Blockchain technology in various ways has proven to be a reliable and innovative technology since its introduction to the global world. Blockchain's disruptive ability has brought about so many positive changes making it possible for everyone to enjoy a new system of finance known as Defi in which users have total control of their assets unlike the centralized system, where users' funds are controlled and managed by a central authority.

Blockchain technology has also provided artists with the opportunity to express their artworks through NFT (Non-Fungible Token), this allows users to buy or sell ownership of unique digital items and they can easily keep track of who owns these digital items by using blockchain. Technically, NFT can contain drawings, in-game items, music files, as well as animated GIFs, and anything digital. The increasing growth of NFTs has led to the massive rise of animated series.

In simple terms, an animated series is described as a set of animated works. It usually has a common series title and is related to one another. One thing to be noted about animated series is that they can have a finite number of episodes, and a definite end or they can even be open-ended without having any predetermined number of episodes. Animated series have several demographic target audiences ranging from males to females and children to adults. Series can be released directly to video or on the internet. Now, TAKE MY MUFFIN is presenting the world with the first adult animated series.

TAKE MY MUFFIN is the first and only world-class blockchain-based 18+ (adult) animated series in the entire history of the internet. It is perfectly created with the financial support of the crypto community through the sale of Non-Fungible Tokens, crypto-partnerships as well as the crypto tokens sales of the series itself. The existing animated series under the Original label of one platform is fast becoming uninteresting and old-fashioned due to a lack of innovation, and this is what TAKE MY MUFFIN has come to resolve by creating an entirely new product that will focus completely on a new format.

Not only that TAKE MY MUFFIN is backed by a unique audience of the crypto-community, it also provides the worldwide animated series lovers with a fascinating adult series that will be focusing on the current trends in multimedia. As a crypto Original, anyone including crypto-shareholders can be part of this unique and extraordinary project that is capable of revolutionizing the entire world of animation. TAKE MY MUFFIN believes that nothing is out of bounds, and this is why it strives to revive and disrupt the format of satire in today’s world of endless restrictions thereby making animated series creative and interesting.

Although TAKE MY MUFFIN leans toward the sustainability of animated series, it is more committed to changing the multimedia world that we are used to, making it super exciting and beneficial. Additionally, the series is the first-ever crypto-show that is unique, with an extremely deep story. In a nutshell, the TAKE MY MUFFIN series is the best-animated series for adults. Since the official launch of the project, the TAKE MY MUFFIN team of professionals in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrency, Defi, NFT, etc has continued to make sure that the series remains classic and the best.

Non-Fungible Tokens which are popularly known as NFTs provide the world with a new way of creative expression. They enable artists, companies, etc to provide both originality and authenticity in this digital age. The integration of animation production into this new era of digital or crypto art is making NFT more valuable. NFTs as unique digital assets are an integral part of the TAKE MY MUFFIN project, and since they have a collector’s value, they make it possible for fans of this great series to have its unique piece including the author’s minting which represents an autograph on behalf of the authors of the project thereby confirming the original value.

Both Non-Fungible Tokens and TAKE MY MUFFIN tokens of the project will all be integrated into the ecosystem of the crypto game Bluelight Inc. which is great news not just for the series fans but also for game lovers. Anyone can become a member of this powerful project by purchasing the TAKE MY MUFFIN NFT tokens at generative tokens or exclusive/collectible tokens, and this will give the buyers seamless access to all the development materials from the series and sub-governmental tokens.

TAKE MY MUFFIN is built with great and fun-filled characters, some of them are:

  • : Korney desires to regain his memory back and to find out who he is and how he got where he is after suffering from amnesia as a result of being hit by a car. He is sociable, unreserved, very enthusiastic, and full of energy. Although he is a bit naive and goofy, Korney is not immune to existential self-analysis. In addition, he is gifted for having spontaneous epiphanies of brilliant ideas, and his horn radiates all the colors of the rainbow with each spark of genius.
  • Rok owns a startup lab, which enables him to skillfully exploit his employees while artfully shifting money out of many investors to strike it rich with the next big thing. He plans to sell one of his projects to Monster Mega. Rok is a renowned trickster, a cynical cheat as well as a schemer who does not panic nor see failure as part of the game.
  • Draka is another interesting character, who is a financial director and also Rok’s lawyer. She is an iron lady with a sharp tongue and brass uterus, she is always on fire (literally) whenever her emotions run high. Draka is secretly in love with Rok which is why she has not left the Rok’s team.
  • He is a great scientist-engineer, a genius in his field. Dr. Noper was also a rebel who seriously rebelled against the scientific community. A downward spiral landed him on the Rok’s team where he became their lead scientist and he ended up becoming a pain in the ass who goes against anything anyone wants. He never stops until things go on his way.
  • Mojo is like a hulking spud with extraordinary strength and the understanding of a child. He is the company's security force, and although he loves a good laugh, he is very sincere when it comes to comprehending sarcasm. Mojo's guiding pesticidal joint is always burning and this helps him to continue living in the moment.
  • This is also known as UD. It is a robot that is built out of spare appliance parts. Rok bought UD to perform menial office tasks before he was upgraded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Dr. Noper. UD is a melancholic pessimist who romanticizes his depression because he sees himself as an underappreciated experimental artist, and as a result, he tries committing suicide whenever he has the opportunity to but in the end, Dr. Noper will end up repairing him after every attempt.
  • Buddy Gotham is a drug lord who heads the largest trash collection company known as Lotus. As a fatso who is inclined with philosophy. Buddy Gotham believes that good maintains the world’s harmony, and that good and evil need each other, stating that now is the time for evil to stop the slow decay of civilization and reboot it.
  • Saint Pablito is the head of a small church whose worries are centered on the decline in popularity of his church. He has so much interest in advanced technology as well as in the ability to use it in a realm of spirituality despite his adherence to the religious cult but in reality, he is nothing more than a savvy and opportunistic deal maker. Other characters include: PETE, DR. WIN, JONATHAN LIVINGSTONE, AND PROFESSOR PRAWN

TAKE MY MUFFIN token known as TMM is an ERC-20 token that is deployed on the Ethereum network with a total supply of 275,000. The TMM token is a utility token and the governance token of the entire ecosystem. It provides holders with a voting right and also gives them the right to access the closed materials of the website as well as pre-release access to the series. TMM tokens are tradable on major Decentralized Exchanges and it is provided with enough liquidity.

TAKE MY MUFFIN is the first multimedia animated series project that is co-created by the crypto community and a professional, exceptional animation studio. The series is produced at a world-class standard to make sure that every adult all over the world can enjoy it. The fact that taking MY MUFFIN is a 14+ animated sitcom about decentralized technologies, startups, ICOs, investments, robots, and corporate relations makes it outstanding.

TAKE MY MUFFIN is the best-animated series the world has been waiting for. The TMM token is a special digital asset to invest in especially because of its utility and the opportunities it provides to holders, allowing them (TMM holders) to make administrative and strategic decisions that will help the project's development through voting. Everyone is eligible to become a member of the animated series by simply buying the TAKE MY MUFFIN NFT token.







Writer: Mansonndubuisi

Bitcointalk Username: Mandez4real

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