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The fashion & luxury industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and its pace is rapidly accelerating due to the ever-changing demands of consumers. To make this industry more secure and attractive, there is a need for innovative and cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain technology which has been disrupting several industries globally. Blockchain technology provides solutions to the long-lasting challenges facing the fashion industry by improving data management tools, as well as reducing the risk of counterfeit and grey markets. Blockchain technology also gives manufacturers, retailers, and end-users remarkable transparency, traceability, and tradability in fashion & luxury supply chain management.

Blockchain in the fashion & luxury industry enables retailers to improve their operational efficiencies, especially in multi-party exchanges. Apart from enhancing tracking details that affect risk, compliance, and revenue streams, blockchain also provides consumers with authentic provenance information on fashion or luxury products. These give luxury brands stronger customer satisfaction, stronger data protection and enhanced brand value, etc. With the use of blockchain technology, the amount of time it takes to process transactions can be reduced, and businesses can easily track their inventory more accurately. Also, the cost of doing business in the fashion and luxury industry can be reduced with blockchain.

Furthermore, blockchain’s potential enables brands to tokenize non-fungible assets which will allow each asset to be held, purchased, traded, or exchanged with ease. With this great innovation, customers can log in to a brand’s website to create and prove ownership of a luxury asset that can be verified and later transferred to another party. Now fashion and luxury retail items can be labeled with a one-to-one counterfeit-proof feature and tracked through this digital twin technology (blockchain), which connects the physical world to the digital world. With ALTAVA, the sustainability of the fashion & luxury industry and the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is guaranteed.


ALTAVA is a top-notch blockchain-based platform that brings luxury fashion brands into the metaverse, providing them with a unique virtual space to share their stories. It is a platform that allows brands to feature their digitized collections in a well-branded and completely customizable environment. When it comes to revolutionizing fashion and lifestyle products, ALTAVA is at the forefront of it all. One of the advantages of the ALTAVA platform as an expert in both fashion and tech is that it democratizes fashion through its fashion network and technological abilities which will provide users with access to the elusive world of fashion.

Apart from reveling in the transformative potential of clothes, ALTAVA also understands the important role that fashion and brands play in our daily life, and this is why it has attached so much value and importance to styles. ALTAVA has created a product where identity and garments are fluid through its inclusive and interoperable technologies. It is only on the ALTAVA platform that users from all over the world can experience an enhanced reality where their avatar is an alternative extension of themselves. Users' self-expression is not bound by what they can fit in their closet or what fits their body, which means that in ALTAVA users are free to be whatever they want.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have become the key components of the new retail reality; they ensure more efficient processes, traceability, and prominence. These technologies have also brought about collaboration in gamification, as well as metahuman and NFTs. What ALTAVA intends to do is to leverage these innovative technologies and its partnerships including some of the world’s leading luxury brands to launch the next-generation digital market that offers a unique curated collection of NFTs and many other virtual assets. ALTAVA also aims to maximize the utility of these assets by ensuring interoperability within its exceptional gamified social commerce platform for luxury fashion known as ALTAVA World of You, and within other multiple virtual worlds in the metaverse.


The integration of blockchain technology in the luxury fashion segment has impacted brands positively in many ways. Blockchain is envisaged as the necessary default needed for all smart creatives, including the most inventive, high value and innovative ones. ALTAVA through blockchain technology protects the value of creative output, and at the same time allows designers and collaborators to minimize correctly and also provides insight into the long-tail of products. What’s more, ALTAVA through its native token will connect the brand’s digital identities seamlessly both in the platform’s metaverse and other virtual worlds.

ALTAVA uses a technology that makes it easy to create digital twins of physical luxury items which can be minted as NFTs that can be used by their owners over a wide array of virtual worlds within the metaverse. As a decentralized platform that is powered by blockchain technology, ALTAVA makes sure that the usage of these digital assets (minted NFTs) remains completely transparent, and also ensures that creators will be duly compensated. ALTAVA users will be able to earn free TAVA tokens in the ALTAVA Worlds of You, they will also be able to buy luxury NFTs in ALTAVA's special Market. Additionally, users will have the opportunity to create Made in Virtual goods which they can mint and sell.

The ALTAVA’s token (TAVA) will also be extended to the production of physical goods that are created from virtual goods and vice-versa. The solutions provided by ALTAVA’s technology form a part of the brand’s sustainability narrative in so far as the utilization of digital assets underpins hyper-real virtual experience and also process efficiency in creating physical products. As an innovative platform for luxury fashion brands, ALTAVA has created 3D virtual collectibles from the best luxury fashion brands in the world. It has also made luxury fashion NFTs interoperable assets which can be utilized in numerous virtual worlds.


ALTAVA is on a mission to transform the fashion industry, to make luxury brands more secure, rewarding, and profitable through its great features such as:

  • ALTAVA WORLD FOR YOU: This is a gamified social commerce platform specifically designed for luxury fashion, where self-expression and style are not limited by society, physicality, or otherwise. ALTAVA has democratized fashion to ensure that digital twins of luxury goods become accessible for all at a minimal cost, and this is made possible by converging the physical and virtual worlds. ALTAVA World of You enables users to interact with each other through in-game personal messaging and avatar networking in curated themed places, it also allows content to be shared across all social media channels. This digital space enables the multiple expression of self in the metaverse which will allow people to discover, curate, and play with the World of You.
  • ALTAVA MARKET: This is where users can buy and sell exclusive premium luxury fashion NFTs and virtual collectibles as primary purchases sand and secondary purchases Private auctions will be hosted on the primary market regularly this primary market wis is is is where newNFTs are initially released,wwwwhereale the mmarkmarkmmarketket is where people can buy and sell their personally-owned fashion NFTs. One of the reasons for creating the ALTAVA Market is to democratize access to global luxury by offering virtual versions of items that may or may not have a physical twin. It is important to understand that the ultimate value and pricing in the ALTAVA market are determined by the community, and through this market, the ALTAVA platform offers purchasers a unique opportunity for them to own specific luxury moments in time.
  • ALTAVA CIRCLE: The ALTAVA Circle is a creator community tool designed for building ALTAVA Worlds of You together. ALTAVA Circle is aimed at allowing community members to create their virtual fashion as well as lifestyle goods, and spaces, and they can easily link these virtual assets to the real physical world. In the ALTAVA Circle, users, with the community, can introduce, fund, and even connect their virtual brands to the real world, thereby making the ALTAVA Circle the easiest way to make a user-driven brand. The ALTAVA Circle is the core of the ALTAVA ecosystem and the TAVA tokens will be used to fuel its economic model to incentivize creators and monetize their engagement, and through this enough content will be generated in the ALTAVA ecosystem.
  • ALTAVA AVATAR: One of the essential parts of the ALTAVA GROUP’s value proposition for brands lies in the use of avatar technology. By emulating collaboration in the real world, the ALTAVA GROUP work with designers, as well as influencers and celebrities to create their virtual avatars, providing them with an innovative way to participate and engage with other users in the ALTAVA World of You, including the ALTAVA Market and other virtual worlds, events, or social media platforms. ALTAVA’s virtual character creation process makes use of high-quality character shade techniques with an improved geometry workflow (hyperreal technology) to ensure the highest fidelity in makeup, hair, and other important aesthetic details, to ensure that users will have an avatar that is almost indistinguishable from its real-life counterpart.


The ALTAVA token known as TAVA is an ERC-20-compatible token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion), TAVA token is designed to operate as a decision that will prevent the unintentional value loss of the assets, it will also escalate the exclusivity of the ALTAVA marketplace which will immensely benefit both the ALTAVA’s NFT and token holders. The token will also be used to incentivize the users to actively add value to the ALTAVA Market.

TAVA as a utility token sits at the intersection of luxury, creativity as well as the latest developments in gamified and virtual fashion technology. TAVA tokens are driven by the need to provide a relevant mechanism for buyers to participate in the explosive growth of luxury in the metaverse. The token will serve as a ticket that will enable users to access the exclusive NFTs and other curated virtual assets as well as special auctions and unique experiences built in collaboration with relevant luxury houses, creators, and designers. TAVA token holders can also benefit from the TAVA staking program.


ALTAVA opens opportunities for everyone to join and brand themselves within the metaverse space, the purpose of this unique ALTAVA metaverse is to maximize the interconnectivity between users through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the ALTAVA Market where users can transit easily from the metaverse to the marketplace and vice-versa. ALTAVA also offers an end-to-end solution for the digitization of fashion by its brand partners. One more thing, ALTAVA employs a tripartite approach and specific parameters to create designs in a variety of formats that will adhere to the currently differing specifications in different virtual worlds.

ALTAVA's aim for the creator economy model is to enable millions of users in all parts of the world to explore and express their creative prowess in the easiest possible way. Through the user-friendly tools and templates generated by the ALTAVA Circle, 3D artists, as well as those who are interested in becoming creators will have the opportunity to give birth to their ideas. As a world-class platform, ALTAVA is focused on partnering with top leading NFT marketplace platforms such as Binance, OpenSea, etc to give users the best.










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