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Are you a project owner or founder looking for a reliable and effective blockchain/protocol to build your DEX or project on? As a cryptocurrency investor, are you still searching for a digital asset with sustainability and profitability to invest in? Or are you a crypto trader looking for a credible and highly secured DEX to trade on? Then search and worry no more because the Fusotao Protocol provides an endless solution to your problems.

But what is the Fusotao Protocol all about and why is it special? Unlike every other protocol or blockchain out there, Fusotao Protocol is a powerful verification protocol that employs the order-book based matching system by using the paradigm of "Execute off-chain, and Verify on-chain". This top-class protocol, which is powered by a decentralized infrastructure of Fusotao, now makes it possible to build DEXs with a trust-free order book-based matching system that will allow users to enjoy zero-cost gas, as well as low latency.

Just like CEXs such as Binance, KuCoin exchanges, etc that make use of the order-book system, what Fusotao Protocol has come to do is to introduce this order-book based matching system into DEXs. The Fusotao Protocol's off-chain matching system makes it possible for processes such as order submission, order matching, certification generation, and many more, to be run on a centralized off-chain server. These provide traders with the opportunity to enjoy the same (if not better) fast and user-friendly experience which can be seen in CEXs.

The on-chain verification is responsible for the safety of the user's assets, this is true because the user's assets on the chain can only be changed, only when the transactions under the chain have passed the verification on the chain, thereby making sure that the user's assets are highly secured.


Current DEXs built on the existing protocols or blockchains have failed to provide users with the kind of satisfaction they are craving for. But building a DEX (decentralized exchange) on Fusotao Protocol gives DEX an added advantage over its competitors. Apart from providing such DEXs with efficiency, security, and innovative features. DEXs backed by this ultimate protocol will allow their users to enjoy the following:

  • Transactions in the DeFi world with zero gas fees.
  • Order-book system just like in centralized exchanges.
  • A high transaction throughput that is faster than swap.
  • Amazing trading experience which only CEXs can offer.
  • Assets control are completely in the hands of the users.


Unlike so many cryptocurrency tokens and projects out there, we are not a rug pull project. Investing in TAO tokens remains one of the best decisions any investor will make because of the viability and the valuable nature of our native token. TAO as a unique digital asset is profitable and provides a gateway for people to have financial freedom. Other reasons to invest in TAO include:

STAKING: By staking TAO tokens on DEXs that are backed by the Fusotao Protocol, users will be eligible to directly share transaction fees. And the higher the quantity of TAO a user stakes, the higher fees he will receive or be rewarded with.

AS A GOVERNANCE TOKEN: We are a completely decentralized community, thereby holding or owning some amount of TAO will enable a user to participate in our governance.

RIGHT TO VOTE: TAO tokens give a user or a holder the right to vote on proposals. And after voting, the proposal with the most votes becomes adopted and implemented by the project's team.

DECISION MAKING: Fusotao Protocol as earlier mentioned is a decentralized infrastructure that focuses on helping Project/DEX owners to build their order book-based DEX on Fusotao. Holding TAO tokens gives holders the right in making decisions when there is a plan to build a new DEX on our top-notch Protocol. Once the minimum required number of votes is met, the plan will then go online.


Fusotao Protocol is reliable and its mass adoption will automatically change the entire global financial system because it leans towards the sustainability of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which is a better option to the current system of finance (Centralized Finance also known as CeFi) both in terms of security, transparency, and innovative financial services.

Crypto Traders are not left behind in the innovation that Fusotao is offering. By trading on DEXs backed by Fusotao Protocol such as FXDX (the first DEX backed by Fusotao) traders will be able to enjoy a new trading experience like never before. They will be able to be in total control of their assets any time, anywhere. Furthermore, apart from other incentives that traders stand to gain, trading in such highly secured, and high-speed DEXs will protect traders from the challenges of theft and delay in transactions.



1. The verifier implementation over Substrate

2. Standard matching engine with proving procedure

3. Wallet extension

4. Exchange broker and Web UI

2022 Q1

1. Proving optimization

2. Shared orderbook

3. Cooperation with Octopus Network

4. IDO on Skyward Finance

5. Testnet online and expand the community. Aim to get 1000 users to participate in the testnet

6. The first orderbook DEX FXDX online

2022 Q2

1. Marketing sub-protocol

2.Mainnet launch, a new journey

3. Community governance by staking for more DEX. Make Fusotao safer, universal, more decentralized, and an open financial infrastructure.












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