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The disruptive ability and the impact of blockchain technology have gone beyond finance into different industries and sectors. Blockchain technology brings innovations and also offers transparency, efficiency, and security to different fields including gaming, finance, health sectors, and more. Furthermore, the advent of new innovative concepts such as cryptocurrencies, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and metaverse which are powered by blockchain technology has also introduced new potential to these industries, to make them more sustainable and rewarding.

One of the latest industries that are currently enjoying the positive effect of blockchain technology is the fitness & health industries. Blockchain now makes keeping fit rewarding through the recent move-to-earn trend which is now making waves in the fitness industry. With the help of blockchain technology, it is now possible to achieve fitness goals, stay motivated, and at the same time get paid to exercise. Blockchain-based fitness platforms have an advantage over traditional fitness platforms because they make use of crypto assets and NFTs to incentivize their users to exercise within a system that is highly secure and transparent.

The fitness industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world, and more people are now embarking on exercise than ever before. One of the challenges facing the fitness industry is that many fitness platforms today are designed to benefit only the fitness platform or fitness service providers, but there is good news for fitness players all over the world. With STRETCH-TO-EARN which is a top-notch fitness platform, users and players will be rewarded with cryptocurrency and NFTs for exercising.


STRETCH-TO-EARN is a top-notch and innovative fitness application designed to improve health. As a global fitness platform, it is powered by blockchain technology to enable users to earn tokens and NFTs as rewards for body movement, thereby helping them to maximize their profits. During exercise, the STRETCH-TO-EARN users are usually equipped with NFT sportswear such as shoes, shirts, pants, hats, and many more. The users are to exercise according to the guidance of the dev, and they can transform their actions to earn tokens and NFT rewards.

STRETCH-TO-EARN is one of the leading fitness apps in the world, and it is aimed at revolutionizing the fitness industry and speeding up the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens. The fitness app helps players and users to improve their health and at the same earn up to $100,000 from their body movement. STRETCH-TO-EARN platform is focused on inspiring millions of people all over the world to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to exercise daily and rewarding them massively for that.

The STRETCH-TO-EARN platform is built on Binance Smart Chain Network, which makes the platform scalable, transparent, and highly secured. STN players are free to rent or even sell their NFT sportswear on the STRETCH-TO-EARN marketplace which is built into the fitness app. There is also an inbuilt decentralized wallet that is linked to the app, where users' earnings are stored. Apart from offering users a multi-chain asset deposit and withdrawal, the wallet also has a backup function and a Swap or Trade function with liquidity, making the STRETCH-TO-EARN fitness app, an all-in-one app.


STN operates differently from other platforms. Unlike other fitness platforms' ecosystems, STRETCH-TO-EARN employs a vertical ecosystem that includes a fully decentralized wallet that will allow users to deposit and transfer tokens to fund an in-app spending account, as well as a token swap and an NFT marketplace. With the STRETCH-TO-EARN mobile app, users will be able to exercise with NFT sportswear and at the same time earn free tonnes in return. They will also have the privilege to rent or lease their sportswear to make more profits

STRETCH-TO-EARN also offers a Free-to-Earn opportunity to every player, where players will have 4 days to play for free. Once a player passes the KYC, they will be able to unlock the exercise. Additionally, when players invite new users to use the STN app, they will be given four more days to practice for free. The players also have the freedom to choose fabulous sportswear from the in-app NFT marketplace, for their energetic training sessions. The STRETCH-TO-EARN fitness app is very innovative and easy to use, its user-friendly interface makes it exceptional.

One of the primary goals of the STRETCH-TO-EARN platform is to bring a healthy and balanced lifestyle to its community, and beyond, by incentivizing people to exercise. The STRETCH-TO-EARN is simply a new-generation fitness app that combines GameFi and SocialFi to give users a better experience. The platform is designed in a way that will benefit the users, and keep them fit and strong always.


Here are some of the amazing features of STRETCH-TO-EARN that make it stand out from other fitness platforms.

  • GAMEFI: GameFi is a combination of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). It operates on a P2E model and combines blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs as well as game mechanics to provide a virtual environment that will enable players to participate and earn rewards in the process. STRETCH-TO-EARN is built with a GameFi element that allows users to earn by exercising, the exercises are specifically designed according to topic and level, and players are free to choose any practice they will follow. STRETCH-TO-EARN uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology in measuring every player’s movement, and this is based on the match of the body movement compared to the instruction exercise to produce results.
  • SOCIALFI: One of the things about SocialFi is that it brings the world of social media and decentralized finance together. STRETCH-TO-EARN has introduced a rental system that will enable players to generate additional income by renting or leasing their NFTs via the platform. The renting allows players who want to play the game but are not eligible for sportswear, to rent NFT and experience the amazing game. Also, players who already have NFTs but are not ready to participate in the game can lease their NFTs to other interested players to make profits.
  • NFT MARKETPLACE: An NFT marketplace is a blockchain-based online platform where non-fungible tokens can be purchased and sold. STRETCH-TO-EARN also has a unique inbuilt NFT marketplace where all the in-game items are sold. The decentralized marketplace allows investors and players to buy or sell their NFT assets directly from the issuer or collect from other players.


The STRETCH-TO-EARN token which is known as STN is a popular and viable crypto-asset. STN is a BEP-20 token that is built on BSC Network, it has a total supply of 10,000,000,000 STN in circulation. The STN token is the heart of the STRETCH-TO-EARN platform and it is used to power the entire ecosystem. The token is closely linked with the SB token which is the main currency that is circulated in the SB GROUP’s ecosystem. The SB token has a burning mechanism that is aimed at reducing its inflation and increasing the value of the SB tokens which will in turn boost the STN’s value as well.


Investing in STRETCH-TO-EARN is the best decision any investor or player can make, this is because they can recoup their investments within a short period, and increase their profits in the process. There are various ways by which users can make money from the STN app, this includes exercise, minting, and selling of the sportswear, as well as the leasing of the sportswear. Through exercise, players can earn STN tokens daily, the exercises have different levels. The good thing is that players can easily make hundreds of dollars with just 5 minutes of practice with the app, and the more NFTs the players hold the more tokens they earn.

As a global fitness platform, the STRETCH-TO-EARN users are expected to increase rapidly to the extent of outstripping the growth rate of NFT sportswear supply in the app, with the help of a desirable NFT mint mechanism, it will be possible to mint more NFTs and players can sell their minted NFTs on the marketplace to earn additional income. Players can also lease their sportswear to make extra income. Furthermore, they can also create sub-accounts that will enable them to hire others to exercise and share the profits.

One of the challenges facing many GameFi platforms, especially when introducing new users is NFT because players are expected to own NFT before they can be eligible to participate in the game, but the good news is that STRETCH-TO-EARN through its rental system has provided players with a long-lasting solution to this challenge. Join STN today, to stay healthy and get rewarded.












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