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NFT, popularly known as the non-fungible token is gaining lots of traction lately due to its significance and importance. It is a special kind of token with identification code as well as distinctive metadata which makes it possible for one token to be differentiated from others easily. One of the things that makes NFTs unique apart from being cryptographic assets is that they are used to represent some valuable physical items like music, videos, digital artworks, as well as real estate on a blockchain platform.

It is imperative to understand that NFT (non-fungible token) differs from digital currencies such as Ethererum, Bitcoin, Tron, etc because these cryptocurrencies can be traded, but NFTs can not be exchanged or traded. Additionally, unlike non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies can be replicated because they are identical. NFT potential and importance can not be overemphasized, it plays a huge role in enhancing efficiency when trading tangible assets such as artworks, and they can easily be used in representing property rights and the identity of people especially celebrities.

The truth about NFT is that the facets of each of its tokens expand its possible use cases. Furthermore, with non-fungible tokens, users will be able to eradicate the need for intermediaries which will enable them to connect easily to their target audience through these tangible assets. NFT is very useful in terms of introducing new markets as well as simplifying transactions. Non-fungible tokens are here to stay and for this reason, the STARTFI platform has come to enable content creators to maximize their potential and achieve their financial goals.


STARTFI is a top-notch NFT platform that is designed to assist content creators to raise funds for their digital content, as well as engaging its entire community to share rewards and revenues. It provides an endless solution to the issue of raising funds for creators. Additionally, this great platform is focused on expanding the ownership of tangible assets or digital things such as artworks, etc so that it will include e-sport teams, as well as sports events and sponsorship contracts for parties.

The STARTFI platform puts the wellbeing of its users at its topmost priority, especially that of content creators. It helps these creators to start their lives and live amazingly by selling their content. STARTFI aimed at simplifying the NFT fundraising and trading processes, to give content creators a perfect start in their lives. As an NFT platform that is powered by cutting-edge technology (blockchain technology), STARTFI is very transparent, highly secure, and has all that is required in this modern era to make its users and content creators stronger and better.

NFT has moved from being just mems and games collectibles to becoming everything digital in our lives. STARTFI has become the leader in the Non-fungible tokens fund-raising industry. The objective of this impeccable platform is to revolutionize the NFT fundraising process by leveraging the power of blockchain solutions to make the process easier and faster. STARTFI platform brings a simplified NFT fundraising process with fast funding & releasing mechanisms to the global world, this will allow cash flows to circulate and reach celebrities, creators as well as influencers.


NFTs popularity is on the rise, this is because apart from putting an end to paper and cross-boarding registration NFT has become inarguably the future of both digital content copyright and ownership, and through the STARTFI network or platform, NFT creators will be able to mint Non-fungible tokens which will allow them to create digital assets that are distinctive and at the same time empower communities and share rewards.

Another interesting aspect of this platform is that it gives fans a sense of belonging, allowing them to support these creators with raising funds and upvote design. They (fans) also promote the artists and have the right to hold or participate in any fan get-together events and can as well engage in any other creative activities. STARTFI platform, as a reputable rewarding platform, ensures that these fans will not only be handsomely rewarded but they will also receive exclusive digital assets for their support and contributions.

As one of the world’s largest and leading NFT platforms, STARTFI through its great potential brings good tidings to content creators and the world of NFT at large, providing support to the Non-fungible token ecosystem with INO known as Initial NFT Offering, monetization, or sales, cross-promotion as well as audience matching. What’s more, the STARTFI platform will also support the ecosystem with the digital right management, partner management, production, and rewards distributions, etc. making it an NFT platform with a difference.


Many amazing features make the STARTFI platform the best for users and content creators, they include:

  • DECENTRALIZED: Apart from being a fully decentralized platform, STARTFI also provides its users with an AMM and NFT decentralized exchange which is built on the Ethereum blockchain to enable users and content creators to sell their digital contents and assets.
  • INTEROPERABILITY: In this block chain era, Interoperability plays an important role in the efficiency of every system, it allows the interfaces of a system to work with other systems without restrictions. STARTFI is built to be compatible with different kinds of blockchains, its scalable ability makes it easy to integrate even future blockchains.
  • INO (INITIAL NFT OFFERING): STARTFI supports the entire NFT ecosystem by providing them with an Initial NFT Offering enabling the creators to raise funds through the selling of NFTs for their digital products.
  • PRIVATE AUCTIONS: With the help of the STARTFI platform, content creators, as well as influencers, can easily create private campaigns that have specific links but without any public listing to protect their privacy.
  • TRUSTED POOLS: Another thing about this wonderful platform is that it provides users with a trusted NFT listing with a KYC verification along with whitelist integration.
  • TRANSPARENT AND DECENTRALIZED GOVERNANCE: Since STARTFI is a completely decentralized platform, it ensures that the token holders are given the right to participate in several aspects of the project’s governance.


STARTFI token is popularly known as STFI, and it has a maximum supply of 100,000,000. It is a promising and viable token that is used as fuel for the platform. Holders of the STFI tokens are eligible to receive rewards which are generated from the distribution revenue pools, along with the NFTs transaction fees.

The platform fees together with every transaction will be made only by using the STFI tokens. Fans that are holders of this token will not only be able to vote for new proposals but they will also be able to add new features into the STARTFI platform and at the same time support content creators.


STARTFI now makes it possible for NFT creators to mint unique Non-fungible tokens for their digital assets such as digital artwork, albums, videos, music, etc. Apart from the powerful business model of this platform, STARTFI also offers incredible and advanced options which are Private Pools, cross-chain Swapping, Decentralized Autonomous Organization options, as well as Time locks, and Milestone Unlocks.

As an innovative and blockchain-based NFT platform, STARTFI’s goal is to empower and equip creators with the necessary tools required to generate, manage and fund their content creation efforts. It is a superb platform that has the capacity of transforming content creators from mediocrity to stardom. With the STARTFI platform, users and NFT enthusiasts are in the right and safe place, and with ease, they can seamlessly create and sell their digital assets in a secure






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