The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency and its innovative potential has given birth to meme coins. Meme coins are commonly used to refer to those cryptocurrencies which are inspired by either memes or jokes on both the internet and social media. One of the characteristics of meme coins is that they do not employ a coin-burning mechanism, unlike some cryptocurrencies. Meme coins usually have an unlimited supply and as a result, their prices are relatively low.

It is also important to understand that apart from being highly volatile, meme coins can gain traction or popularity within a minute because of the online community endorsement and Fear Of Missing Out known as FOMO. That is to say, meme coins are mainly coins or tokens that are driven by the community. Meme coins are potentially profitable and they are intended not only to be fun but also to be considered as an insider joke for a community, buying these coins is another way of showing support for their respective communities.

Although we have seen some meme coins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc making waves in the market recently and growing both in market capitalization and variety. But here comes WAKANDA INU, the first African meme token with credibility and potential.


WAKANDA INU is a reliable, powerful, and decentralized meme token. It is built as a charity-oriented meme token with the sole aim of being used for charity all over the world. WAKANDA INU as a community meme project is developed from the deep and warm consciousness of humanity which makes it unique and valuable. Unlike other meme tokens that have been in existence, WAKANDA INU represents the everyday struggles as well as the aspirations of the best facets of what to be alive truly is as a community.

WAKANDA INU through its viable token known as WKD is focused on bringing people from various backgrounds together so that they will be under a single, and one unified flag. As a part of a community with a single goal, it grows stronger day by day. We have seen how massive some meme coins have become in recent years, WAKANDA INU is the next big coin to dominate the crypto space. Unlike other meme coins that promise to take users to the moon, WAKANDA INU is determined to take its users to mythical places (Wakanda itself).

Since the launch of this exceptional meme coin, it has skyrocketed in value and has been getting many buzzes due to its great potential. As a decentralized experiment, WAKANDA encourages the use of decentralized exchanges but that does not mean that a safe and secure centralized exchange can not be used. WAKANDA INU is envisioned as the biggest cryptocurrency project in Africa, it is focused on displacing the biggest meme coins in the market to become the leading meme coin in the world.


WAKANDA INU’s mission leans towards charity works, which is why it is popularly been referred to as a charity-oriented meme token that is dedicated to social good across the world. This meme token has become the newest player in this current massively competitive digital currency market, this is why WAKANDA INU is aspiring for its mass adoption in the decentralized finance world.

WAKANDA INU is revolutionary and must be supported due to its safety service to Africa and the global world at large. Making the WAKANDA INU token a mainstream asset will make it more pleasurable because of its real-world utility and for the fact that the project is designed for a global nonprofit. This is why WAKANDA INU is a far better project to invest in than other meme coins projects in the market.

Furthermore, It is important to understand that WAKANDA INU is solidly backed by high-risk investors, and this is why it generated a dilute market capitalization of over $300,000,000 and token holders of about 80,000 holders within one week it was launched. The truth is that the initial success of this coin is not meant to be a one-off event, it is believed that it will wax stronger and improve in market viability in no distant time from now, because of the 4% smart contract adoption by the token to support different charities.


WAKANDA INU in all ramifications has proven to be one of the leading and most reliable projects. And the following makes it what it is today:

  • SECURITY: Security plays an important role in the success of every project, and WAKANDA INU has adopted the best industry and security measures to make sure that its codes remain highly secured at all times. WAKANDA INU employs a multisig measure, which will be used to prevent people from exploiting the community.
  • TRANSPARENT: As a blockchain-based project, WAKANDA INU is transparent. WAKANDA INU had nothing like private sales or any other special allocation to the team members during its public sale. Every team member was made to go through the same whitelisting procedures the same way as other members of the community. The 80% of funds generated during the public sale were allocated for liquidity and locked, and the remaining 20% were allocated for operations to ensure a successful moon mission.
  • CHARITY: WAKANDA INU was born out of charity and 5.4% of the token is allocated for charity, which is why it has become the number one decentralized meme token that drives charity-oriented activities all over the world.
  • UNITY: WAKANDA INU native token is designed to promote togetherness, social upliftment as well as to facilitate the rise of the meme-powered metaverse.
  • COMMUNITY: As a renowned decentralized community-driven project, the wishes of the WAKANDA INU community are carried out through a well-governed or organized community voting.


WAKANDA INU token is known as WKD, it is a BEP-20 token that is built on the scalable Binance Smart Chain network. WAKANDA INU has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 WKD in circulation.

The token will have a periodic burn which will be as a result of the buy-back. This buy-back will come from the revenue generated by the WKD Labs as well as other ventures of this great project. And this token burn is designed in such a way that it will continue until there is enough reason for it to be stopped.

WKD tokens are viable and valuable. They will be used for Farming, Staking, NFTs, Gaming, and Project incubation through partnerships and grants.


In the WAKANDA INU ecosystem, there are so many exciting and unique products designed for users. They include an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace, WKD Labs, WKD Lab’s Grant, etc. The WAKANDA INU NFT Marketplace is a top-notch and next-gen type of asset-backed NFT marketplace. Apart from the marketplace allowing users to mint and trade digital properties in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens, it will also enable artists, creators, etc to display their creative ingenuity and at the same time earn rewards.

The WKD Labs is designed to be in charge of incubating, managing, as well as funding projects that are built on the WAKANDA INU ecosystem. It will also provide technical and financial support to these projects. The WAKANDA INU Lab’s Grant on the other hand is a program created to speed up the mass adoption of WAKANDA INU tokens and their use-cases.

The backbone of WAKANDA INU worldwide is its community. Since it is a community-driven token, a great portion of the token will be used to help charitable causes in Africa. WAKANDA INU is aimed at introducing African projects into the cryptocurrency space. It is the biggest thing that will happen to Africa and the global world at large.








Writer: Mansonndubuisi

Bitcointalk Username: Mandez4real

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