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The word bitcoin has become a popular name in the world. Bitcoin which is usually represented by the symbol ₿ is referred to as a decentralized digital asset or virtual currency that has no single administrator or central bank, and can easily be sent or transferred from one user to another. Its transaction is based on peer-to-peer which is carried out on the bitcoin network, and this eliminates the need for intermediaries. In 2008, Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency to be invented and remains the leader of other digital currencies. Its transactions are usually verified by a network of nodes by using cryptography and each of the transactions is recorded in a distributed ledger technology (DLT) known as the blockchain.

It is imperative to understand that bitcoins are created as a reward for mining, and they can be exchanged or traded for other currencies, as well as products and services. Bitcoin token which is known as BTC serves as an intermediary and price reference when exchanging digital currencies. BTC turnover has always been at the forefront in terms of trading transactions among various digital assets. Apart from being the mother of all cryptocurrencies, BTC is also seen as the king of cryptocurrency because of its great potential and far-reaching influence on the crypto market.

There is one bitcoin reward token/platform which is currently making waves in the cryptocurrency market today and that is MEGABITCOIN. It focuses on the financial wellbeing of its investors thereby putting them first, and rewarding them massively like never before.


The MEGABITCOIN is a Bitcoin Reward Token that encompasses both utility and the future. It is the first-ever token to employ a system to give investors the highest profits possible in tokenomics. MEGABITCOIN is powered by the scalable Binance Smart Chain network, with a contract that is bulletproof and highly secured with proven tokenomics. As a platform that believes in honesty and transparency, MEGABITCOIN offers 11% bitcoin rewards to its holders on any transaction (buy or sell), thereby helping the holders to earn passive income.

MEGABITCOIN platform is committed to purchasing bitcoin miners to ensure there is the development of non-stop bitcoin, which will be added to the liquidity pool. Through this process, investors will get the best rewards, and as a reliable platform that offers the highest reward rates in the entire cryptocurrency industry including in staking and holding, investors will be rest assured that they will get nothing less than the best ROI (Return On Investments).

Additionally, the MEGABITCOIN as a revolutionary platform will use a small proportion of the liquidity pool to create unique cryptocurrency cards for its holders which will be used for their rewards. With the cards, holders will be able to check their balance and at the same time upload and increase their liquidity limits on the MEGABITCOIN website, and at a little interest rate and transaction cost. None token holders can as well apply for the card but the difference is that they will have to pay higher interest rates and higher transaction fees than the token holders.


Apart from being community-driven, MEGABITCOIN is completely decentralized and owned by the community rather than an individual or single entity. Its contract is issued by BSC and has been endorsed by Coin Scope and Pink Sale platforms, it is also publicly audited by a well-respected industry firm.

MEGABITCOIN being a world-class project is applying for a Financial Business Operation Permit from different countries both in the Americas and many parts of Africa to make sure that its BATM's can function well without being restrained.

It is important to note that MEGABITCOIN will be used in so many areas such as:

  • It will be applied to International trading, funding, clearance as well as investment to provide digital financial services.
  • It is also designed to function as a medium of payment within blockchain cross-border payment systems and at the same time rewards holders instantly with bitcoin.
  • It will also be used to satisfy diverse digital payment demands of economic behaviors within.


Everything about the MEGABITCOIN is amazing and innovative. And the following features even make it more fascinating and attractive.

SAFENESS: MEGABITCOIN is distributed through blockchain technology which guarantees the defenses of the token through the encrypted algorithm, as well as distributed ledger and consensus mechanism together with an automated reward of bitcoins that is pegged by Binance BTCB.

LIQUIDITY: One of the advantages of MEGABITCOIN is that it is easy to use and can be inter-convert with other digital assets like NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) credit and debit cards. It also operates alongside Miners through the use of solar power production.

TAMPER-ASSISTANCE: As a secured platform, transaction data information on MEGABITCOIN is designed in such a way that it will fully coincide with the transaction history.

TRACEABLE: MEGABITCOIN holds transparency in high esteem, as a result that detailed transaction records are made to be accessible through checking blockchain data on BnB blockchain explorer.

MANEUVERABILITY: With MEGABITCOIN, there is no need to burn additional tokens after the tokens have been launched. This feature satisfies the need to authorize macroeconomic control, and it can also enact both token issuances as well as recycling.


The MEGABITCOIN native token is known as MBC. It is a BEP20 token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain network, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion) MBC in circulation. A total of 11% transaction fee generated from every trade (5.5% buy and 5.5% sell%) is distributed back to the token holders.


MEGABITCOIN provides global crypto enthusiasts with an opportunity to earn BTC and MBC through this great project. It allows users to earn passive income by holding MBC. Payment of rewards is made with BTCB directly to holders' wallets, provided they have accumulated enough that will cover the gas fees.

Furthermore, a small percentage of the liquidity pool will be used for personal crypto loans which are great news for every cryptocurrency user. Anyone interested in the loan will be required to fill out a loan application form on the website, and wait for its approval. The rates and fees depend on the amount of loan requested and the crypto rating which the person has with the MEGABITCOIN project.

Investing in MEGABITCOIN will be the best and wider decision any investor will make, because, with MEGABITCOIN, there are Mega Rewards and Mega Return On Investment.








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