Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have been making waves since their introduction as financial tools. They have made a huge impact in the global financial industry as well as other industries that integrate them into their systems. They make the digital economy stronger and more reliable through their mind-blowing features which include enhanced security, immutable, decentralized, fast settlement of transactions, transparency, etc.

The digital economy, which is backed by the internet's financial system, is fast becoming one of the largest economies in history. All thanks to a powerful and disruptive technology known as blockchain technology, today we now have a decentralized ecosystem that is powered by cryptocurrency to make online businesses easier, more innovative, rewarding, and profitable. Life and businesses are meant to be easy and that is what the digital economy offers to the world.

One of the advantages of cryptocurrency is that it provides a gateway for people to earn passive income through genuine and innovative ways. Thereby providing a better way of making money than gambling and other economic vices which have affected the lives of many especially the young people of these days.PAYME is one of the reliable blockchain-based platforms that are capable of helping people to earn money through quizzing

PAYME is a respectable GameFi web application platform that is designed to boost and enhance the intellect of its community members through quizzing, which will also enable them to earn massive passive income in the process. PAYME, as a blockchain-based platform, believes that the inception of mobile or web quizzing applications can offer real hope as well as a great opportunity to those who are genuinely seeking income.

PAYME Trivia Quiz Console maintains or lives on the liquidity pool of the utility tokens that are found within the ecosystem. Its major focus is to fully engage every PAYME eligible Quizzer by testing their general knowledge in areas of interest such as academics, sports, and entertainment. Not only that this will help them learn and improve their intellect, but it will also serve as a source of passive income for them.

The PAYME Trivia Quiz Gaming or Console has two main game entries. They are, The Lone Play and Earn Quizzing and The Communal Quizzing Competition. These game entries are available for everyone no matter their location, and they are specially designed for those who are interested in play-to-earn quizzing using the Internet. Since the participation is based on users' willingness, hence there is a need to understand clearly all the terms and conditions of the Game.

To become a part of this innovative game, it is important to note that after registering or creating an account on the PAYME platform, users must credit or send at least $20 worth of the PAYME token which is non-refundable into their account's wallets, which will be used in activating their accounts to enable the users to get their PAYME identity.

: The ACE, known as Academic Enhancement Quiz offers a multi-choice quiz that is purely based on academics to the gamers. This game entry employs a play-to-earn quizzing system, which is designed to facilitate learning exercises as well as improve the intellect of the participants. In ACE, participants are allowed to show their intellectual knowledge of any subject of their choice, where they will be expected to answer 10 questions correctly from a multichoice question within 120 seconds. It allows quizzers to make 10 quiz attempts from all or any of the quiz niches daily, but at the end, only the attempt with the highest score will be recorded for the contest automatically.

Interested participants can enter and subscribe to the ACE every week. A direct fiat currency through bank transfer which is enabled by haystack or flutter wave gateways is only acceptable for indigenous Quizzers. As for foreigners, they are required to send #500 or $1 worth of PAYME to any of the admin’s bank accounts or crypto wallets, for their weekly subscription. Each of the overall intelligent Quizzers will be rewarded with $20 worth of the PAYME token every day, but it will be sent to them on the next quiz day. Another interesting thing about ACE is that each quarter of the year 3 most intelligent Quizzers will be drawn from the 90 days of consecutive cumulative results, and each of them will be given a Scholarship Award of $250 worth of PAYME tokens.

The Communal Smart Quiz (COS) is a weekly smartness-rewarding quiz contest that evolves other quiz niches in the PAYME Trivia Quiz Console except for the academic quiz. In this game entry, all the registered members of the PAYME community can participate in it. The Quizzers will be allowed to answer a set of 10 questions swiftly and correctly. The questions can be in soccer, movies, music, and athletics. Although the Quizzers have unlimited game entries to complete every week, only the best result from each Quizzer will be recorded.

Winners are determined by midnight every Sunday based on participants' speed and accuracy. And at the end of the contest, the first 220 ranked Quizzers will be rewarded with $5k worth of PAYME tokens based on the swiftness in their submission and accuracy of their answers. From the 220 winners, each of the first ranked 20 winners will get $50 worth of PAYME tokens, while the rest will get $20 worth of PAYME tokens each. The only acceptable way to enter the COS Quiz is through the Defi system, by purchasing the game pass with PAYME tokens.

We have witnessed different kinds of blockchain gaming in recent years but none of them are as educating and innovative as the PAYME Trivia Quiz Console. It is imperative to understand that PAYME Console has two functions. The first function is to provide users or community members with enlightenment, entertainment, and empowerment through a computer-based test Console. This will not only help users to be up to date with global affairs, but it will also improve their general intellect.

The PAYME Console also functions as a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which is designed to help victims of problem gambling to overcome the addiction of gambling, providing them with enlightenment through quizzing tests and rewarding them in the process, hence serving as a gateway for the users to earn passive income. It allows every participant or quizzer to participate in an interesting and educational game at any time and at the same time helps them to earn massively based on their outstanding intellectual performance in any of the competitions they engage in.

Investing and supporting this great platform will go a long way to make the world better by transforming lives, enhancing people's knowledge, and providing a way for people to earn passive income genuinely rather than being involved in problem gambling.

PAYME token is a fungible consumer token known as PayME. It is a BEP20 token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain network. It has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 PayME in circulation. The essence of creating this token is to provide solutions to the challenges encountered by local and foreign netizens in their quest to gain entry into the PAYME platform’s quiz game.

payME token is used to provide compatibility between all anti-gambling online platforms to create a unique ecosystem that will allow the community members to play safely and at the same time earn from the games offered by such platforms. In nutshell, the payment token serves as the liquidity asset that powers all the services of the platform.

  • It has a strong and respected partner in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • It is built on the Binance Smart Chain network and it certifies low latency as well as huge capacity.
  • The token is audited, and the owners are verified by CoinScope.
  • The payment token serves as the official digital game asset that will be used for game entries and for reward winnings in the PAYME play-to-earn quizzing platform that has a large community.

PAYME is aimed at providing the global world with a reliable independent and easy-accessible empowerment platform that utilizes a liquidity generation protocol ability. Unlike other gaming platforms, the PAYME platform offers an ethical earning opportunity to its users, by allowing them to participate in play-to-earn, and competitive quizzing games that are powered by DeFi (decentralized finance). Another interesting objective of this world-class gaming platform is to draw game stars' interests, by helping them to gradually build a healthy studying habit that will enable them to overcome and suppress the bad addiction to gambling.

PAYME originally was built on centralized finance (CeFi), but was later transferred to decentralized finance to allow global netizens to be part of this great innovation and to have unlimited access to the platform. The Console is accessible to all users through account to account transfer system as well as DeFi exchange system. As a renowned platform, PAYME is focused on developing a full blockchain support system in the future, the payment token will remain the mainnet coin, while there will also be a platform stable coin. The platform is highly secured, transparent, and rewarding.








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