Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is created to be used as a medium of exchange, it is highly secured by cryptography which makes it difficult to be counterfeited. The individual coin ownership records of cryptocurrency are stored in a decentralized ledger that exists as a computerized database. Transactions with cryptocurrency are usually based on a peer-to-peer system that enables users to send and receive payments from any part of the world in a permissionless way.

It is imperative to understand that cryptocurrency is built on blockchain technology which makes it transparent, and secure. Its market has become one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, which is why it has been gaining lots of traction lately. Cryptocurrency, as the future of money, is designed to make money accessible to all. Another interesting part of this powerful asset is that it is not issued by the central bank, hence it is not controlled by any central entity or authority.

Cryptocurrency investment has become a center of attraction to investors. Its innovative approach makes it ideal for investors and to crown it all, it is rewarding and more profitable than whatever financial institutions like banks can offer. Every crypto trader and investor aims to maximize profits, and to achieve this effectively they need a reliable and trustworthy platform that will provide them with the necessary tools needed to make their investments successful and SONAR is that perfect platform for investors and traders.


SONAR is the world’s leading cryptocurrency platform that is designed to enable users to manage, research, as well as to evaluate their cryptocurrency investments both now and in the future. SONAR platform is the most credible and safest place for investors and every other crypto enthusiast to analyze and track their crypto assets or investments which will not only help them to achieve their financial goals but also will enable them to stand tall above their counterparts.

SONAR as an exceptional cryptocurrency platform understands the importance of cryptocurrency analysis, tracking, and the vital roles they play in reducing risks during trading. SONAR platform is aimed at helping investors and traders avoid incurring losses in their investments as a result of risks associated with trading. This is achieved by providing them with complete and holistic crypto-analysis tools that will enable them to drastically reduce any form of trading risk, which will help them to maximize their profits.

Unlike other platforms, SONAR is an all-in-one platform and the future of crypto assets tracking and analysis. The fact that it is built for all (new and experienced crypto traders and investors) makes it more appealing. It is a blockchain-based platform that is built on the principle of trust, and transparency. Furthermore, the SONAR platform is secure and user-friendly, thereby making it an easy-to-use platform. Apart from being an incredible social impact engine, SONAR is focused on providing users and the global world at large with an economic environment that is safer and transparent.


The SONAR platform makes it easier for users to make effective trade decisions. It eliminates the need for researching and navigating through several websites and applications just to get reliable information or analysis of digital assets, which is not only time-consuming but also expensive. But with the SONAR platform users can analyze their investment quickly and efficiently in a cost-effective way, thereby making it the only platform that brings every cryptocurrency analytical tool into an intuitive experience.

More importantly, SONAR offers a dynamic, as well as a comprehensive cryptocurrency analytical ecosystem that will help users not only to simplify their crypto investments but also to accelerate them. SONAR platform is focused on providing a top-notch and leading platform for the constantly growing ecosystem of analytical tools, and making these tools available to all levels of cryptocurrency investors not minding the size of their portfolios and trading skills. SOLAR is what cryptocurrency investors need to make their dreams come true.

With the SONAR platform, better-informed decision-making that will help users and investors to realize their financial goals is guaranteed. In addition to providing analytical tools to users, SONAR will also help them to track live data which are pulled from blockchains, exchanges, social media networks, as well as auditors and price trackers. The SONAR platform will make cryptocurrency investment worthwhile and more profitable, and will also go a long way in accelerating the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.


SONAR platform provides investors and traders with various solid analytical and trading tools that will make them better. They include:

  • PRICE ANALYTICS: Through this tool, users will be able to get live price feeds for their assets. These feeds will come from both major centralized and decentralized exchanges. It also brings technical analysis charting tools and order book information for digital assets at the doorsteps of users.
  • SOCIAL ANALYTICS: It provides users artificial intelligence (AI) aggregation from reliable social media sources like Twitter and Reddit. It also makes it easier for SONAR platform users to identify projects that are promoted by trends and social influencers, the tool also enables them to convert qualitative market sentiment data to a more quantitative score, which is impressive.
  • CONTRACT VETTING AND AUDITS: This provides an audit certification checks with source as well as a score that is visible all of these are found on the SONAR platform. It provides standard contract security scores via risk detection such as locked liquidity, contract ownership, token mint functions, wallet holder balance, etc.
  • TRADING NOTIFICATION: Users will get notifications as prices of their favorite crypto assets keep changing. They will also be able to be notified of any DEX or CEX listing as well as up-to-date news about their assets and other related blockchain issues.
  • SONAR DEVELOPMENT WALLET LIVE TRACKING AND NOTIFICATION SYSTEM: The wallet is transparent, and every transaction done with the wallet can be viewed and tracked by investors through the SONAR website. It is secure and helps investors to know details about when allocated funds can be used towards the bothering of the SONAR platform roadmap.
  • EARLY INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM: This is one of the upcoming features of this powerful platform. SONAR brings together and also monitors all the aggregated metadata feeds into a single smart alert system which will allow users to get investment opportunities news early enough.


SONAR Token is known as PING, it is a renowned and viable BEP-20 utility token that is built on the scalable Binance Smart Chain Network. SONAR Token has a limited supply of 4,000,000,000 PING in circulation. To ensure that PING price remains stable as well as to provide and maintain transparency and traceability for investors, SONAR ensures that the marketing and innovation fund wallets are secured through a powerful multi-signature wallet technology.


The essence of creating the SONAR platform is to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the solution to the increasing rise of illegitimate crypto investment projects and the magnified scams that are found in the decentralized cryptocurrency investment world. Unlike other platforms, the SONAR platform is driven by transparency and traceability which makes it the best cryptocurrency platform designed for investment analysis, providing a high degree of risk management to its users by utilizing informed and world-class investing tools.

SONAR is built on state-of-the-art technology and it has the potential to adapt to innovations in the blockchain space both presently and in the future. Above all SONAR is intended to make it possible for users to easily trade their digital assets directly through the platform which has built-in Automated Market Maker functionality. As one of the largest ecosystems in the crypto space, SONAR brings the necessary tools to the doorsteps of the users, enabling traders to plan and make informed investment and trading decisions.












Writer: Mansonndubuisi

Bitcointalk Username: Mandez4real

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I am a crypto writer and a blockchain technology enthusiast. Here is my homepage link,

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Manson Ndubuisi

Manson Ndubuisi

I am a crypto writer and a blockchain technology enthusiast. Here is my homepage link,

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