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The disruptive potential of blockchain technology has given rise to innovative concepts such as decentralized finance (DeFi), Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), metaverse, etc, and these new concepts have revolutionized many industries globally. One of the latest industries to feel the positive impact of blockchain technology is the fitness industry. By introducing a move-to-earn mechanism, blockchain technology now makes it possible for people to achieve their fitness goals, stay motivated and at the same time earn rewards for exercising.

With blockchain, fitness platforms will be able to verify the authenticity of their products and services as well as certifications which will go a long way to increase their reliability and credibility. Apart from ensuring transparency, blockchain's immutable ledger and encryption algorithm makes it difficult for users' data to be tampered with, thereby ensuring a complete user's privacy and security. Also, blockchain eliminates the need for middlemen so that users can have direct access to their online trainers.

Blockchain's decentralized model enables users to have full access to information about their health without bothering about data manipulation. One of the advantages of blockchain-based fitness platforms is that they make use of tokens and NFTs to incentivize users to exercise within a decentralized and transparent system. Furthermore, blockchain through the help of smart contracts can provide fitness tips and lessons from a particular trainer to a particular consumer. The most reliable and secured blockchain-based fitness platform that is currently making waves in the fitness industry is STRETCH-TO-EARN.


STRETCH-TO-EARN (STN) is the latest blockchain-based fitness platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance health. The platform enables users to make massive profits on body movements. STRETCH-TO-EARN users are usually equipped with NFT’s sportswear such as shirts, shoes, hats, pants, watches, etc, to enable them to carry out their exercise according to the dev guidance and at the same time they will be able to transform their actions to earn tokens and other valuable NFTs as rewards.

Unlike other fitness platforms (apps), STRETCH-TO-EARN is always at the forefront, because it is innovative, rewarding and it is powered by the Binance Smart Chain Network, which makes it highly secured, affordable, transparent, and scalable. STRETCH-TO-EARN’s mission is to motivate millions of people all over the world to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise, as well as improve their health by rewarding and encouraging them to exercise actively every day.

New players or users can freely participate in the STRETCH-TO-EARN first exercise which is a free mode of Run-to-Earn. But players who want to participate in other exercises will have to purchase STRETCH-TO-EARN NFT, and this will allow them to choose amazing sportswear freely and start a training session that is energetic and fascinating. The players have every right to rent or sell their NFT sportswear whenever it pleases them on the STN marketplace, while the user's or players'' earnings are stored in a DeFi wallet that is linked to the STN app.


The STRETCH-TO-EARN exercises are specially designed according to topic and level, and every player has the privilege to choose any practice of their choice to follow. One of the functions of the AI technology which is integrated into the app is to measure players' movements based on the match of body movement compared to the instruction exercise to produce better results.

Miss (when the player has not practiced properly), Good (when the player has followed all the movements right and almost matches the demo pose on the screen), and Perfect (when the player’s body movements are instructions and perfectly match the demo which is shown on the screen), are the three levels of performance evaluation on STRETCH-TO-EARN platform. Players will be rewarded based on their exercise level performance evaluation after finishing any exercise. That means the more perfect a player reaches the more the reward.

STRETCH-TO-EARN is just more than a fitness app at home. Its SocialFi element makes it possible to be a bridge that connects users with other users through its SocialFi features. This will allow users and players to make new friends and share their experiences and moments of training. STRETCH-TO-EARN is committed to launching a community linking feature shortly, which will allow players with similar interests in a particular exercise to make friends.


STRETCH-TO-EARN has some amazing features which make it an exceptional fitness platform. These features include:

  • NFT MARKETPLACE: STRETCH-TO-EARN has a unique built-in decentralized NFT Marketplace where all in-game items can be sold. Players, as well as investors can buy NFT assets from the issuer directly, it is important to know that the issuer only sells a limited amount of the assets. Players can also collect NFT assets from other players through the STN secondary market.
  • DECENTRALIZED WALLET: The STRETCH-TO-EARN Decentralized Wallet is highly secured, it helps users to avoid the problem of going through many complicated processes just to earn money. A DEX aggregator which is incorporated into the wallet makes it easy for users to swap, buy, and even send STN tokens and other SB-Group ecosystem tokens. Users can easily swap to stablecoins such as BUSD and USDT to secure the safety of their reward, also the liquidity funds for the wallet Aree secured for the transaction to go through smoothly.
  • RENTAL SYSTEM: NFT has become one of the biggest challenges of GameFi when introducing new users. This is because a player must own NFT to participate in the game, but STRETCH-TO-EARN through its rental system solves these issues for its users. Users who care to rent can do that in the STN Marketplace right in the app. All that is required of the player is to register for a rental, and the player will be paired with the landlord. Once the rental terms have been fully agreed, the contract will be approved. This intelligent rental system makes it easier for players to join the game and ensures that new users will not be restricted from exploring the game as much as they want.
  • REFERRAL PROGRAM: As the most rewarding fitness platform, STN users are incentivized to invite their friends, and to motivate each other to exercise so that they can get fitter and improve their health. Users will get an extra 18% of the token for each successful direct referral while users will get a 7% extra token for each successful indirect referral, the more a user refers the more the chance to earn more. A user must register on the app and pass a KYC, and those that are being referred must also register and pass STN KYC.


The STRETCH-TO-EARN native token known as STN is a utility token that is built on the BSC Network. STN is a BEP-20 token and has a total supply of 10,000,000,000. The token serves as the governance and utility token that is used to drive the entire STRETCH-TO-EARN ecosystem.


  • AS IN-GAME CURRENCY: STN token serves as the in-game currency, and almost all the items in the app can be paid with STN.
  • PLAYING: STN is used to purchase NFTs which will allow players to participate in advanced exercises.
  • MINTING NFT: STN is used to pay for the minting fee when minting NFTs.
  • UPGRADING NFT LEVEL: With STN token users can easily level up NFTs.
  • NFT MARKETPLACE: STN is also used as NFT transferring fee when selling in-game items on the STRETCH-TO-EARN NFT Marketplace.


STRETCH-TO-EARN is bringing a life-changing experience to the doorstep of everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle by keeping fit. The app is built with a wonderful user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use and navigate. Anyone, regardless of their geographical zone, can use the STN app to exercise in the comfort of their home, provided they have access to an internet connection. The STN app is already available and signup is free of charge. After downloading the app and completing the registration, it is important to complete a simple KYC to unlock every exercise and maximize earnings.

Apart from the Run-to-Earn module which most crypto users are familiar with, STRETCH-TO-EARN will also integrate two interesting game modes which are; PvP, which is a fighting game that will allow two players to contest against each other in the same exercise and the winner will the token and incentives from the loser. And Run to Hunt which is a similar game mode to Pokemon Go. In this game mode, players will be allowed to move directly to the Merchant's stores to access their products, they are rewarded with vouchers as well as purchase discounts, etc. STRETCH-TO-EARN platform is what everyone needs to maintain healthy living through exercise.







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