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Blockchain and cryptocurrency have disrupted many industries through their potential. Football has become the greatest and most famous sports watched in all the continent of the world. And bringing cryptocurrency into the football industry is the right step towards the innovation of this fascinating sport (football).

Despite the increased number of football enthusiasts in recent years, not all football enthusiasts can watch the thrilling games of football directly live from the stadium, thereby denying many fans an opportunity to be part of this experience, which have made many fans who are eager for news, live scores and video highlights of their favorite clubs to move from one social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc to another which are strenuous, stressful and time-consuming.

Although so many football apps have been developed to rescue fans from these challenges. Yet, none of them can provide a single platform where billions and millions of players and fans respectively can interact and discuss. For this reason, TheFutbolCoin is presenting the world and football lovers with a unique app (TheFutbolApp) that unites fans, players, coaches, etc.


TheFutbolCoin (TFC) is a reliable token created for the monetization of all the attention the world gives to football, which will also allow a digital economy to be built around football to benefit the participants. TheFutbolCoin provides an innovative way of engaging football enthusiasts all over the world by building fans' engagement communities or ecosystems.

One of the advantages of TheFutbolCoin over other cryptocurrencies is that it provides a pathway through which players, coaches, as well as fans, can easily take their chances with cryptocurrency. This will not only help cryptocurrency to reach mainstream attention rather it will accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

The usefulness of TheFutbolCoin is overwhelming. Besides attracting millions of people to football, it can be used by several advertisers to carry out their great ads to attract more customers. More importantly, this token (TFC) can be utilized in buying goods and services from participating vendors and from various organizations who are interested in reaching out to TheFutbolCoin community with their fantastic offer, and through these, organizations will obtain TFC in exchange for their goods and services.


TFA which is commonly known as TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS is a powerful football app built for the purpose of uniting fans, players, coaches and clubs by presenting them with a discussion and interaction rooms where they can interact with one another. This app provides solutions to all the challenges which football fans face today in their quest to get football updates such as news, live scores and video highlights of their clubs.

One of the primary goals for weaving the TFC token into the fabric of TheFutbolApp is to build a digital economy within TFA, to enable the wealth of the entire community to be distributed with supporters. Besides that, it also creates a cost-effective pathway for the large number of small businesses scattered all over the world to carry out their awesome and wonderful ads and offers which are compelling to the app user base.

The essence of implementing TheFutbolCoin is to ensure a transactional framework that will bring about convenient, secure and fraud proof transactions relating to football which include advertising, buying tickets, paying registration fees, etc. TheFutbolCoin makes it easy to achieve a minimum viable economy (MVE) through exchanging goods and services for TFC through the TFA wallet.

What is TheFutbolApp all about?

TheFutbolApp (TFA) is an impressive app built mainly for football, to thrill the worldwide football community with a mind-blowing, powerful and easy-to-use app that will enable fans, players, etc to attach with others from all parts of the planet. it's one and top-notch football app that permits football lovers, clubs, and players to interact within the current digital activities that surround football activities securely and simply.

TFA is creating a strong and sustainable community by bringing professional and recreational clubs, players, coaches, and fans into this amazing app. With TheFutbolApp fans are saved from the tedious act of searching several websites and social media for football news, match updates, live scores, and video highlights of the clubs they support because this app provides quite what fans are anticipating.

As a complicated and innovative platform, TheFutbolApp allows users to follow up to 4 or more clubs of their choice, and that they can switch between these clubs within a couple of clicks. The app's interface is extremely unique to permit users to feature live scores and video highlights from their phones. To ensure that fans or app users miss nothing at any time, instant notification of important events alongside goals is usually sent to them.

As a first-class football app that gives a discussion room for each club and match, TheFutbolApp also delivers top-class news in any language. TFA may be a standout app in terms of bringing social networks to life among clubs and players, which matches an extended thanks to ensuring a deeper immersion in both social experiences also as a sense of belonging. TheFutbolApp is the only football app that gives a compelling football-centric social experience for football fans globally.

What makes TheFutbolApp an impressive and an ideal fit app for fans, players, coaches, and clubs

TheFutbolApp is just more than a football app that gives fans news, updates, and video highlights for his or her clubs. it’s an app created to profit even the players, coaches, and clubs, etc.

  • With this app, fans can easily have interinteracted other fans and players based on the clubs they support or follow.
  • For the players, TheFutbolApp provides comprehensive and accurate statistics and therefore highlights the accomplishments of those players.
  • TFA provides a platform, a player-coach discussion room within the app that’s secure, to enable coaches to pass sensitive information to their players.
  • Aside from helping clubs to trace back and obtain useful information from their fans, it also enables clubs to urge advertisement space that they will sell to their large advertisers.
  • Through ThefutbolApp, advertisers (both small and large businesses) are going to reach fans of a specific club during a specific geographic location.


TheFutbolCoin and TFA are transforming the football industry, The distinctive monetization strategy of TheFutbolCoin is made around in-app premium targeted advertising which is sweet news for bars and restaurants. TFC opens the way for non-crypto users into the cryptocurrency industry.

Although TheFutbolApp has an app ecosystem that's almost like that of the Facebook ecosystem which does not share its wealth with participants, the reality is that TFA Is specifically designed for football and therefore the club's fans support it, and it ensures fair sharing of its wealth among users.

Above all, unlike many app ecosystems that tamper with users' data to complement themselves, TheFutbolApp puts the user's privacy as its top priority. Embracing TheFutbolApp will go an extended way to improve the connection between clubs, players, and their fans. Anyone can get this powerful app by clicking any of those Stores, Play Store or App Store.







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