The global world has moved to an era where people irrespective of their locations and countries can easily send and receive money instantly and in a permissionless way. Apart from this making money accessible to all (banked, underbanked, and unbanked population), it also enhances cross-border payments. All thanks to decentralized finance (DEFI), now anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can seamlessly access various innovative financial services which are not offered by banks and other financial institutions.

With DEFI, there is no need for an intermediary or any form of bank account to carry out transactions. Its transactions are fast with negligible fees, thereby eliminating the delay and the outrageous fees charged by financial institutions. DEFI is decentralized and provides cutting-edge solutions to the challenges facing the present centralized system of finance. It is built on blockchain technology which makes it highly secure and transparent, above all, it allows users to be in total control of their funds or money.

One of the advantages of decentralized finance is that it is very rewarding and offers lots of profitable financial products which can help users and investors to achieve their financial goals. As a game-changer, DEFI has proven to have all the potential needed to transform and restore the global financial system. A surge in DEFI products and markets has led to an increase in decentralized finance platforms. But in terms of reliability and rewarding one DEFI platform that stands out among the rest is the TURBOTRIX.FINANCE.


TURBOTRIX.FINANCE is a world-class dual-blockchain utility decentralized finance community project that is powered by the ever-efficient and scalable Binance Smart Chain network. In addition to being a highly secured and completely decentralized platform, TURBOTRIX is committed to empowering the powerful ecosystem on Tron, providing them with transactions that are faster and efficient and at minimal gas fees, thereby allowing the entirety of the TURBOTRIX ecosystem to enjoy an exciting transaction experience.

TURBOTRIX is focused on building a secure and top-notch rewarding ecosystem that will allow users to stake their crypto assets and earn free tokens or cryptocurrencies as a reward. Through the TURBOTRIX platform, cryptocurrency users can easily grow their money passively, it is built for new and experienced crypto users as well as those who want a high return on their investments. Though this extraordinary platform offers users a cost-effective way to invest in cryptocurrency, the truth is that it comes with a massive return on investment.

The most amazing part of this platform is that it enhances and leans towards the sustainability of decentralized finance. As a completely decentralized platform, TURBOTRIX utilizes an incredible governance approach that allows the community to fully participate in the decision-making to direct and lead the project forward. Through the staking of tokens for rewards by users, the TURBOTRIX ecosystem will be sustained. This plays an important role in the balancing of the whole network of the token price valuation.


As a renowned and reputable platform, TURBOTRIX is the first platform that rewards supporters and users with different kinds of digital assets (fiat, cryptocurrency, NFTs) as well as viable physical products such as mobile phones, laptops, and even holidays through its digital awards system. The awards offered by TURBOTRIX includes:

  • THE TURBOTRIX COMMUNITY REFERRER AWARD: TURBOTRIX allows members of its ecosystem to receive as many rewards as possible by referring or inviting their friends into the community. The amount of rewards to get depends on the tier or the level of the members, the available tiers are Bronze which requires 10 referrers, Silver required 25 referred, while Gold and Diamond tiers require 50 and 100 referrers respectively.
  • TURBOTRIX COMMUNITY HOLDERS AWARD: This is employed to encourage the members to hold TURBOTRIX tokens for as long as they can. The users are massively rewarded for holding TTF tokens for a certain period of time. The rewards or awards are dependent on the tier or level the holder belongs to, such as Bronze Holder which is for members holding $500 BUSD worth of the TTF token from June - December 2021, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Holders are to hold $1000, $2000, and $5000 Busd worth of TTF for the same period respectively.
  • INVESTORS AWARD: As a platform that cares about the growth of its supporters and investors, TURBOTRIX rewards its first 777 investors generously as a way of appreciating them for their support. The 777 investors are people who buy $500 BUSD worth of the TTF tokens.
  • THE TURBOTRIX COMMUNITY TURBOTRADER OF THE YEAR AWARD: This award is unique and only one member of the community will be selected in December for this award. To be eligible for this award, members must be Gold or Diamond referrers and holders. They must take part in the community polls and also be following TURBOTRIX on Twitter. They have to be active in the telegram group, and should not be muted or banned for any reason.


TURBOTRIX is focused on 3 key areas to ensure that members of the community enjoy a superb experience like never before. The key areas are:

IMPROVED SECURITY: Security has been one of the challenges facing so many platforms, especially centralized platforms. TURBOTRIX as a DEFI platform is built with improved security to ensure that users' funds and data will not be tampered with.

CUSTOMERS-CENTRICITY: The truth about TURBOTRIX is that it puts the wellbeing of the users first, by ensuring that they are at the center of everything the platform does. That means as the platform grows, members of the community will also grow.

HAPPIER COMMUNITY: Nothing makes a community stronger than when the members are happy, TURBOTRIX creates the best experience for the members of its community, allowing them to partake in decision-making and offering them lots of rewarding opportunities which will help them achieve their financial goals.


TURBOTRIX Token is a BEP-20 token which is known as TTF. It is built on the ever-reliable Binance Smart Chain Network. TURBOTRIX token has a total supply of 777,777,777 TTF in circulation, this supply is not expected to increase rather it will only decrease.


It is imperative to understand that TURBOTRIX is also committed to the world's leading platform that will enable users to purchase, preserve as well as collect digital collectibles such as NFTs. Through this platform, users can easily and securely buy or sell their Non-fungible token assets. TURBOTRIX will also enable stakeholders to claim ownership of works that are uploaded by their favorite artists.

TURBOTRIX is aimed at helping users to become financially stable and to maximize their investment profits by providing them with an advanced infrastructure of blockchain tools. With TURBOTRIX passive income is guaranteed through staking as well as bonus yields and other incentives. It is the right platform for investors, crypto, and NFT enthusiasts, and above all this platform is open to everybody to benefit from. TURBOTRIX is simply the best in all ramifications.











Writer: Mansonndubuisi

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I am a crypto writer and a blockchain technology enthusiast. Here is my homepage link, https://mansonndubuisi.medium.com/

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