The gaming industry is undoubtedly one of the largest industries in the world, and through the introduction of blockchain technology gaming gamers can now enjoy innovative games that will allow them to earn digital assets as a reward. Blockchain games can be used in securing the data in existing processes, it empowers gamers and at the same time enhances their experience. Blockchains' disruptive ability makes it possible to create a fully decentralized gaming system where no company or entity can control the gaming system.

Blockchain games are created to disperse in-game assets to their players. The value of these in-game assets is beyond the games. Players can purchase in-game assets with cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the in-game assets can also be changed for digital currencies and real-life money. Blockchain games also offer exciting and breathtaking features such as the play-to-earn that enables players to maximize profit while having fun. The integration of blockchain technology in gaming is already transforming how games are being created, managed, and played.

There are lots of benefits that blockchain-based games offer to users such as ownership of in-game items, cross-game communication as well as provably fair gameplay, all these and many more make these games more interesting than the traditional games. It also provides an added advantage to developers in terms of emerging markets, low cost, a new genre, player-based enhancement, etc. To help gamers enjoy the great gaming experience that blockchain offers, MEDIC DOGE which is one of the most reliable gaming platforms is providing gamers with amazing games that are powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


MEDIC DOGE is an absorbing adventure video game (AVG) that is built on blockchain technology. It combines innovative technologies such as blockchain, metaverse including GameFi, decentralized finance, and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The MEDIC DOGE is the first and only cryptocurrency charity virtual world game, it is aimed at disrupting and innovating the entire gaming industry and market through its great potential and features, which is why it has become one of the leading blockchain gaming platforms in the world today.

One of the attributes of MEDIC DOGE is that it makes a complete replica of Defi, Metaverse, game ecosystem, etc through its blockchain network and token mechanism. As a result of its credibility and uniqueness, it can gather a large number of international blockchain talents from all over the world to take AVG games as a lucrative opportunity to drive industry change and at the same time build the number one meta cosmic chain infrastructure as well as games ecological application system in the world.

GameFi has proven to be a game-changer both in the Defi world and in blockchain games, MEDIC DOGE through GameFi will provide its users with entirely new gameplay in which the digital economy does not end even when the game is closed, thereby blurring the line between internal resources and real-world assets. As a classic gaming platform, MEDIC DOGE represents a paradigm shift in blockchain-based games that offers an opportunity to put time and ownership in the hands of the average player, and all the in-game items can be owned by the users.


Metaverse, which is a new trend of technology, is referred to as a network of 3D virtual worlds that is focused on social connection. This 3D world allows users to play, learn, socialize and collaborate just like in real-life and even far beyond what we can think of. Metaverse is also envisaged as a theoretical iteration of the internet as a single, extensive and immersive virtual world that is enabled by utilizing both virtual reality and augmentation reality headsets. MEDIC DOGE is also focused on expanding into the pivotal elements of the metaverse landing.

The MEDIC DOGE immersive metaverse interactive game experience is very unique. Based on the metamoverse, the MEDIC DOGE game will have 3 phases. The first phase is the interaction through the mouse, keyboard devices, and touch operation. The second phase is a car and smart home interaction via gesture interaction and voice interaction. The third phase which is the final phase has to do with whole-body tracking and whole-body sensing which makes the immersive interaction much better, all these help the MEDIC DOGE which is a universal game to change the world.

The economic system of the MEDIC DOGE game in the metaverse is very stable, it is very similar to the real world. Apart from guaranteeing the virtual rights and interests of the users, it is important to know that content in the MEDIC DOGE universe is interconnected and allows the virtual assets created by users in games to be circulated away from the shackles of the platform. In addition, the virtual identity of the MEDIC DOGE game in the metaverse has a strong sense of substitution which allows users to carry out their virtual activities in the metaverse with virtual identity.


Here are the amazing features of MEDIC DOGE that gamers and users will enjoy.

  • BLOCKCHAIN-BASED: MEDIC DOGE is powered by blockchain technology which means that it is decentralized, transparent, secured, and easy to play. It also integrates metaverse to ensure that users will have the best gaming experience ever.
  • PLAY-TO-EARN (P2E): This has become one of the innovative ways to generate revenue or earn rewards when playing crypto-based games. Earning while playing is one of the features of MEDIC DOGE, and this is why P2E is one of the cores of its game. By playing in the game upgrade, as well as fighting monsters gamers will not only enjoy the game pleasure but will also get tokens, NFT, in-game items, etc which they can trade in the blockchain market.
  • EARNING OF IN-GAME TOKENS: MEDIC DOGE has two tokens which are the in-game native tokens and game tokens, players can earn them by playing MEDIC DOGE games. These tokens are the governance tokens, they can be used to buy or sell in-game NFT items, and they can also be pledged. Players can earn these tokens during the game and they have every right to convert them into other tokens of their choice or to USDT enabling them to bring remote to the real world.
  • EARN IN-GAME NFT ASSETS: Players can earn NFT assets from MEDIC DOGE games, and the NFT assets include in-game items, tools, skills, and many more. They can acquire these assets including other purely decorative collectibles through this game, which they can sell to other players in need of them in the secondary market, thereby helping them to maximize profits.


Unlike other gaming platforms, MEDIC DOGE’s mission is to build the largest community-owned chain tourism ecosystem with its innovative business models, which include:

COMMUNITY ECONOMICS: The economic models of the majority of applications today are designed just for the short term being, which makes them unsustainable in the future. But MEDIC DOGE through rewriting the rules is building a unique and new type of chain travel economic platform that supports community ownership, participation as well as growth as its beginning and endpoint. It provides users with a new era of a community-driven economy.

OPEN AND OPERATIONAL: MEDIC DOGE is committed to ensuring that every platform in its commitment must be inclusive, autonomous, and interoperable. To achieve all these, MEDIC DOGE has weaved the functionality of cross-chain and cross-platform into the structure of its platform which goes a long way to remove any barrier to entry from the community members. This is to ensure that the MEDIC DODE platform will emerge as new protocols or tools, and standards that will continue to improve and serve its community.

PROGRESSIVE DECENTRALIZATION: One of the challenges of centralized platforms is that they inevitably create a virtual ceiling and always limit opportunities from others in the community due to their monopolistic behavior. MEDIC DOGE is aimed at being a fully decentralized platform that will be owned and controlled by the community members. This will enable players and investors to benefit from the community economy without the need to trust any centralized platform.

COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE: As a renowned platform, MEDIC DOGE is focused on creating a transparent and sensible governance framework that will ensure that no group of people or even an individual will control the platform or network. And all actions that will be in the best interest of the larger community will be massively rewarded.

PERSISTENT INNOVATION: Innovation in the DAO model is of paramount importance to MEDIC DOGE, this is why building a space for DAO full-scene value circulation has become among its top priorities. MEDIC DOGE will always be changing the industry positively and innovatively that will provide a better business model for developers, including new governance designs for players, as well as a real-asset-proven economy that will be beneficial and profitable for all.


MEDIC DOGE native token which is known as MEDOGE is a transferable representation of the attribute function specified in the MEDIC DOGE protocol. It is a BEP-20 utility token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000, and a circulating supply of 1,000,000,000,000. MEDOGE is an interoperable utility token and will be used as a medium of exchange between participants on the MEDIC DOGE platform.


The MEDIC DOGE game is very interesting and full of fun, and integrating metaverse makes it the best gaming platform in the blockchain space. Generally, in the metaverse, MEDIC DOGE games rely on customized virtual images and the unique characteristics of the image allow users to produce its unique sense and also the sense of substitution. Interestingly, its universe can easily provide rich online social scenarios which will make games+social to be more competitive.

It provides sophisticated players with a great opportunity to make money in the form of a reward for their high game participation. Not only does MEDIC DOGE enhance ownership of digital assets which the players can earn and trade as well, but it also provides players with an amazingly transparent and participatory game economy. With MEDIC DOGE, there is always a fair, just, and open game environment for players. This game environment is built with transparent data, and transparent rules, without any background manipulation of item drop rate or malicious induced consumption. MEDIC DOGE is simply the blockchain gaming platform the world has been waiting for.


Phase 1

  • Medical dog design and direction.
    Game design development program.
    Server setup, database and backend development.
    Website and game trailers
    Start a social network (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram) etc.
    Public presale.
    Exchange list.

Phase 2

  • Market
    Daily task sytem
    Character level system
    PC (windows and Mac) game editions
    Andriod, IOs game version

Phase 3

  • Social networking system
    VR game version
    Multivere Development API







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