gaining lots of traction as the future of money.

The increase in popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has given rise to Meme coins or tokens. In a nutshell, Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that are inspired by memes and jokes on social media and the Internet. One of the important aspects of meme coins is that they are mainly driven by the community, also they tend to be highly volatile and this makes it possible for them to gain popularity overnight because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), as well as online-community endorsements. Investing in meme coins has been a blessing to many crypto investors, and It is worth noting that the meme coin market experienced exponential growth in 2021.

It will be fair enough to say that 2021 was the year of "dogs" for crypto as we saw dog-themed meme coins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc excel and skyrocketed both in their prices and market capitalization. But now is the time for cat-themed meme coins to rule the cryptocurrency space, because cats are more loved by humans and they are a better pet than dogs. LUSCUSCAT is one of the leading cat-themed meme coins in cryptocurrency history that has all the potential needed to take over meme coins leadership from dogs and give it back to cats.


LUSCUSCAT is an innovative meme token that is created based on "Cat style" unlike other meme tokens such as DOGE and SHIB. It provides its users with a unique ecosystem that is powered by the Binance Smart Chain Network, making it one of the most scalable, transparent, and secured meme coins platforms. LUSCUSCAT as an incredible meme token provides its users with the best protection ever, and its innovative approach, as well as funny publications on many social networks, makes it more attractive.

The reason for choosing the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Network is to help users overcome the high commissions in the Ethereum network which has hindered the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. LUSCUSCAT through BSC Network makes it easy, instant, and faster for users to carry out their transactions activities. Furthermore, the transaction fees are very low and do not exceed $1 no matter the quantity of LUSCUSCAT tokens users are transferring, making it the best when compared to other meme coins. Dogs no longer rule the internet but Cats do, LUSCUSCAT is a true meme coin for every real meme enthusiast.

LUSCUSCAT’s mission is to revolutionize the entire cryptocurrency through its powerful, and unique meme token, and to defeat the current meme tokens in the market such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Dogelon Mars, Akita Inu, etc. And this is why LUSCUSCAT is known not only as a top-notch meme token but also as a killer of other meme coins. It is very important to know that, LUSCUSCAT as a blockchain-based platform, has come to prove to the world beyond every reasonable doubt that not only dogs can rule the memes, which is great news for real memes fans.


Investing in LUSCUSCAT remains the best option for meme coins and crypto investors. It is very rewarding and will enable investors to earn higher passive income in the form of LUSCUSCAT token (LUSC), and this will help them to achieve their financial goals which are to maximize profits. Users who hold the LUSCUSCAT’s meme tokens will be able to increase their investments through this passive income. And the more tokens they hold as long as they can, the higher the passive income they will receive.

Additionally, every transaction on the LUSCUSCAT platform is charged with 10% fee of the transaction amount in which part of the money will be used to support the project development and the token’s deflationary scenario or mechanism, 5% from the few will be automatically distributed to the LUSCUSCAT token holders while 1% will be used for Auto BuyBack-and-Burn which will not only lead to a reduction of the token’s total supply but will also bring a stable growth of the token’s value.

Another reason why investors should pay close attention to the LUSCUSCAT token is that it is a new gem that can bring a coveted X1000 to its early investors. LUSCUSCAT has proven to be a long-term project and not a Pump and Dump project, and that is why 45% of the token's total supply has been locked (frozen). The project provides inarguably the most profitable solution that crypto users can get.


The LUSCUSCAT token which is popularly known as LUSC is a viable decentralized meme BEP-20 token. It has a total supply of 130,608,731,064,743 LUSC, and a community-centered ecosystem on the scalable and ever-efficient Binance Smart Chain.


There are so many things that make the LUSC token outstanding, they include:

  • 45% OF THE TOTAL SUPPLY IS LOCKED: This is to show that LUSCUSCAT is not a rug pull project, rather it is here to stay for the long-term.
  • HOLDERS REWARD: As one of the most rewarding platforms for holders, LUSCUSCAT takes a 5% commission from every transaction, this will be shared and distributed automatically among token holders.
  • AUTOMATIC LP: Everything about LUSCUSCAT is well simplified. 2% from every transaction will be automatically sent to the liquidity pool, to ensure that the pool is always filled.
  • BURNING RATE OF 1%: LUSCUSCAT platform utilizes an automatic burning mechanism, and the automatic burning of the LUSC token is set at 1% from every transaction, this is to ensure the rise in the price of the token on every purchase.


LUSCUSCAT has a community, and its dedicated team of blockchain and crypto experts as well as their revolutionary ways of development makes its success a reality. And with this great platform, the constant growth of the native token is guaranteed. LUSCUSCAT will continue to expand the audience, release new products, and new users, and increase trust. All these and many more will lead to an increase in demand for the LUSC tokens.

Generally, although meme coins cost only a few cents or even a fraction of a cent as the case may be, the low price means nothing because they usually have a huge supply and that is why many investors find them attractive. LUSCUSCAT is the real hero of the internet, it controls memes as well as the universe, and its platform is highly protected and innovative. Are you among those who are already tired of dog tokens? Now is the right time to become part of the LUSCUSCAT project.


- Website Development
- Creating social media accounts
- Start our best people Community
December 2021

- PR & Seeding
- PancakeSwap Listing
February 2022

- 4,000 Telegram Members
- The shilling events
April 2022

- Coingecko Listing
- Coinmarketcap Listing
- Influencer Partnerships and Promos
June 2022

- Listing On:
Lbank, Hotbit,, Bitmart
- Etherium Bridge
- Around 5,000 Holders
August 2022

- 30,000 Holders
- Focus on global expansion
- To the Moon!
October 2022

- Smart Contract Audit
- Huge marketing campaign
- Presale (For Liquidity)
March 2022

- Massive Marketing Implementation
- Starting Bounty campaign
May 2022

- 100 Holders
- 10,000 Telegram Members
July 2022

- Exchange listings:
BitMart, Whitebait &TBA
- E1,000 Holders
- Trust Wallet Icon and Price
September 2022



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